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Jurassic Park: Redemption is a five part comic series that ran in 2010. The story is set many years after the film series and sees Tim Murphy attempting to continue his grandfather's legacy of having a theme park with cloned dinosaurs in Texas. However, in addition to escaping animals, trouble arises from the secret benefactor of the project who seeks revenge on John Hammond and his heirs.

Redemption was the first comic series published by IDW Publishing for the Jurassic Park branding. Before this, Topps was the publisher of Jurassic Park comics. The events are now largely non-canon due to the release of the movie Jurassic World.


The Jurassic Park: Redemption series:



  • Bob Schreck: Writer
  • Nate Van Dyke: Artist
  • Chris Moreno: Additional Art
  • Jamie Grant: Colorist
  • Chris Mowry and Shawn Lee: Lettering
  • Tom Waltz: Editor
  • Bobby Curnow: Assistant Editor
  • Frank Miller: Collection Cover
  • Dave Stewart: Cover Colors
  • Justin Eisinger: Collection Editor
  • Shawn Lee: Collection Design


Other creatures[]


  • As the film franchise was dormat at the time this comic was created, this series had marked the returns of characters who had long been absent in the franchise as a whole:
  • The retconning of Peter Ludlow's death marks the third instance in Jurassic Park media of a character death being retconned after Ian Malcolm in The Lost World novel and Robert Muldoon in the previous Jurassic Park Topps Comic Series (which would later be retconned again after the release of the Jurassic World films).
  • With Dr. Wu being portrayed as working for Tim Murphy and later being killed off, this comic series is firmly non-canon due to his major role in the canon Jurassic World films.
  • "Redemption" as a term means to "be saved from sin or evil" and usually refers to cleansing one self of past misdeeds or actions. For the comic series this can be used to describe Tim Murphy's actions as trying to "redeem" the legacy of his family and complete his grandfather's dream.
  • The fifth issue of this series features a Giganotosaurus being attacked by a pack of raptors, before being killed by a mosasaur. This is very similar to the fate of the Indominus rex in Jurassic World, which was itself partly derived from Giganotosaurus DNA.