The third largest and oldest island in the Las Cinco Muertes island chain, Isla Matanceros (from the Spanish matanza, “slaughter”) is shaped roughly like a bent rectangle, with “flat” north and south shores, a generally convex western shore, and a concave eastern one. The island has no tall, mountainous remains from any of its three ancient, extinct volcanoes. However, sheer cliffs and a few steep, isolated mountains are scattered across the northern and central areas of the island.


Jurassic World: Evolution

In Jurassic World: Evolution, The Five Deaths were incorporated into the game as playable areas. The first trailer for the video game was set on Isla Matanceros in a alternate timeline, in which InGen operated a facility on the island. The game indicates that the entire Muertes archipelago will be usable and playable in a post Jurassic World type world and thus indicates an alternate timeline like the similar Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis game released in 2003.

Pirate Latitudes

Nearly 300 years before the construction of Jurassic Park, the island was home to a Spanish stronghold and port used for staging treasure galleons before their return to Spain. A privateering raid was conducted by English captain Charles Hunter from the town of Port Royale in the Jamaica colony, bringing back a score worth almost 250,000 pounds in Donnish gold, silver, and platinum. It’s rumored that the ruins of Fort Matanceros could still be found on the island today.


You can see Isla Matanceros in The Lost World: Jurassic Park when Kelly looks at the map in the Mobile Lab.