Dinosaur Rescue is a Jurassic Park inspired video game for the Game Boy Advance. It was only released in Japan and was part of the Jurassic Park Institute Tour merchandise. It is a series of minigames and the plot is loosely based on the Jurassic Park movies. The game is obscure because of its Japan-only release.

Plot and Gameplay

The objective of the game is to get enough score so players can complete the picture gallery, which triggers the game's ending. Each of the 5 minigames has different objectives:

The first minigame, Cross Dinosaur, has players as a human to get to a helicopter while surviving a Triceratops stampede. A score bonus is awarded after saving a certain number of humans. After this happens, the helicopter leaves and then returns in a different point of the screen.

The second minigame, Danger Zone, is about a Parasaurolophus trying to get to a nearby cave, avoiding lava rocks that are thrown out of a volcano. After successfully crossing the screen a certain number of times, the Parasaurolophus changes color and becomes worth more points.

The third minigame, Egg Guard, has players as a Pteranodon trying to protect her nest from poachers trying to steal the player's eggs. The closer the poachers are from capturing the eggs, the more points are awarded when they're driven away.

The fourth minigame, Rexercice, features a T. rex doing body moves. It is a Simon Says type of minigame, so the player has to memorize a growing sequence of actions.

Finally, Take Meat has players as a Velociraptor trying to take meat for her offspring while avoiding human rocket barrages. The raptor becomes very slow if she takes too much food with her, but the reward for retrieving it also becomes much higher. Sometimes another raptor appears on the screen and starts throwing golden JP blocks, which must be collected for more points.


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