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Jurassic Park is a SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive game based on the first movie. Sam Powell is the composer of the music for this game.


The game was playable as either Dr. Alan Grant or a Velociraptor . Grant is the default character but can be changed using the 'Player' option on the game's main menu to swich to the raptor.


Dr. Grant's story starts when his Jeep was crashed by the T. rex which attacked it. He must now move out on foot to reach the Visitor Center in order to escape. His weapons, except the rocket launcher, will only knock out a dinosaur for a short time, usually causing them to wake up as more fierce opponents. Finally after battling many dinosaurs, Grant reached the Visitor Center where he defeated two Velociraptors (presumably the The Big One and her last subordinate) and is taken home, only to find his helicopter crashed in the sequel, Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition.

The raptor's story begins when lightning strikes her pen. The player battles through InGen personnel and other dinosaurs before reaching the Visitor Center, where she will battle Grant to finally escape the park.

Rampage Edition story

In the story of the Rampage Edition, Grant's helicopter crashed, and now he must find another way to escape. This time Grant will be battling InGen personnel as well as dinosaurs. The raptor also attempts to escape the park.

Dinosaurs featured



  • The Rex never appears in full in the game, only its neck and head are visible in each encounter.
  • The ending confrontation in the Raptor's route bears similarities to one of the early scrapped endings for the original movie (a mounted skeleton crushing the antagonist) though with the roles reversed.

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