Miles and Nima are now in the jungles of Isla Nublar, Miles is complaining and says that InGen should have "paved" the whole island, but Nima then turns to him and says that InGen should never have come here. Nima then tells Miles to step back as she does not want any "accidents", she then pulls out her machete. The pair keeps walking as Nima slices through the jungle. Nima stops then turns to her left and Miles follows. They keep walking when they come across an electric fence. Nima is still wondering what InGen is up to and Miles stupidly says that the fences are to keep "teenagers" out. Nima does not believe Miles. Miles then looks at his tracking device and sees that they are very close to the Barbasol canister. Nima then notices that the lights are off, meaning that the fence does not have power, she then throws a stick at the fence, though no reaction. Finally Nima decides to touch the fence and she does not get electrocuted. They then climb over the fence but they do not see the "dilophosaurus" sign. The two are now in the enclosure and Nima then spots foot prints and says that they are bird like but much too big. As they keep moving they hear a mysterious noise. Nima then searches their surrounding and finds a bird. Miles then expresses his hate for "this" jungle and Nima finds a clear pathway.


  • Nima identifies the bird as "moku-pa" which does not appear to mean anything in Spanish or other languages. It seems to be the same kind of bird that startles the Hardings later in Back on Track, which is a collared aracari, a type of toucan native to Costa Rica.