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The Herrerasaur Paddock was an enclosure meant to hold and exhibit Herrerasaurus, a Mid-Triassic predator, for the tour of Jurassic Park. It contained about 6 or 7 Herrerasaurus.

During the Isla Nublar Incident, every security fence was shut down by Dennis Nedry's computer programme. The Herrerasaurs broke free and began causing havoc, including damaging the Bone Crusher roller coaster ride, which was the closest thing to the Paddock.


  • It only appeared on brochure map of Isla Nublar in the movie canon.
  • It's likely possible that during "High Wire Stunts" scene Dr. Grant and the kids were near the Herrerasaur paddock.
  • The Herrerasaur paddock along with the Parasaurolophus Paddock were the farthest of all the paddocks in Jurassic Park.


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