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Jurassic Park is a SNES game created by Ocean Software. The sequel to it is Jurassic Park 2: The Chaos Continues. It was based off of the film and the novel, with the dinosaur behavior being inspired from the film, while some scenarios were similar to the novel.

After the successful Jurassic Park film, Steven Spielberg said he wanted a 'ground breaking' game. The ground breaking dream was created, as the game was successful and was made using the most complex practices of the day. The game was the first to use high-resolution backdrops.

In the game the player will play as Dr. Alan Grant and try to complete all of the objectives such as rebooting the system, collecting ID badges for getting through certain doors, blocking off the passageway from the Raptor Pen and Visitor's Center, gassing the Raptor eggs, killing all of the dinosaurs on the ferry, or stealing eggs.

In 2014, IGN included the game on its list of the most difficult game list, because of reasons such as scattered raptor eggs and key cards, not being able to save a game, and limited lives (there is a secret level in the eastern mountain range that gives you the ability to get as much lives as you want).

When the player walks into a building, it switches from bird's eye view to Wolfenstein 3D-style first person view.

Dinosaurs in Game[]


  • Cattle Prod
  • Bolas Snare Rifle
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Shotgun
  • Gas Grenade Launcher
  • Tranquilizer Gun



  • In this game, the differences with the movie about Tyrannosaurus rex is that there are two individuals and they are both male on Isla Nublar. In the movie, there is only one female Tyrannosaurus.
  • In this game, the differences with the movie about Velociraptor is that there are more than three individuals, as there are infinite in the game. Also, the eggs are blue instead of white.
  • When it was released, this game was one of the most advanced games ever created.
  • More dinosaurs were added for variety. Either as a coincidence or on purpose (as the game was partly based off the novel), the added dinosaurs were dinosaurs from the novel.
  • There was a competition in the United States called "The Great Dino Egg Hunt". It was a contest in which the players searched the game for eight letters placed around the park. The letters then had to be decoded to reveal a message, which was "Dr. Horner", who inspired Alan Grant (which the player plays as). Two days after the game was released, the winner guessed correctly after playing the game for 10 hours, in which he was awarded with a $5,000 check.
  • It takes 4 hours and 30 minutes to complete the game if you only do the main story, while it takes 10 hours and 40 minutes to complete the game with the main story and extras.