Jurassic Park Paint and Activity Center front

Jurassic Park: Paint and Activity Center is a Mario Paint/Kid Pix style program. It was a "DOS CD" created by Hi Tech Entertainment in 1994. The game allowed children to create dinosaur themed works of art, play dinosaur games, and listen to some dinosaur stories.


The back cover gives the following description:

There's incredible excitement and adventure waiting for you in every corner of Jurassic Park. And now you can bring it all home with the Jurassic Park: Paint & Activity Center - the coolest coloring, drawing, sound-making, game-playing, all-in-one program in over 30 million years!

Create instant artworks based on scenes from the hit movie or make up your own amazing artistic adventures. Easy to use on-screen tools let you draw in almost any stile you want, in full color or black and white, complete with spectacular graphic effects. To add to the fun, every mark you make comes with its own wacky, wild sound effect! With a wide assortment of special features, including dinosaur-packed puzzles, coloring books, games, story books and more, the Jurassic Park: Paint & Activity Center sure beats drawing on cave walls!