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Jurassic Park: Explorer is a family DVD game created by Brighter Minds Media released in 2007.


You take the role of a fossil-hunting paleontologist as they explore Isla Sorna. Watch out though, dinosaurs run wild on that lost island. You will encounter dinosaurs ranging from the playful vegetarian Stegosaurus to the deadly Velociraptor and the fierce Spinosaurus.

Skill level

In the game you will be given the choice of how difficult you play.




Game rules


Be the first to collect the correct number of dinosaurs.

Players or Teams

Jurassic Park Explorer can be played with 2 to 4 players or teams.

Winning the game

When a player or team successfully recovers the number of dinosaurs determined when the game was started, they win.

Game play


Jurassic Park Explorer is seven mini-games in one. As you trek across the seven different types of terrain on the board, you’ll face a different challenge with every move.

Bone Dig

In this activity you can help locate dinosaur bones.

Jump the chasm

The scientists of Jurassic Park need more dinosaur eggs to study. Can you recover an egg sample and get it back to the lab?

Mission: Retrieve Spinosaur egg and return safely...

Screening room

Keep your eyes on the screen, even the smallest details count.

In the Screening Room you can watch dozens of clips taken directly from all 3 Jurassic Park movies.

Museum: Dinosaur Quiz

So you think you know one or two things about dinosaurs? If you can answer these questions you bring back another dinosaur species.

Plains: Through the fog

You're about to see a dinosaur approaching through, which of these dinosaurs is it?

Jungle: Jungle Maze

Carefully trace the winning path

Congratulations you've discovered an Amber specimen, get in back to the lab right away. Choose the right path back to the lab now.

Laboratory: DNA match

Get ready to match a dinosaur.

In the Laboratory, you’ll need to unscramble Dino-DNA. To re-create a species in the Dinosaur Scramble game.

Dinosaur list

Creatures that can be recovered in the mini-games:


  • DVD disk
  • 3-fold board and 4 playing pieces
  • Deck of dinosaur fact cards
  • Free poster
  • Free color changing cup

Requires a television set and DVD player — not included.


The game has been criticized for having too many inaccuracies on the dinosaurs, most notably, the Allosaurus resembling a T. rex.


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