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Jurassic Park Adventures: Survivor is the first installment in the Jurassic Park Adventures series. It was written in 2001 by Scott Ciencin. Survivor is a prequel to Jurassic Park III. This book revolves around young Eric Kirby, and reveals a little more about the character.

This is the only Jurassic Park Adventures book that's written in the first person. In the sequel, it is revealed that Eric had written Survivor after his testimony before the UN General Assembly.[1] Its publication led to a whirlwind publicity tour with all kinds of personal appearances and television interviews.


Amanda Kirby and her new boyfriend Ben Hildebrand are on vacation in Costa Rica with Eric. While the three are lying in a Jacuzzi at Ben's yacht, Ben tells Eric that he arranged a parasailing trip for them to Isla Sorna. Eric, who is obsessed with dinosaurs, really likes this.

The next chapter starts after Eric and Ben have crashed on the island. Ben suffers internal injuries and dies, and Eric has to survive by himself in the island, using only his intelligence and knowledge as weapons. During his stay on the island, Eric discovers several things; for example, that Isla Sorna had once been inhabited by a small number of humans who had left after the island was bought. Also, that the island's native wildlife, including sloths, rats and snakes, still survive despite the introduction of dinosaurs. He even "befriends" a young Iguanodon, whom he nicknames "Iggy".

During most of the book, Eric focuses his energies on finding a way to communicate with the outer world, so that they will not think he's dead and send someone to rescue him. However, he eventually sacrifices his only hope to do this in order to save Iggy's life from a pack of vicious raptors. Survivor doesn't cover the entire eight week period Eric was stranded in the island; the last part of the book skips to the moment in which Eric hears a pack of raptors chasing some humans (just moments before he saves Alan Grant as seen in Jurassic Park III).



Goodreads gave Survivor a 3.15 out of 5, based on 13 ratings.[8]


  • Although the book trilogy is considered non-canonical for the new films, it was confirmed that Survivor is a bit of a canon.[9][10]


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