Jeff Rossiter was the head of Biosyn at the time of the The Lost World.

In The Lost World

Rossiter was the head of Biosyn following his predecessor, Bill Steingarten's removal from office between 1994 and early 1995. Lewis Dodgson later spoke with Rossiter about the pressing problems of animal exploitation in the company. Dodgson said they can avoid regulations by acquiring animals created by man -- the InGen dinosaurs. He explains that they could not only be used for testing, but for profit, such as setting up hunting ranges. Rossiter is initially skeptical, as Biosyn has lost both time and money in the process of targeting InGen. But he is eventually won over, and gives Dodgson permission to go to Isla Sorna. Rossiter was never seen again in the novel. However, Dodgson's death and the fact no one heard about Biosyn ever again might indicate Rossiter was arrested.

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