Isla Sorna is a location in all three books of the Jurassic Park Adventures series. Because the series is a Jurassic Park III spin off, it's most likely that this island is the same as the movie version of Isla Sorna. Nonetheless, this island has a couple of characteristics that are unique for the Adventures canon.


Isla Sorna is located 207 miles west of Costa Rica, and it is only 22 square miles according to the book Ian Malcolm wrote after his adventure in 1997 (titled Lost World). The island has a beach that is much wider than seen in any movie. It's so wide that a Tyrannosaurus rex and an Apatosaurus can stand on it, and still there is enough space for Eric Kirby to run into the forest. The tall grass from The Lost World: Jurassic Park (film) is mention in Jurassic Park Adventures: Prey.

There is a mountain named Mount Hood, which is located next to a valley.

Flora and Fauna

Before InGen confiscated the island, it was used for Banana production. The Banana plantages were closed but InGen did not remove the banana trees.

These are the animals that originally inhabit the island and now lived side by side with the dinosaurs:



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