In the chapter Jurassic Park the endorsement team arrives in the Safari Lodge.


As the endorsement team follows Ed Regis, Dr. Alan Grant expresses his desire to study InGen's dinosaur clones. Dr. Ian Malcolm asks Dr. Grant if the recreation of the dinosaurs would alter his scientific field. Alan replies that it changes everything about the field of paleontology, but what he wants to know is how InGen found the genetic material used to clone the dinosaurs.

The team arrives at a swimming pool of the Safari Lodge where Ed Regis comments that the ferns planted near the pool originate from the Jurassic. However, unknown to Regis is that Serenna veriformans, the "Jurassic ferns", have spores that contain a substance called beta-carboline alkaloid which is highly toxic, causing skin irritations and even death if consumed. Its toxin was even 50 times deadlier than Oleander. Dr. Ellie Sattler recognizes the plant and is distraught about this placement.

The team then proceeds to check into the Safari Lodge. While inside, Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler realize that the layout of the lodge does not match the blueprints they received earlier just before boarding the plane to Isla Nublar. The changes include steel bars welded to the skylight, small windows with tempered glass set in a steel frame, steel clad doors, and the large fence at the entrance of the Safari Lodge. With the tour of InGen's park starting in 20 minutes, Dr. Alan Grant makes sure to ask the tour guide about why the layout was changed.

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