Jurassic Park: Redemption I is the first issue (32 pages) of the five-issue story arc Jurassic Park: Redemption. It was produced by IDW Publishing in June 2010. The story was written by IDW Senior Editor and comics veteran Bob Schreck. The interior art was provided by Nate Van Dyke, the covers were made by Tom Yeates and Frank Miller. Variant covers were provided by Art Adams, Paul Pope, Bernie Wrightson.

The story takes place thirteen years after the events of the film Jurassic Park. The central figures are John Hammond's grandchildren, Tim and Lex Murphy, who are building on a new Jurassic Park.


The story takes place in 2006. The central figures are John Hammond's grandchildren, Tim (ca. 22) and Lex Murphy (ca. 25), now well-to-do young adults. Lex is a "mega-celebrity", she is the president of Lexxcrops and she is working with the UN to continue keeping people off of both Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna.

Tim has two years ago started to build a new Jurassic Park. He employed Henry Wu to create new dinosaurs on a secret underground location. Henry Wu uses a new method to complete the DNA sequence, which was proposed by Alan Grant. Dr. Backer (a paleontologist from Wyoming) is employed to fill the niche of dinosaur expert. Although Tim had strictly ordered not to create any carnivores, the scientists did indeed create some.

In order to run his secret project Tim had to make terms with the senator of Texas. The senator has become nervous about Tim's actions and wants to know what kind of project Tim is running; Tim says he needs one more month. The time has come to move the dinosaurs from the secret location to the mainland...

But the Carnotaurus is killing more animals, resulting in all three parties traveling to Texas. Two workers go after the Carnotaur. But in the pursuit and following attack, one car explodes, while the other is being tipped over.

Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures