The Jurassic Park: Raptor series is "the official continuation of the hit movie!" as Topps comics called it. Jurassic Park: Raptor II is the second and final issue of the Raptor series. It came with 3 William Stout trading cards.


George Lawala feels he can get away with kidnapping scientists and transporting raptors to the mainland; however, this is only a few of his mistakes as his downfall is imminent. The Velociraptors are found to possess the ability to communicate with each other on a level never understood before and manage to free themselves from their prisons by watching Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler try to escape.

Back on the island, General Bradford West and Dr. Jeremiah Fischer notice the disappearance of Drs. Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler. They report their disappearance to the American Command Center and any suspicious vessels from Costa Rica are to be stopped and searched for the missing scientists. In the hospital, a soldier relays Grant and Sattler's disappearance to Ian Malcolm, who seems skeptical about the army's ability to locate them.

Soon, Lawala feels a weight shift in the plane's cargo hold and discovers that the raptors have escaped. He then recruits Alan and Ellie to try to help him recapture the Velociraptors. Two of the raptors are killed and another is wounded during Lawala's attempt to recapture them. The pilot on the plane, Brennan, and George Lawala subsequently are killed. Ellie comes across their bodies and the wounded raptor. She succeeds in bandaging the wounded raptor and saves its life. Alan traps the remaining raptors in an empty crate. Alan and Ellie attempt to land the plane by themselves, since the pilot is dead. Before they crash-land Alan tells Ellie that he loves her.

The story continued in Jurassic Park: Raptors Attack I


  • Page 6, 12: The raptor unlock their cage with very unrealistic ease.
  • Page 5: Malcolm is held at the Centamcom's base hospital. This should probably be CENTCOM's base hospital.
  • Page 5: Malcolm is sure the army can't find Alan and Ellie because of "Chaos Theory". Since he obviously never created a mathematical computer model of a quest for two people in Middle America (if such a thing was possible), this is a very nonsensical thing to say.
  • At page 16 the sleeve of Ellie's pink shirt is ripped off, while at page 20 the shirt is whole again.
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