Iris Carroll was the British housekeeper of the Lockwood Manor, the former nanny of Maisie Lockwood and the keeper of the the family's secrets. She was a longtime employee of Sir Benjamin Lockwood and served that role right until his death.

Iris was portrayed by British-American Spanish based actress Geraldine Chaplin.


Iris has been the housekeeper of the Lockwood family for many years. The exact date of when she was hired is not known but she has worked for Sir Benjamin long enough to raise both his daughter and granddaughter from their respective births. 

Lockwood's daughter, Maisie, was raised by Iris at Lockwood Manor. At one point the two took a photo together which became a memento of Sir Benjamin. Iris was successful in raising Maisie from childhood into a young woman and saw her marry an unnamed husband. However tragedy struck when in the mid 1990s, Maisie and her husband were killed in a car accident. The event devestated Sir Benjamin who in his grief began to try and bring his daughter "back" through cloning. Iris helped keep Sir Benjamin's secrets over the matter and years later in 2009, Lockwood's "granddaughter" Maisie Lockwood was born. 

Iris helped Sir Benjamin in raising his "grandchild" as she knew the original best and understood her interests and sense of humor. Iris also subtllely helped the new child be closer to her original through teaching her to retain a "Queen's English" accent. Another reason for her aid in helping raising Maisie was Sir Benjamin's declining health in his older age which left him unable to walk. 

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Iris, a devoted servant of the Lockwood family, has attended to Maisie Lockwood since her birth/creation and views her as a surrogate daughter, carrying on from the first girl that perished in an accident. She is somewhat strict with the girl, insisting on proper posture and use of "Queen's English", but evidently cares very much for her well-being. For her part, Maisie entertains herself by stalking and startling the housekeeper repeatedly in the diorama room.

She is fired by Eli Mills after he murders Benjamin Lockwood, disregarding her pleas that she is the only one who can take care of Maisie, reiterating that she raised both her and her "mother". She heroically distracts the Indoraptor and pokes it with a stick so that she can buy Maisie time to get away before Iris is killed by the Indoraptor.

Behind the Scenes

Iris was portrayed on screen by British-American Spanish based actress Geraldine Chaplin, a daughter of legendary classic actor Charlie Chaplin. As well as being Charlie Chaplin's daughter, Geraldine is descended from several key figures who worked on stage and in early film. Born in Santa Monica, Geraldine Chaplin lives in Spain and is a frequent collaborator of Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona. Bayona described her as his "good luck charm". 


  • The original script has a different ending for her. New footage from ILM (2018) shown during the IBC Conference in Amsterdam suggested a possible deleted scene with the confrontation between Iris and the Indoraptor. She is defending herself with a stick. The scene was probably scrapped even before post-production because in the picture, only the inflatable dinosaur (a person with a dummy dino) can be seen. 


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