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Jurassic Park Adventures: Prey is the second installment in the Jurassic Park Adventures, and takes place after Jurassic Park III. The book is about a group of teenagers who illegally visit Isla Sorna to make a blockbuster documentary of the dinosaurs on the island.


"Prey" reveals that Alan Grant has became part of an UN project to protect the dinosaurs of Isla Sorna. He is (somewhat unwillingly) forced to stay on the island coordinating a crew of scientists and other experts at a Ranger Station and is decided to return balance to the dinosaur ecosystem by relocating some predators to other parts of the island. In this story, Eric Kirby blackmails Alan Grant so that he will let him revisit the island. Alan agrees, but tricks Eric, taking him around Christmas time where there are no operations occurring on the island.

Meanwhile, a group of teenagers, lead by 18-year-old Simon Tunney, land on the island and try to film a movie about the island, so that they will become celebrities (just as Eric has, it seems, as he became something of a celebrity after writing "Survivor"). Simon is obsessed with becoming a rich celebrity, even if that means endangering his peers. Upon realizing this, Grant and his team go to the jungle and try to find them, while Eric escapes the headquarters and finds them himself. The teenagers accidentally provoke a herd of Triceratops, which charge after them. However, Eric saves the group by imitating a Velociraptor's call.

Eric tries to convince them to go to Grant's headquarters, but Simon refuses fearing that Grant will confiscate his footage and continues his trip. Angered, Eric follows, knowing that they are now entering into the territory of larger predators. Later, both Grant's and Simon's teams are attacked by three Carnotauruses. Grant realizes that the leader of the pack has a personal vendetta against him and runs away from the group to save the others. But the Carnotauruses keep chasing the teenagers and almost kill one of them (Simon's little brother, whom he sacrifices rather than lose his valuable footage). Eric saves the boy in the nick of time and the Carnotaurus are driven off by Grant's full team. With recorded video evidence of his behavior, Simon is sent to prison while Grant praises Eric's bravery and allows him to become a temporary member of his team.



  • The novel takes place six weeks after the events of Jurassic Park III.
  • According to the novel, Paul and Amanda have been getting along well after reuniting as husband and wife.
  • Tim and Lex are briefly mentioned by Simon.
  • The novel mentions a plot thread from The Lost World and Survivor regarding Isla Sorna's disproportionate predator-to-prey ratio, which was not carried over into the films.

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