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Hawkes was a mercenary that worked with Dr. Henry Wu under Eli Mills, and then was hired by Mantah Corp and was the tertiary antagonist of the Netflix TV series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, specifically a supporting antagonist of Season 3 and the secondary antagonist of Season 5. He is played by Dave B. Mitchell.


Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Season 3[]

"Whatever It Takes"[]

Hawkes was a mercenary hired by Eli Mills to escort Dr. Henry Wu on a mission to retrieve Henry's old laptop on Isla Nublar, alongside fellow mercenaries Reed and Dawson. As they arrived on Nublar, a storm had overtaken the island, cutting off their contact with other mercenary teams on the island and forcing them to land further from their target than intended. The group trekked through the jungle and find the lab holding the laptop being blocked by debris, whom Wu has the mercenaries remove. Once the debris was removed, Wu, Hawkes, and Reed went into the building, with the latter two poking fun at the doctor for fearing his own dinosaur creations, while Dawson guarded the door. As they moved into the building, the group discover the Scorpios rex had escaped its confinements, forcing them to hasten their work. As Wu grew increasingly frustrated with being unable to find the laptop and begins rambling about perfecting the hybrids, Hawkes convinces him to search the other labs until he hears something crawling in the vents. Hawkes then decides to follow the noises from within the vents while sending the others outside, eventually finding Darius Bowman, Yasmina Fadoula, and Brooklynn with Wu's laptop and grabs the latter. While she's holding onto the vents, she hands the laptop to her friends and tells them to run off without her.

"Stay on Mission"[]

With Brooklynn captured, Hawkes drags her back to his group, where Dr. Wu recognizes her as a camper from Camp Cretaceous (camp) and realizes none of the campers ever made it off the island, while Hawkes informs them of the situation, and brings Reed in to help him track the escaping campers. They quickly catch up to the campers, so Hawkes distracts them while sending Reed over to capture them, only for Reed to bump into Chaos and Limbo the Baryonyx, who promptly kill him for the intrusion. Now unable to give pursuit, Hawkes warns Darius and Yaz that if they do not meet them at their helicopter and hand the laptop back in two hours, Brooklynn will not be released. Hawkes returns to his group and informs them of the plan, sending Wu to gather anything necessary from the lab. Dawson object to the plan, but is interrupted when a pair of Monolophosaurus investigating the hallway. The dinosaurs, lured into the lab itself by Brooklynn banging an umbrella, attack the group, a distraction Brooklynn initially uses in her attempt to escape before the pair turn their attention to her. Brooklynn eventually manages to escape outside the building and shut the door on the Monolophosaurus, but Hawkes and his team beat her outside using the vents she had been captured in. As the group head back towards the helicopter, they stop at a raging river that had overtaken the path, and decide to cross over on a wooden log. The group climb over the log, but Dawson slips and falls into the river as it's still wet from the earlier storm. The group move to rescue Dawson, but Hawkes stops them and he's quickly swept away. As they continue onwards, the group encounter a Parasaurolophus lux, which Hawkes is wary of until Brooklynn explains it's of no threat, to which Hawkes fires a shot in the air to scare it off and allow the group to continue onwards.

Hawkes, Wu and Brooklynn reach the helicopter in the morning where Brooklynn's friend and fellow camper Kenji Kon meets up with them to exchange the laptop and hands it to Wu. Just as Wu is checking the laptop however, fellow camper Ben Pincus leads his Ankylosaurus Bumpy and her herd to attack Hawkes and Wu were Sammy and Yasmina manages to get the laptop after Wu drops it by mistake. Hawkes attempts to keep Brooklynn away from her friends, but eventually loses her and sees another camper, Sammy Gutierrez, with the laptop. He manages to catch up to Sammy, but she throws the laptop into the air and its landing on the head of a passing Ankylosaurus and smashes it. Angered by the failure, Hawkes returns to the helicopter with Wu and begins chasing the kids in spite of Wu telling them another team had been successful in recovering a sample from the Indominus rex. Wu eventually realizes Hawkes plan, and convinces him to return to base as the campers are not part of their mission.

