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This is from Jurassic World Blue Chapter 2.

Jurassic World: Blue is a virtual reality program developed by Felix and Paul Studios for the movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. In this program, the player interacts with Blue through two chapters as she lives her life on Isla Nublar between the events of Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Colin Trevorrow has acknowledged the VR adventures as a film canon entity.[1]


Chapter 1

"Follow Blue, a highly intelligent Velociraptor, on a quest for survival as a natural disaster looms over the island of Isla Nublar."
—Synopsis of Chapter 1([[|src]])

In the tropical rainforests of Isla Nublar, Blue awakens from sleep and begins to hunt for prey. She encounters a baby Triceratops, separate from its herd and chasing a small butterfly. Blue attacks this Triceratops, but, before she can go in for the kill, a Pteranodon swoops down and begins to attack the Triceratops as well. Blue fights the Pteranodon and manages to chase it off, but the baby Triceratops escapes. Blue, realizing her prey is gone, starts to stalk off after it in the direction it has gone. However, she is distracted by a powerful volcanic tremor. As she watches the island's volcano, Mount Sibo, it erupts, sending a plume of ash into the sky.

Chapter 2

"Blue scours for food and signs of life as a volcanic eruption begins to take its toll on Isla Nublar. The fight for survival reaches a dangerous climax when two predators get in her way."
—Synopsis of Chapter 2([[|src]])

Blue is stalking through an area of Isla Nublar devastated by the Mount Sibo eruption. The area is charred and covered with ash. Blue, hunting for any scrap of food in the wasteland, begins to investigate a skeleton resembling the Spinosaurus skeleton on Main Street. Unable to find any scraps of meat, Blue follows a noise past the destroyed Jeep 18 and encounters a nest of eggs. However, before she can eat any of them, a Baryonyx, the eggs' mother, charges in and attempts to scare of Blue. However, soon after the confrontation begins, a roar echoes across the landscape. The Tyrannosaurus rex of Isla Nublar walks on to the scene and attempts to intimidate the other two dinosaurs. The Baryonyx charges at the T. rex attempting to attack her, but the larger dinosaur simply uses her head to knock the Baryonyx onto a large rock, causing the spinosaurid to audibly break bones, effectively killing it. Blue then jumps onto the T. rex's neck in an attempt to attack it, but is thrown off. However, before the fight can continue, the T. rex is distracted by the sound of a helicopter flying overhead. As two more helicopters pass by, the T. rex leaves the scene while Blue hides behind a nearby boulder. Once all three helicopters fly off, Blue comes out from behind the boulder and looks into the sky, watching the helicopters' flight path.



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