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Jeannie is a Troodon that appears in Jurassic World: Live Tour.

Physical Appearance

Jeannie has a dark olive green base with black stripes with white outlines running of from her back to her tail.


Jurassic World: Live Tour


Jeannie was created sometime during Jurassic World's operation, as Dr. Kate Walker was working with her with a device known as the Dino Decoder, a device used to understand and predict a dinosaur's thoughts and emotions.

Behavioral Characteristics

  • Jeannie is very comfortable around all her human companions.
  • Jeannie calls Blue for help and is a team player.



  • Despite being a Troodon, Jeannie lacks her toe claw that all of Troodon's relatives had, which almost certainly would have translated to Troodon having it as well. Her hands and head are also very reminiscent of Compsognathus. She also does not resemble the Troodon from Jurassic Park: The Game, which are much smaller and have a different color scheme.