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"The mysterious John Hammond--Shady investor, multi-millionaire, jovial mad-scientist."

Dr.[4] John Alfred[5] Hammond was the CEO of InGen and creator of Jurassic Park. He founded the company InGen and the Hammond Foundation. He had at least one daughter, two grandchildren (Tim and Lex Murphy), a sister (as Hammond's nephew has the surname of Ludlow, not Hammond) and a nephew, Peter Ludlow.



Hammond has one sister and at least one daughter. His daughter had two kids, Lex and Tim, making him a grandfather. He also had a nephew named Peter Ludlow who is likely the son of his sister. Hammond also made a flea circus.

At some point, Hammond became business partners with Benjamin Lockwood. The two were good friends and they shared a dream of bringing back dinosaurs from extinction. In order to pursue this dream, Hammond and Lockwood used their respective fortunes and built a laboratory in the subbasement of Lockwood's home. They hired geneticist Dr. Henry Wu to aid them in the genetics work. Hammond and Dr. Wu cloned baby elephants, before moving on to dinosaurs.[6] They succeeded in 1986 and together (at some point) created InGen, a genetics company whose goal was to continue development of cloning dinosaurs. In 1982, they acquired Isla Sorna where the dinosaurs were bred.

Eventually the company also acquired Isla Nublar on which they built Jurassic Park, a zoological attraction intended for guests around the world to see dinosaurs up close (after Hammond abandoned Jurassic Park: San Diego). This was to complete Hammond and Lockwood's dream and also build up the funds for the massive expenses of cloning dinosaurs.

Jurassic Park[]

"Welcome to Jurassic Park!"
—John Hammond's famous line(src)
Amber cane

John Hammond in Jurassic Park.

In the film, John Alfred[7] Hammond is a flamboyant venture capitalist from Scotland, building his fortune in Petticoat Lane, England. He also held parks in Kenya, Costa Rica, and other tropical locations.

The only similarities of the film's Hammond to the novel's Hammond are eccentricity and value for money but he is not as much of a dark character. While the novel's Hammond is cold, ruthless and in many ways the stereotypical businessman (i.e., uncaring about people, Machiavellian in his attempts to control his creation), the film's Hammond is affable and kind and is genuinely concerned about the well-being of his grandchildren and the other visitors as well as his employees at the park. He also cares about his dinosaurs at the same time, but understands the circumstances when the park fails. The novel's Hammond's personalities are seen instead in Donald Gennaro.

The turning point for film's Hammond is when Ellie Sattler bluntly tells him that he "never had control" and that the only thing that matters now is the survival of the people they love. Hammond is visibly struck by Ellie's words and spends the remainder of the film doing whatever he can to make sure that they all survive Jurassic Park. Unlike his novel appearance, John escapes Jurassic Park and agrees with Dr. Grant that the park was a failure and should not be endorsed, though he was understandably depressed about the failure.

Several days after Hurricane Clarissa, Hammond found out that Lockwood's infertile daughter Charlotte Lockwood is using the cloning technology as a means of undergoing trials to create a child of her own. Hammond disagrees with Charlotte's intentions as he opposes human cloning, finding it to be 'unholy', but Lockwood defends his daughter's actions, resulting a fallout between Hammond and Lockwood. With the partnership ended, Hammond takes full control of InGen while Lockwood is left at his manor in seclusion.


Hammond does not physically appear in Jurassic Park: The Game, although his helicopter is briefly seen at the end of Episode 1. In the InGen Field Journal, it is revealed that he had replaced Dr. Laura Sorkin as InGen's lead geneticist with Henry Wu, as Wu's method of combining frog DNA sped up the cloning process.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park[]

Hammond Lostworld
"You were right and I was wrong there, did you ever expect to hear me say such a thing?"
—John Hammond to Ian Malcolm(src)

Four years after the Isla Nublar Incident, John has resigned from his role as CEO of InGen and passed the baton over to his nephew, Peter Ludlow. He had become a naturalist rather than continue being an industrialist. John is seen in his lavish mansion, clearly declining in health. He was seen talking with Ian Malcolm about sending a team to Isla Sorna to document the animals. Ian becomes concerned when John revealed that he had allowed his girlfriend Sarah Harding to go to Isla Sorna, but reluctantly goes. He is briefly seen in the San Diego Incident CNN broadcast saying that the dinosaurs should be left alone on Isla Sorna and ends with Ian's quote, "life will find a way."

Jurassic Park III[]

"Now what John Hammond and InGen did at Jurassic Park, is create genetically-engineered, theme-park monsters, nothing more, and nothing less."
Alan Grant(src)

Hammond is only mentioned by Dr. Grant in a conference, with the former declaring he still did not agree with John's original intentions.


Hammond Memorial JW

Hammond's memorial statue in the Innovation Center.

