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The I.B.R.I.S. (Short for Integrated Behavioral Raptor Intelligence Study[1]) was a program to study the intelligence of Velociraptors that began development in 2012.[2]


In 1992, Dr. Henry Wu noticed high shared intelligence in the cloned Velociraptor.[3] After encountering these clones in the Isla Nublar Incident of 1993, Dr. Alan Grant began to thoroughly study fossils of the North American Velociraptor. He discovered that they were smarter than cetaceans and primates as well as having a resonation chamber in the dinosaur's skull that allowed it to make complex vocalizations. His colleague Billy Brennan created a functioning prototype model of this chamber in 2001 and Dr. Grant successfully used it on another Velociraptor pack in the incident on Isla Sorna that occurred not too long after the prototype's creation.[4]

Oversaw by InGen Security Division commander Vic Hoskins,[5] the project began in 2012.[2] The raptors created were kept in the Raptor Research Arena on Isla Nublar and Owen Grady was hired to train them.[6] In 2013, Owen Grady recommended his friend Barry to Vic Hoskins after discovering the raptors' pack dynamic was much more complicated than he and the other workers had thought.[7] Barry was eventually hired for the project[6] as the caretaker of the Velociraptors.[8]

One of the apparent aims of the project was for an attraction for Jurassic World when there was a set of raptors that were fully trained,[9] but Vic Hoskins wanted to control the Velociraptors in training so that they can be used in military operations, which Owen disagreed with.[6]

By 2015, there was a pack of Velociraptors consisting of Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo.[6] They had been trained to follow over 40 different commands.[10]

During the Isla Nublar Incident of 2015 when Hoskins took control of Jurassic World after Simon Masrani's death, he got his wish to use raptors for combat and used the current Velociraptor pack to hunt an escaped Indominus rex. But the Velociraptors sided with the Indominus and proceeded to kill several Asset Containment Unit troopers with Hoskins himself being killed just after the skirmish by Delta.

With Blue the only raptor confirmed alive and with the overseer of the project having been killed in the incident, it can be presumed the IBRIS Project was deemed a failure.[6]