The Rifftrax cover to Jurassic Park.

"Jurassic Park" is a song by "Weird Al" Yankovic. It is a parody of "MacArthur Park" by Jimmy Webb (as performed by Richard Harris), and is written as a humorous take on the film.

Music video

The music video is done mostly with claymation in the style of Will Vinton's Dinosaurs! - A Fun-Filled Trip Back in Time!, parodying scenes from, as well as the general plot of the movie Jurassic Park and was approved by the film's director, Steven Spielberg. The music video was directed by Mark Osbourne & Scott Nordlund and animated by Craig Bartlett (an animator who is best known as the creator of Hey Arnold!).

Featured Animals

Characters Spoofed

Jurassic Park Franchise

Other Media Icons

  • Barney the Dinosaur (head bitten off by a T. rex)
  • Arnold Schwarzengger (shown as Jack Slater from Last Action Hero, getting sliced into pieces by the toes of a T-rex)
  • Energizer Bunny (advertising the "dinogizer" battery dress by a Stegosaurus)
  • Dino (colored red, inside a T. rex's belly)


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I recall the time they found those fossilized mosquitoes
And before long, they were cloning DNA
Now I'm being chased by some irate Velociraptors
Well, believe me... this has been one lousy day

Jurassic Park is frightening in the dark
All the dinosaurs are running wild
Someone shut the fence off in the rain
I admit it's kinda eerie
But this proves my chaos theory
And I don't think I'll be coming back again
Oh no

I cannot approve of this attraction
'Cause getting disemboweled always makes me kinda mad
A huge Tyrannosaurus ate our lawyer
Well, I suppose that proves... they're really not all bad

Jurassic Park is frightening in the dark
All the dinosaurs are running wild
Someone let T. Rex out of his pen
I'm afraid those things'll harm me
'Cause they sure don't act like Barney
And they think that I'm their dinner, not their friend
Oh no

(roar!, aaaaah!, roar!, aaaaah!, roar!, aaaaah!)

Jurassic Park is frightening in the dark
All the dinosaurs are running wild
What a crummy weekend this has been
Well, this sure ain't no E-ticket
Think I'll tell them where to stick it
'Cause I'm never coming back this way again
Oh no...oh no



  • In the scene within the Tyrannosaurus belly, two dinosaurs (including an orange Baryonyx, and a green Allosaurus) in are seen tearing someone apart. Though this video was made before The Lost World, this video predicts the car scene.
  • Barney the Dinosaur makes an appearance in the video. A dinosaur bites off Barney's head, then coughs it up after being given a maneuver.
  • In the end of the video, Weird Al is riding on a helicopter going home. While on land, the raptors wave goodbye and hold a sign that says "Don't Forget to Write". When the helicopter begins to fly away in the distance, the T. rex appears and eats the helicopter and then burps and winks as the video has now been done.
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