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Hyper loop 1

Hyperloop, or Hyper loop, is a subway train system used by Biosyn that leads around and under the Biosyn Sanctuary. The research outposts are interconnected via the hyperloop system.

Jurassic World: Dominion[]

Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, and Maisie Lockwood enter the hyperloop to escape to the airfield with the help of Ramsay Cole. However, Lewis Dodgson shuts the hyperloop car down, stranding them in the tunnels before Ian Malcolm and Ramsay rescue them.

As Biosyn Valley goes up in flames, Dodgson attempts to use the hyperloop to escape with the old Barbasol can presumably containing embryos for him to start over with. However, Ellie and Claire Dearing wreck the primary systems in order to get the ADS back online, stopping the hyperloop car in the old amber mines. Dodgson emerges, but he is ambushed by a trio of Dilophosaurus who follow Dodgson back into the hyperloop and eat him.