"Jophery, raise the gate!"
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Jophery Brown was the gatekeeper of Jurassic Park's holding pen for the Raptors. His death lead the main investors of InGen to question the safety of the park. He only appears in the opening scene of the movie.

Inspiration Edit

Jophery's character is loosely based on the unnamed Jurassic Park Maintenance Worker, who appears in the prologue of the first novel. He was severely injured by a Velociraptor. Ed Regis brought him to a local hospital in Costa Rica. Doctor Bobby Carter tries to treat the boy. Ed lied and said he'd been injured in a maintenance accident, but Carter knew this was an lie due to him having claw marks and flesh wounds. His last word is "...raptor..."


JPRaptorContainment Paddock

The Raptor Pen, Jophery's last known post.

Construction of Jurassic ParkEdit

Jophery, like many other workers, was a security guard for Jurassic Park.

He was the gatekeeper of the Raptor Pen, which was a temporary replacement for the Velociraptor Paddock, because the alpha-female had killed all but two of her subordinates and was attacking the fences.


Jurassic Park - 1993 - Opening Scene "Shoot her!" HD-2

Jurassic Park - 1993 - Opening Scene "Shoot her!" HD-2

When the Big One was being transferred to the holding pen, she attacked the cage, sending it backwards and causing Jophery to fall off. Before he could get up, The Big One grabbed him and began pulling him into the cage. Robert Muldoon tried to rescue Jophery, while shouting at the other workers to shoot the Raptor. Despite this and the other guards' efforts to subdue the raptor with their shock prods, Robert's grip started to slip and Jophery was pulled into the pen to his death, mauled by the Big One.


His family filed a $20 million lawsuit against InGen as a result of his death, the first of soon-to-be many.


LEGO Jurassic WorldEdit

LEGO Jurassic World JP1 The Big One wants Jophery's Hotdog MlWA77tnr4Y N2KuAG

Jophery struggling to keep his hotdog from being eaten by The Big One in LEGO Jurassic World

Jophery appears as a playable character in LEGO Jurassic World. In the game, his full name is listed as Jophery Brown. In the games, retelling of the events of the first film Jophery and Robert Muldoon transfer the Big One to the Raptor Pen.

LEGO Jurassic World JP1 Jophery survives his encounter with The Big One MlWA77tnz 04eRl3b5

Jophery survives The Big One in LEGO Jurassic World

Unlike the film, Muldoon successfully manages to save Jophery from being killed by the Big One. The Big One actually doesn't intend to attack Jophery, as it instead was targeting a hotdog Jophery was holding and it is Jophery's hotdog that the Big One ends up devouring instead.

Lego Jurassic World Video Game Jophery Brown

Jophery Brown from LEGO Jurassic World.

In the game, Jophery wields a Dino Handler stun-rod which can jumpstart generators and stun enemies. He is unlocked for Free Play after the Prologue is completed. His character model also appears as the default for Custom B custom character slot.

Trivia Edit

Jose death

"Jose" is dragged into the Raptor Pen in the Topps comic.

  • Jophery was the Big One's first human victim.
  • He is named after Jophery C. Brown, the actor who portrayed him. He died in real life on January 11, 2014.
  • In the Topps comic, he is much younger, is named "Jose" and appears to be Caucasian, possibly from either Cuba, Argentina or Spain due to his Hispanic name. Donald Gennaro states he was only injured and not killed.
    • Jose is also a Portuguese name (spelled the same as in Spanish, but pronounced differently), so he could also be from either Brazil or Portugal.


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