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Jurassic Park is a video game based on the film and novel of the same name for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The object of the game is to survive in the park where the dinosaurs have escaped.

Dinosaurs in Game[]


There are six levels:

Jurassic Park NES game screenshot

Level 1 Gameplay

  • Level 1: Triceratops Stampede

In the first level, the player starts out at the gates of Jurassic Park. Your mission is to find a way to get inside one of the buildings by finding a key once the player either shoots or collects all the eggs, open the gates by computer, and find Tim out in Jurassic Park. Once you find him, you have to guide him through a herd of Triceratops. The player loses health if he/she or Tim get stepped on. Tim never dies, but the player can if he/she get stepped on too many times.

  • Level 2: T. rex Confrontation

Once the player have rescued Tim, the player must find Lex in the T. rex containment paddock. Find a key to get inside the Velociraptor cage, find another one to get out onto the dock, boat the river, then find Lex (On the river, there are two scenes. If the player can find all of the eggs on one scene, they get a 1 up. For both, the player gets 2 1 ups.). Once the player does, he/she will have to battle the T. rex to save yourself and Lex. Unlike the first level, the player doesn't lose their health if Lex gets stepped on by the T. rex. If the T. rex eats the player or Lex, the player will have to start the battle over again. Lex runs around until she touches the player. Once that happens, she will remain in that spot for 7 seconds. It is crucial to memorize the T. rex's movements, so as to have Lex in a spot where she won't get eaten. Lex can only get eaten or stepped on if she is standing still. The player can only harm the T. rex when it's head is down on the ground trying to eat the player. The player will shoot at the head while trying not to get eaten. Once all of the T. rex's health is gone, he runs away and the player advances to Level 3. (2 computer glitches were uncaught before the game was released. In the level, Lex has grayish white hair, instead of blonde like she was in the movie. Second, once the T. rex runs away, it's head will remain on the ground. If the player or Lex get eaten while his retreat is in process, the game continues to Level 3).

  • Level 3: Restore Computer Power

Now that the player has saved the kids, the player must restore power to the island. The player finds a key to get inside the utility shed, start up the power switches, then go to the Visitor Center to boot up the systems in the correct order to get power back online. It is helpful to make a map, so as to the player can easily remember the sequence later on.

  • Level 4: The Raptor Nests

Once power is restored, the player has received information saying that the raptors are beginning to breed. If they breed, the island will be overrun by them, and player will most certainly die. Find a key to get inside a storage building, then plant bombs in all three raptor nests. (The player to destroy or find all eggs to do this).

  • Level 5: Radio the Mainland

After the player has succeeded, he/she is informed that the radio on the island was destroyed by the raptors. The player's only chance is to get on the boat and radio the mainland. The player goes through a dock, then after that, player encounter the Triceratops herd again. This time though, they are much faster. Once the herd has passed, the player has to find a key to get inside an electric room, find another key to get into the spare one, and then find the radio room. Once the player does, the level is finished.

  • Level 6: Escape the Island

The helicopter will be at the island shortly. This level is considered the hardest, seeing as how there are numerous eggs that the player either finds or destroys, numerous doors that can only be opened by one key, and tons of mystery boxes. Once the player has found the key to get inside the Velociraptor fence, the player has to find three eggs to get through to the other side. Once he/she gets out, the player have to battle the T. rex another time. This time, the T. rex has all health, is harder to kill, and Lex and Tim have to be rescued. Rules are the same. Tim stays in a spot for 4 seconds before moving to Grant, making this level frustrating. After the player defeats the T. rex, the player gets warped to the helipad. All the player do now is walk to it, and the game ends.

Supposedly, there was a cheat code to skip levels and scenes. Every time the player gains 1,000 points, he/she gets a 1 up.

The enemies are:[]

  • Brachiosaurus- 0 points. Cannot be shot at. Only on level 2, in the river scenes.
  • Compsognathus- 5 points. Some are fast, while others have turtle-speed.
  • Dilophosaurus- 10 points. Jumps from behind trees, objects, and walls. Known as a spitter, for it spits its poison.
  • Dimetrodon- 2 points for every hit. Kills the player if he/she walks into it. Only encountered on Level 3.
  • Ichthyosaur- 0 points. If the player jump straight in front of it, they will lose all life.
  • Stegosaurus- 0 points. Kills the player if he/she walks into it. Only encountered on Level 3.
  • Triceratops- 0 points. Cannot be fired and must be avoided, especially on Level 5. Level 1 is easier.
  • Tyrannosaurus rex- 5 points for every hit on the head, 2 points for every second he spends running away. Can kill the player if it eats them.
  • Velociraptor - 15 points. They are the only dinosaur that don't walk through doorways. They slow down when they start to corner the player.
  • Eggs- 5 points for each collected. Can be shot, but no points will be collected.



  • Jurassic Park was the first Jurassic Park game to be released after the first film came out.