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"A creature of the future, made from pieces of the past! Ladies and gentlemen, please be warned! This is the perfect blend of the two most dangerous creatures, that ever walked the Earth! We call it... the Indoraptor!"
Gunnar Eversol introducing the Indoraptor to bidders(src)

The Indoraptor was a new hybrid dinosaur that was created secretly by Dr. Henry Wu in the basement lab of Lockwood Manor, and the final antagonist of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.


"The perfect weapon for the modern age! Built for combat! With tactical responses more acute than any human soldier!"
—Gunnar Eversol(src)

The Indoraptor bears a strikingly similar appearance to the Indominus rex, but his body length is about half of that of his predecessor. He sports talons that are similar to those of a Velociraptor, and his color is primarily black with a golden-yellow streak running from the base of the neck to his tail, which bears strong resemblance to Blue's metallic blue streak. Like the Indominus rex, the Indoraptor possesses hands with four fingers, an opposable thumb and three main digits.

The shape of its head bears a resemblance to that of a Tyrannosaurus rex, and he has a sprinkled red mark around the eye orbit. The skin around the Indoraptor's mouth is flaky and peeling away in some areas, possibly due to genetic instabilities inherited from the source materials used to create him. His mouth is also sickly-looking, with ragged teeth similar to those of the Indominus rex.

He prefers a quadrupedal stance, though he can stand, walk, and run bipedally on occasion.

The Indoraptor also exhibits night vision, allowing it to perform well regardless of the time of day, or lighting condition it's pushed into. Indoraptor also has echolocation to track his prey in the dead of night. The individual seen in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was a male.



"What is that thing?
They made it."
Maisie Lockwood and Claire Dearing(src)

The Indoraptor was created in a hidden laboratory in the Lockwood Manor. He was another one of Dr. Henry Wu's creations, similar to the Indominus rex and Scorpios rex. He was a prototype as Wu was waiting to obtain Blue's blood to finalize the genome of the creature, and breed a more streamlined version of him. He was created as a weapon and was shown to attack on command through visual and audio frequency, which drove him into a frenzied state.

However, due to being a prototype, he lacked any of the positive characteristics Wu wanted to create in him: He lacked an ability to follow orders other than his conditioning to visual and audio cues, and lacked any of the positive personality traits seen in Blue, such as her ability to show empathy and bond with a trainer or handler. As such, Blue was a required part of the finalized Indoraptor design, as she was needed to act not only as the DNA source, but also as the mother figure for the next generation of Indoraptors to imprint on and learn positive behavior from.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

When Maisie Lockwood snuck into the laboratory sub-level where Dr. Wu and Eli Mills were conversing over the Indoraptor's faults, Maisie hid in a darkened hallway near the Indoraptor's cage, unknowingly getting too close with her back to the hybrid's enclosure. She did not see the Indoraptor reach out to try and grab her, only alerted when one of his claws brushed her ponytail, causing her to run away screaming, leading to her being caught and confined to her room by Mills.

During the Lockwood Manor Auction, the Indoraptor was introduced to a crowd of wealthy people who've come from all over the world to buy the dinosaurs who were evacuated from Isla Nublar. Unfortunately, the dinosaur wasn't up for auction as he's only in the prototype stage, but it doesn’t stop the audience from bidding tremendous amounts of money on the hybrid. As a result, Gunnar Eversoll accepted bids at the behest of Mills, with Russian mobster Anton Orlov winning the bid. Owen Grady then shows up with a Stygimoloch and together they cause havoc, with Owen and the Indoraptor sharing a close glance at one another.

After the failed auction, only Ken Wheatley was left who witnessed the Indoraptor and attempted to sedate the dinosaur, shooting him twice with tranquilizer darts, causing him to fall over, seemingly incapacitated. Wheatley then entered his cage with the plan of taking one of his teeth for his collection.

The Indoraptor turned out to only be faking his sedation, and remained motionless for a brief time. He then smirked just before he rises and literally disarmed Wheatley before mauling him to death. He escaped from the cage and his tail breaks the elevator that Eversoll, along with three other attendees from the auction were trying to escape in. The Indoraptor roars at Eversoll before killing him and the other attendees off-screen. Moments later, he attacked and killed two of Mills' guards. Soon after, Owen, along with Maisie and Claire Dearing ran into the Indoraptor while trying to cross the main floor of the Lockwood Manor.

He pursued them and Maisie is separated from Claire and Owen, Claire being injured in the process. The Indoraptor pursued Maisie as she ran towards her bedroom. He then climbed into her room through the window and was about to snatch her from her bed when Owen shows up, armed with a gun he'd taken from a dead mercenary. He fired two rounds at the dinosaur but it doesn't do much, bar stunned him for a brief time. As he approached Owen, ready to attack, Blue arrived and assaulted him, keeping him occupied while Owen and Maisie escaped through the window.

