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Dr. Jack 'Doc' Thorne was a retired professor of Applied Engineering featured only in The Lost World and owner of Thorne Mobile Field Systems.

In The Lost World

Throughout the novel he is often referred to as 'Doc'. He was first mentioned briefly as one who supplied Dr. Richard Levine with the Mobile Lab, Customized Ford Explorer, Electronic Motorcycle and High Hide.[1] Many field scientists in Africa, Sichuan and Chile attested to equipment Thorne and his staff manufactured.[2] Seventh-graders Arby Benton and Kelly Curtis knew Thorne through their teacher Dr. Richard Levine and decided to visit his office during Spring Break.[3] He believed that engineering and physics theories were a waste of time because they changed too often. When he was a professor he set up unusual tests for his students such as to build a chair to support a two-hundred-pound man, using only, paper Q-tips and thread. He also had an extremely low temper and swore a lot at his assistants such as Henry, Jerry and gave a one-off scolding to Eddie Carr.

Thorne was annoyed after learning from the students that Levine was missing as the latter was suppose to be present to verify the special equipment Thorne's team finished. He continued to complain about Levine's absence as the youths saw the yet unnnamed High Hide. It was mentioned when Thorne was a professor, he added quotes from Plato, Chaka Zulu, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Chang-tzu during his lectures. Arby expressed his concern over Levine whereabouts and Thorne initially didn't care. After much arguments and Thorne warning Arby about hacking, Thorne agreed to contact Levine on a self-designed sat-phone. He remarked that if he couldn't reach Levine, he would contact Dr. Sarah Harding which excited Kelly who explained to Arby who Harding was. Thorne liked that Kelly idolized Harding instead of pop stars or athletes. During the call, despite teaching Levine how to transmit his phone, Levine failed to. The trio also heard garbled calls of help and danger from Levine and received no indication where he was.[4]

As a result of of the call, Thorne brought the seven-graders to Levine's apartment and unlocked it - it was not stated how he had the key to the apartment. When Arby and Kelly were amazed at the musuem-like and thorough appearance of Levine's place, Thorne explained it was Levine's character and why the latter could never live with a woman - Levine could never stand other touching his belongings. Thorne and the students found that a housekeeper or maid made luxurious food for Levine daily such as Lobster bisque, baby organic greens, seared ahi tuna. Thorne was not impresed with such characteristics. Despite not having any knowledge of German, he could interpret a fax they found such as "Geschichtliche Forschungsarbeiten über die Geologie Zentralamerikas" as "Researches on the Geology of Central America." He also could comprehend a note with the word "Vulkanische" meaning "volcanic."[5]

Despite hating engineering theories, Thorne missed his Standford students and liked Arby and Kelly as they were smart.[4] also had a paternal-like relationship with Arby and Kelly.

With the help of Kelly, Thorne managed to escape from Isla Sorna.[6][7][8]

In The Lost World: Jurassic Park (film)

He was not featured in the film and his characteristics and actions were transferred to Eddie Carr and Roland Tembo.


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