"Some of our more adventurous guests can opt for our Jungle River Cruise for a close-up look at our majestic winged dinosaurs..."
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River ride 1

The Jungle River CruiseJungle River Ride, or River Adventure was to be a river boat ride that would follow an under water track throughout the tropical rivers of Jurassic Park. It followed a track through the Aviary.

Visitor's would unload here and proceed to the hotel Pteratops Lodge. However, several unintended problems prevented the ride from opening, such as the Dilophosaurs spitting at the tour boats, Cearadactylus attacking workmen, etc.

Jungle River Cruise

Jungle River Cruise photograph


  • These concept art pieces are what the River Adventure would have looked like if it were to appear in the film, although the river sequence was scrapped early in production.
    • The Cretaceous Cruise in Jurassic World seems to have been inspired by the Jungle River Cruise.

Grant on River

Early Concept Art of Alan Grant and the kids on what would become the Jungle River Cruise

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