The InGen Farm is a location from The Lost World novel and indirectly mentioned in Jurassic Park. It is mentioned in an annual report of InGen that the company had an experimental farm in the mountains of Costa Rica. The aim of the farm was to grow exotic plants.


If the aim of the farm was to breed plants for the Park on Isla Nublar, these plants might have been bred in this farm:

Cycads, large tropical ferns that were native to the prehistoric world and thrive throughout South America and Costa Rica.

Bamboo, thick plant and largest form of "grass". They thrive throughout the tropics and are planted in groves.

Serenna veriformans, a poisonous fern from the Triassic period. In the first novel the plant grew only in Brazil or Colombia. But in the movie Jurassic Park it is said that the plant was extinct since the Cretacious, indicating that InGen also had recreated extinct plants.

West Indian Lilac (Tetrazygia bicolor), a bush native to southern Florida in the United States and the Caribbean. It appears on Isla Nublar in the first movie. The plants must have been placed there by InGen because it isn't native to that region. In the first movie a triceratops gets sick from this plant, while in the novel, a Stegosaurus gets sick from these plants, and one animal actually dies.

Heliconia, a tropical flowering plant from the tropical Americas. In Jurassic Park: The Game InGen planted this flower on the island.[1]


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