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For the Sega arcade game, see Jurassic Park (arcade game).

Jurassic World arcade

Jurassic Park is a 2015 light gun arcade game by Raw Thrills.


The players are part of an InGen security team that attempts to reclaim the park in Isla Nublar following the events of the first movie. A volcanic eruption has caused the island to become unstable, and the team must restore order to the park by capturing three of the park's most dangerous dinosaurs: a Triceratops, a Tyrannosaurus rex, and a Spinosaurus.


Like many other Raw Thrills games, Jurassic Park is a two-player rail shooter. The game is divided into three different areas, each split up into three missions. The players use their tranquilizer guns to shoot on-screen enemies, which often attack in swarms. Unlike certain other games, no reloading is involved. Certain objects will be highlighted in red - these include explosive barrels and falling debris. Sometimes target icons will appear (often on boss dinosaurs), and must all be hit to cancel out the attack or to avoid damage. Each level contains hidden powerups for health and different firepower as well as a bonus amber brick.



  • Cliffs of Thunder
  • Camp Chaos
  • Tricera Takedown

Tyrannosaurus Rex

  • Close Call
  • Leap of Faith
  • T-Rex Trouble


  • Reactor Meltdown
  • Into the Abyss
  • Spino Showdown

Dinosaurs & Arthropods


  • X-22 Renegade - The standard firearm, this rapid firing machine gun never runs out of ammo.
  • Triple Threat - A triple-barreled shotgun, it fires scattered shots.
  • Titan 2000 - A minigun that fires even faster than the Renegade.
  • Shockbolt Cannon - A supercharged taser that fires jolts of electricity.
  • Frostbite Cannon - One shot from this ice gun will freeze and shatter foes.
  • Grenades - These are best used against clusters of enemies. Up to five can be carried at once.




Concept art



  • In the third segment of the Tyrannosaurus rex scenario, one can find a Lost World poster in the kitchen.
  • The roar of the Tyrannosaurs from the Dino Crisis games is used for the Tyrannosaurus in the game.
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