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The InGen Hunters were a team of animal wranglers that were hired by Peter Ludlow. Ludlow persuaded InGen's investors that a dinosaur theme park was still a profitable idea, and made plans to retrieve Isla Sorna's prehistoric inhabitants, relocating them to an arena in San Diego.

The team is led by hunter Roland Tembo and his aide/partner Ajay Sidhu, and mercenaries are led by Dieter Stark. The team's consultant is paleontologist Robert Burke.

The hunters arrive with custom vehicles, weapons, and equipment, carried by Chinook and Huey helicopters. Weapons included Danish-made, CO2 powered Dan Inject Model JM tranquilizer guns, LAR Grizzly Big Boar guns modified for grappling hooks and tranquilizer darts for dinosaur containment. They also carried HK91 and AKMS assault rifles, SPAS-12 shotguns, as well as other hunting rifles such as, but not limited to, Winchester Model 70s and Searcy Double Barrel Rifles. (Notably carried by Roland Tembo.) According to Trespasser, only a third of the hunters appeared at the rendezvous after they were scattered by the T. rex family. In an unused quote from the game, Anne says "Oh God, something like thirty people died here. Professional hunter types, mercenaries..."

The Hunters Base, was the InGen Harvester Encampment.

Known Hunters

* Denotes character was killed during the events of The Lost World: Jurassic Park

The video game LEGO Jurassic World reveals the names of the InGen Hunters that speak in the game like InGen Hunter Jack, InGen Hunter Bruce, InGen Hunter Stan, InGen Hunter Tom, InGen Hunter Pete, InGen Hunter Jake, InGen Hunter Diego, and InGen Hunter Hank. These names, however, are not neccessarily canon in the films.


The hunters came with many vehicles, though all with the exception of the helicopters were destroyed/abandoned after Hammond's Team sabotaged them and released the dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs they captured