"It's a High Hide. A High Hide. See you go up and you hide, high. It goes up to where the trees are, and keeps the researchers out of harms way."
Eddie Carr to Ian Malcolm(src)

The high hide was a hiding compartment that went up into the trees so that the Gatherers could research the dinosaurs from a safe distance. It was used by Eddie Carr on the expedition to Isla Sorna along with Ian Malcom, Sarah Harding and Nick Van Owen.

The Lost World novel


High hide concept art

Observation tower

High hide in The Lost World Electric Racing Set

The high hide is a metal tower from which the scientists can observe the dinosaurs in the river valley. The tower can be entered with a ladder. The tower was designed and build by Jack Thorne. The scientists had to cover the tower with leaves because the metal reflected the sunlight. Without camouflage the dinosaurs would recognize the tower. The tower also had a predator cage that would serve as a safe-haven for observers if an incident were to occur. It was clipped to the superstructure by a chain; however, this turned out to be a major design flaw, as the Raptors easily bit through the thin chain and proceeded to role the cage into the jungle.

Richard Levine was sure in the high hide they were even save from Raptors. But in the end Raptors do climb on the ladder into the tower.

An image of the novel's version of this observation post appears in The Lost World Electric Racing Set.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park


High hide concept art

In the Lost World movie, the high hide isn't a tower but cage that can the lifted into the canopy. In the initial plot the were two high hides:

  • one for the gatherers, which resembled the tower from the novel.
  • one for the hunters, which was a cage that was lifted from the floor into the canopy by a rope.

But storyline revisions made a hunter high hide unnecessary. The gatherers got the high hide version of the hunters.[1]

The high hide could raise up to thirty to forty feet.[2]

High hide

Eddie and Kelly watch the T- rex pair rampage through the jungle in the high hide.

LEGO Jurassic World

The High Hide shortly appears in Level 7, InGen Arrival, when Ian Malcolm decides the save Sarah Harding and Nick Van Owen. It also appears in the free roam.
Lego high hide


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