InGen Headquarters as depicted in the InGen Field Guide

 International Genetic Technologies, Inc. was based in a 200,000 square foot Corporate building on 100 Farallon Rd. Palo Alto, California. According to Jurassic Park, John Hammond had dozens of frozen dinosaur embryos stored in two separate vaults at InGen's Corporate Headquarters back in California, and planned to use these to start from scratch, and build a new park, elsewhere in the world.

Location & Description (Novel & Film)

The only "Canon" photo known is depicted in the InGen Field Guide,[1] stating that InGen was based in Palo Alto, with another California corporate location in San Diego. The photo appears to be accurate to its novel description; a large corporate & laboratory building, approx. 200,000 sq. ft. in area. There are also several trees in front of the Headquarters.

Location & Description (Comics)

Another version of the InGen Headquarters appears in the Topps comics, but it differs slightly from its counterpart; it seems to have the "InGen" logo with an enlarged "N" bottem spread throughout the top of the building, with the main lobby sharing the logo as well.

Staff & Personel

Parker is also considered the main receptionist as stated in Jurassic Park The Game.


Some assumed that the InGen Boardroom cutscene from The Lost World: Jurassic Park took place at the InGen HQ in Palo Alto. However, the film script says it took place in San Diego, California.[2]


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