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The Isla Nublar Laboratory, located within the Visitor Center, was where the dinosaurs were bred and kept as infants. It was partially a nursery where Kathy and possibly Gerry Harding worked. It featured many rows of eggs and was kept in a climate-controlled environment similar to that that would have been in the Jurassic period of time. It was part of the Showcase exhibition before the park tour.


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The genetics lab was a single room dedicated to the genetic engineering process that produced Jurassic Park's dinosaurs. It contained computers, refrigeration units, embryo storage units, incubators, and other assorted lab equipment used by the scientists. This cleanroom was quarantined by an airlock to minimize contamination from the outside. The room was visible from the theater room and is showcased for visitors. The embryos were stored in a special chamber separate from the rest of the lab.

The hatchery was a section of Jurassic Park overseen by the Jurassic Park Scientists, and was adjacent to the genetics laboratory. Here was where fertilized eggs, mostly Ostrich and Emu, were placed in incubation areas and kept at a warm temperature for hatching. The VIPs were led in by John Hammond and met with Dr. Henry Wu just as a young Velociraptor hatched from one of the incubating eggs. A Mitsubishi Movemaster RV-M2 was programmed to automatically rotate the eggs and hold them steady while hatching commenced. Moss was placed around the eggs to hold both heat and moisture in order to assist in the incubation process. Nedry was able to gain access to the lab and the embryo storage chamber within once the security systems to Jurassic Park were shut down, where he stole dino embryos.


The eggs were organized by number with 150 eggs per table. Some include: