Howard King was an employee of Biosyn. He was a biologist, who lost his credibility when his research on blood-coagulation factors failed. He later served as an assistant to Lewis Dodgson, and accompanied him to Isla Sorna where he was killed, by Velociraptors, who - strangely - ate his candy bar. He was the only sympathetic member in Dodgson's team. He was pinned to the ground and then the raptors crunched his neck bones and decapitated him.

In the film he is replaced with the character of Dieter Stark. The other InGen hunters aquired the same fate he shares in the novel, as they are all killed by raptors in a plain of tall grass. His death was also worked into the following film Jurassic Park III, with Mr. Udesky replacing King.


  • His death itself wasn't very agonizing in the franchise standard, but was heartbreaking due to King's wish to redeem himself and join the heroes group.
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