Iris Carroll was the British housekeeper of the Lockwood Manor, the former nanny of Maisie Lockwood and the keeper of the the family's secrets.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Iris, a devoted servant of the Lockwood family, has attended to Maisie Lockwood since her birth/creation and views her as a surrogate daughter, carrying on from the first girl that perished in an accident. She is somewhat strict with the girl, insisting on proper posture and use of "Queen's English", but evidently cares very much for her well-being. For her part, Maisie entertains herself by stalking and startling the housekeeper repeatedly in the diorama room.

She is fired by Eli Mills after he murders Benjamin Lockwood, disregarding her pleas that she is the only one who can take care of Maisie, reiterating that she raised both her and her "mother". She presumably departs the household since she makes no further appearances in the film, ironically saving her life when the captured dinosaurs get loose.


  • The original script has a different ending for her. New footage from ILM (2018) shown during the IBC Conference in Amsterdam suggested a possible deleted scene with the confrontation between Iris and the Indoraptor. She is defending herself with a stick. The scene was probably scrapped even before postproduction because in the picture, only the inflatable dinosaur (a person with a dummy dino) can be seen.