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"No, don't shoot her!"
—Ken Wheatley(src)

The Jungle Merc was one of Eli Mills' mercenaries. He was part of Ken Wheatley and Owen Grady's team when they went searching for Blue. When the team found her, Wheatley shot her with a tranquilizer dart despite Owen's protests. When the sedative didn't immediately put her out, the merc nervously raised his assault rifle.

Owen jumped out of the way just before Blue jumped and pounced on the man, biting and clawing him. He lost his rifle in the struggle. Fatally wounded, the mercenary drew his sidearm. Caring more about capturing Blue alive than the life of his own man, Wheatley yelled for him not to fire, but he got off a shot anyway, critically wounding Blue even as he died from his injuries.

After this, when Owen attempted to confront Ken for having Blue critically injured, only for Wheatley to shoot Owen with a tranq dart, with Zia removing the dart from Owen just before half of the dart can get in Owen's system, and then he and his remaining men took the wounded Blue and a captive Zia Rodriguez with them, leaving the tranquilized Owen and the dead mercenary behind.

After recovering from the effects of the tranquilizer and escaping the advancing lava flow, Owen took the dead merc's sidearm. He later used it to free Claire Dearing and Franklin Webb from the sinking Gyrosphere 08 by shooting holes in the glass exterior in an effort to shatter it.

Behind the Scenes

  • In an error, his sidearm is a Beretta 92FS when he shoots Blue, but becomes a SIG-Sauer P226R after Owen retrieves it.
600px-JWFK Pistol

The Merc shoots Blue.

600px-JWFK glock17

The merc draws his sidearm on Blue

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