Season 5[]

"Evasive Action"[]

Hawkes enters his new boss' Penthouse and recognizes Kenji, but puts aside his grudge against him and signals The twins to enter the room, he and Kon then begin to plan their pathing for their hunt for dinosaurs, Kenji joins them and tells them not to go the way Hawkes is suggesting because of the Bugs in that area, which annoys Hawkes, They then embark on their hunt. Hawkes is questioned by Kenji, and Hawkes tells him that if he stays out of his way, they won't have an issue. They hear a Stegosaurus so Hawkes prepares to tranquilize it when it appears, but is tackled by Kenji who thinks he was aiming at his dad, the distressed stegosaurus then arrives, followed by an earthquake, Hawkes is accidentally pulled into a ditch by Kenji.

"Shaky Ground"[]

Hawkes and Kenji are attacked by Toro, they decide to put a chip in him and control him, Hawkes is almost eaten in the process. Kon and Mae Turner find them, and they start heading back to the Penthouse. while on the way back, 2 Stegosauruses block the path, so Hawkes prepares to tranquilize them, but Kenji saves him the trouble by having Toro scare them off. Later on, another earthquake occurs, Hawkes saves Kon and Mae but Kenji is trapped under ruble. That night, Kon demands that he must find his son, Hawkes volunteers to find him instead, Kenji returns with Toro, and Hawkes is shocked to see him alive.

"Out of the Pack"[]

The next day, Hawkes and Kenji are feeding Toro, when they see a helicopter fly by, Lana Molina informs that that's her client, so Hawkes, Kon, Kenji, Mae, Molina, and Godinez go to meet the client, after picking up the client, Dodgson, they begin a hunt for dinosaurs requested by Dodgson. The Group come across a herd of Ankylosaurus, one of them being Bumpy, Hawkes and Godinez attempt to tranquilize her since Dodgson wants a herbivore, but are forced to stop after Kenji and Mae convince Kon and not chip Bumpy, they get back into the cars and Hawkes radios the twins to join them. They arrive at the ruins of the Visitor Centre and search for Blue, who is nowhere to be found, so Hawkes decides to lure her to them, when she arrives, Hawkes and the twins chase after her and are lead to a Dilophosaurus nest, They are ambushed so Hawkes quickly helps Dodgson to his feet and run away but get attacked by more Dilophosauruses. Hawkes fends them off and reunites with everyone. Hawkes, Kon, and Dodgson go off on their own and return with a now chipped Limbo and a Dimorphodon, They then go back to the Penthouse. Hawkes chases after Molina when Kenji tells them she stool Dodgson's bag, and finds her remains after she was eaten alive by compys.

"Clean Break"[]

Hawkes and Godinez load Limbo into a crate to be taken to Mantah Corp Island. Kon then sends Hawkes and Mae to get dinosaur samples for Dodgson, they get a sample of Stegosaurus DNA, then watch a herd of Parasaurolophus run by and later encounter a Ceratosaurus, Hawkes shoots it with one dart and assumes its out cold, it then wakes up and tosses him away, then tries to eat him but Hawkes shoots it again, tranquilizing it this time. later on, Hawkes and the other mercenaries are sent to find Mae who has gone rogue and get the samples from her. Hawkes and Godinez run into Kenji who successfully tricks them into standing down and going back to the boat, Kenji then manipulates his father into leaving without Mae, so they set sail for Mantah Corp Island.


Mantah Corp go through the tunnels underneath the island. Hawkes, Kon, Kenji, and Godinez go to the warehouse to get the chips, unaware that the kids already destroyed them, the kids, who are spying on them also recognize Hawkes, Hawkes hears them but doesn't see them. Kon exits the warehouse and says the chips have been destroyed, Hawkes then questions whether he will get paid or not, but Kon assures him he still has a plan, so they head for the compound to reactivate the BRAD-Xs so they can get the hidden flash-drive, but the kids also changed the password to Kon's computer, so Kon sends Hawkes and Godinez out to get the kids and the flash-drive. The mercs watch the kids from afar in both the Swamp and Snow biomes, they follow the kids into the dessert biome and are unknowingly spotted by Sammy, the kids lead the two to the Spinosaurus, in which they run away from it when it starts chasing them. they eventually chip the Spino and Hawkes uses it to try and kill the kids, the children get away but they were able to get the flash-drive, so they return to Daniel Kon and hand him the drive only to hear from Daniel that it is useless without the campers as they has changed the password for the system.