The Indoraptor pushed Blue out the window, with the two being separated from their fight, before cornering Owen and Maisie on the roof. Claire arrived behind it and pointed the laser gun at Owen, prompting him to attack, in an attempt to get him to fall through weakened glass. He nearly fell through the glass roof, but managed to haul himself back up and recovered.

The Indoraptor then moves to lunge towards Owen when Blue arrives once more and resumed her attack, with both tumbling through the glass in a deadlock grapple. Once they landed, the Indoraptor gets impaled by the brow horns of a Agujaceratops skull[7] and perished within seconds. Blue sprints away, triumphant, with the body of the hybrid being left behind on the ceratopsian skull.

It is unknown what happened with the hybrid’s body, but he was most likely disposed of, alongside the technology to create more Indoraptors in the fallout of his escape.

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous



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Behind the Scenes

In an Art of VFX interview with David Vickery, overall VFX supervisor, and Jance Rubinchik, animation supervisor on 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom', Rubinchik explained the upbringing of the Indoraptor and how that was incorporated into the movement of the creature. "Indoraptor is a dinosaur that was built to be a weapon. He has never been shown kindness or compassion. As a result he lacks remorse and empathy. He was raised in a cage and trained to kill by scientists and mercenaries that do not care for him. This is important, so we can understand what’s going on in his head. Indo hates humans, he takes pleasure in killing them. This is what guides our decisions on how Indo would deal with any given situation. I wanted to convey all that hate and rage, the psychotic nature of an animal born into this life. Indo is a direct product of over genetic engineering, he is a genetic cocktail over mixed! This DNA tampering has presented itself through uncontrolled muscles spasms as well as head and finger twitches." Rubinchik further went on to explain, "Unique to Indo is the fact he can switch between biped and quadruped locomotion. We had to make sure his anatomy would support that action. His arms couldn’t be too long or too short. His shoulders needed to be low and a bit further back. His neck and head needed to realign, depending on whether he was on two legs or four, so his posture wouldn’t feel craned or awkward. Working out the physics during both modes and the transitions between them was definitely tricky."


  • Up until the Scorpios rex was revealed as the dinosaur for the E750 project, a major portion of Camp Cretaceous fans believed that the E750 creature was a prototype version of the Indoraptor, which was now proven false.
  • Although the name Indoraptor in the film means 'Untamable Thief' but in real life without a shorter form for Indomitable, it means 'Untame Thief'. Also in reality Indoraptor would've meant "Indian Thief" as looking at Indian dinosaurs such as Indosuchus and Indosaurus share this in their name meaning.
  • The Indoraptor is the second dinosaur hybrid to be featured in the film canon, with the Indominus rex coming first and E750, better known as the Scorpius rex, coming third (with E750 technically coming before the Indoraptor in the film timeline).
  • The animatronic for the Indoraptor reveal skin peeling away and a sickly looking mouth. Colin Trevorrow hints that the Indoraptor may be mentally unstable or even sick throughout his appearance in the movie.
  • The sounds of the Indoraptor were made from vocalizations from animals and an inanimate one such as a chihuahua, a dental drill, a lion, a pig, and a cougar.[8]
  • In concept art images of the Indoraptor, it shows him being tased inside his cage, revealing that the hybrid was originally supposed to be shown as an abused animal with several scars littering its body. The abuse was hinted at in the film, as he is tased multiple times during the auction scene by the guards. This could also explain how whenever the hybrid is about to harm its prey, it smiles due to the men smiling while tasing it inside its cage.
  • In a deleted introduction of the Indoraptor, which was implied in the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Junior Novelization, the dinosaur would have been shown to be playing with the skeletal remains, mainly the skull, of a repair worker who it killed when it tricked him into coming inside his cage when it purposefully broke the light bulb inside. However, this scene was scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • Originally, there were going to be two Indoraptors; a white one, and the one seen in the movie. However, the Indoraptor pictured in the movie was going to fight and kill the white one, which is shown in concept art of the creature. However, this scene, and the white Indoraptor altogether, was scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • It was later confirmed by Colin Trevorrow that there will be no hybrids in Jurassic World Dominion.
  • Colin Trevorrow confirmed that the DNA makeup of the Indoraptor does not include any human DNA.[9]
  • The Indoraptor is inspired by some of most well-known monsters of the horror genre and share several similarities:
    • It is created in a laboratory using “parts” of different entities like Frankenstein's Monster.
    • It runs on all fours and howls at a full moon like a werewolf.
    • It prowls in the darkness and is killed via impalement like a vampire.
      • The vampire Count Orlok from the 1922 film Nosferatu is used as a reference for the teeth and the limbs of the Indoraptor, as well as the obsession with a girl all throughout the night.
      • J.A. Bayona himself stated that the scene where the Indoraptor crawls down from the rooftop and into Maisie's bedroom is an homage to John Badham's 1979 Dracula film that starred Frank Langella.
  • According to certain concepts, it appears the Indoraptor was supposed to escape Lockwood Manor, attack the lighthouse, and engage in a car chase with Blue.



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