The fourth issue of the Jurassic Park: Redemption series. It was released on October 13, 2010.


Sheriff Delgado and his team have captured the sauropod herd. Lex has arrived in the town, surprised to see dinosaurs. The government sends a well armed military unit led by Sergeant Schmidt, with Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler as dinosaur experts, to the town to take care of the situation.

L. Would tells Tim Murphy his true identity. L. Would is in fact John Hammond's nephew, Peter Ludlow, who somehow survived being fed to the baby T .rex. He orders Dodgson to open all paddock doors. The plan of Would is to let the dinosaurs do as much damage as possible, this will embarrass Tim (who supervised the project) and "score the entire Hammond legacy forever".

Meanwhile the Carnotaurus attacks a car in the town and attacks people at a Country Fair. Lex reasons that her brother Tim must be behind appearance of the dinosaurs. She tries to phone him and his office, but in vain.

Lex and Ellie have somehow figured out where Tim could be, or the location of dinosaur breeding facility. Lex and Ellie drive to the facility as fast as possible.

Dodgson releases the Mussaurus herd first, they block the road of Ellie and Lex. Ellie tries to push the dinosaurs from the road, but it won't move. The two women walk the last half mile, armed with guns. They see that after the mussaurs follows a herd of Triceratops.

Meanwhile, Timmy throws a piece of amber to the head of Would's body guard and disarms him. Tim locks Would up in the control room and drives away in a jeep.

Lex and Ellie meet Jaamise, thinking she's part of the conspiracy, Lex punches Jaamise in the face. Behind them a large predator is following a sauropod herd. Tim's jeep arrives at the group and he orders the group to step in. But the jeep is destroyed by a scared Triceratops. The group leaves the park with Lex's car.

Lewis Dodgson can't escape from the park and is trampled by a Triceratops. Dr. Backer is back to his senses again and makes preparations to kill Would.


  • Mrs. Felder: her car is attacked by a Carnotaurus
  • Sergeant Schmidt
  • Peter Ludlow: Peter Ludlow who survived his encounter with the Infant T. rex and the Tyrannosaur Buck, though heavily scarred and crippled is revealed to be the true identity of L. Would.


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