The chapter Isla Nublar introduces us to the infamous island itself, bound in fog off the west coast of Costa Rica.


The group switched to a helicopter before its final flight to the island itself. They had picked up another man in San Jose, Dennis Nedry, the park's fat and sloppy computer programmer. Hammond explains that the flight will be about 40 minutes. They fly over Cabo Blanco, and the fishing villiages in Bahia Anasco. Hammond then describes Isla Nublar as a seamount, not a true island, with volcanic fumes visible at several locations on the island. Then they see the island; an inverted teardrop, bulging at the north, 3 miles at its' widest point, and stretching south for 8 miles.

Once they land, they are greated by a red-haired man named Ed Regis who welcomes them to the island. They follow him down a thin path in a palm tree grove, and then the group sees multiple large tree legs. But slowly, ever so slowly, Grant realizes that he is looking at an enormous animal, not a tree-stump. He is looking, at a dinosaur.

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