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"Seriously, guys, I'm kind of exposed out here..."

Jack[1] was a mercenary employed by Eli Mills. He was part of the team sent to retrieve a bone from the Indominus rex's skeleton. Using the callsign "Land One," he was a hacker who was charged with opening the gate to the Mosasaurus lagoon so that the team's mini sub could enter it. While he was working alone in the mercenaries' Main Street campsite, he was briefly startled by a Dilophosaurus.

He was stalked by Isla Nublar's resident T. rex while awaiting extraction by helicopter. Due to the noise of the thunderstorm and the rotor blades of the helicopter, he hadn't heard her approaching him, or the yells of his fellow mercenaries in the helicopter shouting at him to run. Upon finally seeing the T. rex, Jack screamed for help, panicked, and ran. Jack floundered in the air and dropped the remote control, which meant the gates were stuck open. The huge predator chased him down Main Street, before the helicopter dropped a rescue ladder for him. He ran around an overturned Chevy pickup truck which the Tyrannosaurus had to move out of her way herself, which bought him some time. Jack grabbed the ladder and cheered as the T. rex roared angrily at him.

Although he managed to climb on, the T. rex clung to the ladder with her jaws and pulled, threatening to drag the helicopter down. The team leader in the chopper ordered the ladder cut, intending to sacrifice Jack to save his team and the bone. Jack's friends fought over whether to cut the ladder or not. The team leader howled "I SAID CUT IT!" Jack screamed for help and that he didn't want to die, but just before the ladder could be cut, their work ended up being unnecessary, as the ladder snapped in half, allowing the helicopter to leave and saving Jack's Life. Everyone cheered, but their celebration was short-lived; Jack was seized and eaten alive by the Mosasaurus as the helicopter flew over the lagoon, much to the other mercs' horror.



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