"The Last Stand"[]

Kon, Hawkes, and the other mercenaries join together and use their mind-controlled dinosaurs to hunt down the kids, with Hawkes controlling the Spinosaurus. They head for the watering hole, and after Kon gives the mercs permission, they attack the non-mind controlled dinosaurs and the kids. Hawkes is pinned down by Rebel after Yaz throws some berries underneath him, Yaz then destroys his controller, freeing the Spinosaurus from mind-control. Hawkes later gets up and is again chased by the Spinosaurus along with Godinez, they get away and are then ambushed by Ben and Bumpy, Hawkes falls onto the ground but Godinez protects him. Kon then pulls out his own controller, regaining control over the chipped dinosaurs, which gives the mercs a chance to go beside him and watch him use the dinosaurs to fight Big Eatie and Little Eatie.

"The Nublar Six"[]

Hawkes pulls out a second controller and regains control over the Spinosaurus, Hawkes disapproves of Kon's decision to not kill Big Eatie after injuring her, but doesn't waste any time going back to hunting down the kids and getting the password. Kon sets the weather to a hailstorm, giving the mercs an opportunity to ambush the kids, Hawkes hears them say that they are heading to the boat and reports this and Kon and assuring him they won't make it. Hawkes reports that he has lost contact with Godinez and is ordered to cut them off before they get to the boat. Hawkes ambushes Darius at the compound and happily gets ready to kill him after Kon questions him, before Hawkes can kill Darius with the Spinosaurus Kenji goes in between his friend and the carnivore, forcing Kon to order Hawkes to stop. Kenji gives Kon the password and he gives Hawkes the go ahead to kill Darius, this time Big Eatie comes charging from the bushes, so Hawkes dives out of the way and drops the controller, which Big Eatie steps on, freeing the Spinosaurus again. Hawkes attempts to crawl away but backs into Little Eatie who sneaks up behind him, and is eaten.


Hawkes is a ruthless and impatient mercenary that will stop at nothing to finish the mission. In order to retrieve Wu's laptop, he captures Brookylnn and threatens not to release her if the laptop is not returned. He has no issues with threatening and intimidating Brooklynn. When two of the mercenaries die, Hawkes does not show any sympathy. Despite some other mercenaries in his group obtaining samples to the Indominus rex, he still tries to pursue Brooklynn and the other kids, possibly out of anger for destroying the laptop, but relents after being persuaded by Wu.

Hawkes does not appear to have any positive traits or redeemable qualities. The only positive aspect about him is not pursuing the kids again, but this was only after being persuaded by Wu. Despite being a minor character, Hawkes can be seen as one of the most evil people in the franchise like Kash D. Langford.

In season 5, Hawkes is shown to be willing to put aside his grudge with Kenji and help him and his father so long as Kenji stays out of his way. He doesn’t approve of Kon’s decision to leave the seriously harmed Big Eatie alive, suggesting to put her out of her misery. However, he repeatedly attempts to kill the other campers with the Mind controlled dinosaurs, only to end up being eaten by them himself giving him a well deserved fate.



  • Despite saving Kenji from Toro during the fifth seasons fifth episode Hawkes only does that to make sure he gets payed as it is his job to keep Kenji and his father Daniel Kon alive and not for he is a good person, but probably manages to convince the gullible Kenji he has become it until Kenji realizes Daniel Kons true nature.
  • Hawkes is the last person in Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous to be killed and eaten by a dinosaur.
  • "Hawkes" is presumably his last name as he referred to as Mr. Hawkes multiple times.


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