John Hammond died shortly before midnight on 31 December 1997; seven minutes later, at 00:05am on the 1st of January, he was briefly revived by his medical staff before passing away again.[8]


Simon Masrani, CEO of the Masrani Global Corporation and son of Hammond's personal friend Sanjay Masrani, bought InGen in 1998.[9] In 2005, a new dinosaur theme park opened on Isla Nublar: Jurassic World.[10]

Jurassic World[]

Two decades after the original disaster, John Hammond's dream has finally come true in the form of a new fully-functional dinosaur park. The cloning facility on the island is named after Hammond: Hammond Creation Lab. Ever looking towards the future, his statue stands in the Innovation Center, before the entrance to the Hammond Creation Lab, in remembrance of his heart, passion and imagination.[10]

Masrani tells his employee Claire Dearing that Hammond entrusted him with his dying wish. When Claire tells Masrani that they have the best structural engineers, Masrani sarcastically states "so did Hammond." When Masrani berates Wu for the creation of the Indominus rex and tells him to shut down all activity, he even mentions that Hammond wouldn't be there to protect him this time.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Season 1[]

When the campers of Camp Cretaceous are visiting Henry Wu's lab in Jurassic World, Brooklynn who was one of the campers told Wu that he could let Hammond and Masrani take the credit, in order to stroke his ego and convince him to be part of her video about Jurassic World for views.

Season 3[]

When campers Darius, Kenji and Yasmina come across the original park, Yasmina says she heard a rumour about Hammond breaking his ankle there before being eaten alive by the Compies. However, Darius refutes this by revealing that Hammond actually died of natural causes following the San Diego incident.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom[]

Three years later, when Claire goes to Lockwood Manor to meet with Lockwood, she sees a portrait of Hammond. Hammond is mentioned from time to time during the film. Benjamin Lockwood's employee and murderer Eli Mills eventually tells Owen, Claire and Maise that what drove Lockwood and Hammond apart was that Lockwood (apparently) cloned his deceased daughter Maisie, ultimately revealing that Maise was a clone of Lockwood's deceased daughter, and not Lockwood's granddaughter like he said she was.

Jurassic World: Dominion[]

When Maisie and Beta end up being kidnapped by Biosyn agents and taken to the Biosyn Sanctuary (run by Lewis Dodgson), Maisie meets up with Wu, who explains the truth about her origins: rather than being cloned by Lockwood, she was asexually conceived by her mother Charlotte. Wu explained that Charlotte attempted to use the cloning technology to combat her infertility following the 1993 incident, and when Hammond found out and opposed Charlotte's actions, Charlotte refused to give up her dreams and Lockwood stood by to defend his daughter's actions, thus explaining why Hammond and Lockwood broke their partnership in the first place. Following Charlotte's death weeks after giving birth to Maisie, Lockwood created the cover story of himself using Charlotte's DNA to clone Maisie, all just to ensure that no one would criminalize Charlotte for her actions just like Hammond did.


Hammond Family
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Mrs Hammond†
John Hammond's Sister†
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Mrs Murphy
Mr Murphy
Peter Ludlow†
Peter Ludlow's Wife
Lex Murphy
Tim Murphy
Peter Ludlow's Eldest Child
Peter Ludlow's Second Child


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  • Hammond is usually likened to the famed cartoon producer Walt Disney and his park to Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Even both director Steven Spielberg and Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton describe the character as "the dark side of Walt Disney."
    • Interestingly, the character Preston B. Whitmore from the 2001 Disney animated film Atlantis: The Lost Empire was based on Hammond by the film's directors Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale.
  • Hammond was the only character on the island to have stayed there during the Isla Nublar Incident and not be harmed or confronted by the carnivorous dinosaurs.
  • In one script he was supposed to fall down a hill like in the novel, but he hits his head and becomes unconscious, and then drowns in a puddle of water. And before the end credits a fly should have land on his hand.
  • It should be noted, that Hammond has a different middle name in the novel canon than in the film canon. In both Trespasser and The Lost World: Jurassic Park, his middle name is said to be Parker. However, in the novel, Donald Gennaro describes "...and John Alfred Hammond had gotten his money..."
  • His catchphrase through out the first Jurassic Park film was "spared no expense."
  • Hammond walked with a pronounced limp in the first two films, the reason for which was never revealed. In the first film, he often used a cane to walk, although he proved capable of walking without it for short distances. Hammond's cane was tipped with an oval-shaped piece of amber containing a mosquito, a reminder of the basis on which his dream was built upon.
  • In both the novel and Trespasser canon, Hammond says he had a child's idea of science: test tubes, explosions, and miracles. However, the film states that he is a "Doctor". It's possible his doctorate is an honorary one and he chooses to style himself this way, or this may represent a difference between continuities.
  • In the original film, he stated that he witnessed the births of every dinosaur on the island.
  • Although not considered a human antagonist, his actions indirectly resulted in the deaths or injuries of multiple people, for fishermen (mentioned by Carlos) and those who stumbled across Isla Sorna, on the island, S.S. Venture, and San Diego, while showing no remorse afterwards. Therefore, he's considered one of the most controversial protagonists of the franchise.


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