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The second issue of Jurassic Park: Dangerous Games was released by IDW Publishing in October 12th 2011. The artwork was done by Jorge Jimenez. The story was written by Erik Bear, with story consultant Greg Bear.[1]

CIA agent Daniel Espinoza finds a potential ally in Dr. Francis White. She is a young woman leading a pack of raptors. Gabriel Cazares's men start their attack.


Detective Daniel Espinoza regains consciousness next to a fire in a cave filled with feathered Velociraptors. The cave is also home to a young beautiful redheaded woman, Dr. Frances White, who is nursing his wounds and offering him food (Parasaurolophus meat). She tells Espinoza not to fear the raptors, they are her pack. Her backstory make up the first six pages of the issue.

White was once a famous animal behavior researcher. She was hired by InGen to study the dinosaur behavior. She discovered that raptors form a special motherly bond with the first creature they see. This is also mentioned in Jurassic Park. Since White was present when most raptors hatched, she became their "mother".

White was growing tired of how the men used brute force to handle the dinosaurs. Peter Ludlow thought she was crazy. He wanted to fire White and let "some big-game hunter" (probably Robert Muldoon) take over her job. She and Ludlow got a fight about the issue in her lab. At some point Ludlow attacked White. White released the raptors to defend herself. Ludlow shot one of the raptors and one of the bullets grazing White's cheek. White fled with her pack of raptors into the jungle; vowing never to live among humans again.

Espinoza insists that he has a job to do and if he has to do it alone, so be it. White says that she'll help but they need guidance first. They go to a boneyard and White hides. A Tyrannosaurus rex steps out and eyes Espinoza. Taken aback by the Rex's size and intimidation, Espinoza freezes. The T.rex looses sight of him and walks off. White then explains that the T.rex judges the souls of everyone on the island and needed to see if Espinoza was worth helping.

Meanwhile, Gabriel Cazares's right hand man decides to start hunting down Espinoza early. White's pack of Velociraptors attack them. White runs in to help but is caught in a net, so Espinoza tries to cut her down only to find himself looking down the barrel if the right hand man's gun as the goon insists they begin the hunt.


PopApostle gave Issue 2 an overall grade C. "Things are improving, but slower than a prehistoric era."[2]



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