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The Iacusaurus is a hybrid in Minecraft Jurassic World comprised of Brachiosaurus, "Camel" DNA (presumably the dromedary (Camelus dromedarius)), and either Apatosaurus or Parasaurolophus (depending on the players choices).

Notable Game Appearances

Minecraft Jurassic World

Iacusaurus is one of the various hybrids that can be created in the game. In order to create Iacusaurus, a player must acquire 3 samples of Brachiosaurus DNA, 2 samples of Camel DNA, and 1 sample of either Apatosaurus or Parasaurolophus DNA.


  • All Minecraft Jurassic World hybrids are unique in that they can be made from multiple sources of varying DNA; in Iacusaurus' case it can be made with either Apatosaurus or Parasaurolophus DNA. However, appearance-wise it will always resemble Apatosaurus.
  • Iacusaurus appears to sport osteoderms across its body resembling those of Ankylosaurus, despite having no Ankylosaur DNA present in it's genome.