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Jurassic World: Dominion (2022) featured deleted scenes that were not included on the final film, but some were included on the extended edition.


Aired as a 5-minute preview on the screening of F9 on IMAX theaters on June 9, 2021, the prologue starts 65 million years in the past and it shows the T. rex coming face to face with the Giganotosaurus. They engaged in a duel but eventually the Giganotosaurus was victorious. As the T. rex died, a mosquito bit the dinosaur, leaving the DNA of the prehistoric predator to be found by InGen in the future. InGen would use the genetic material found within the mosquito to clone the species back into existence. This is the origin of Rexy, Jurassic Park's Tyrannosaurus. 65 million years later, Rexy roams free in the US after being released from Lockwood's auction in 2018 and is being chased by DFW.

The prologue was released on YouTube on November 23, 2021.


The Prologue - Jurassic World Dominion

This scene was later restored in the extended cut.

Owen meets Rainn Delacourt[]

After Owen, Shep, and Rosa took the Parasaurolophus they captured with them, they met Rainn Delacourt and his group in front of them. Delacourt threateningly tells Owen he's poaching, Delacourt claims he works for the Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW). Owen says he's lying, as the people with him (Rosa and Shep) have gold badges of the DFW, and they say they don't recognise Delacourt as a new recruit. Some more threats, such as Owen/Delacourt talking about the "going rate for a Parasaur", eventually there's a gun confrontation between Owen & co. + Delacourt & co. Owen realizes he's outnumbered, and lets Delacourt poach the Parasaurs. Owen's partner, Shep, says he's never seen Owen back down from a fight, as Owen says he has obligations.

Maisie sees Blue on the way to town[]

In an extended scene, when Maisie crosses the bridge with her bike on the way to town, she hears and sees Blue running through the forest. She stops, while Blue watches her from the bushes.

Store Scene[]

Maisie store cut scene

This extended scene opens with Maisie riding her bike. She enters a store to buy baits and a Hershey's bar, and she's asked by the cashier why she isn't be at school. Maisie answers that she's home-schooled. Skeptically, the cashier replies, "That so."

Blue mauled Two Hunters[]

After Beta mauled the wolf that killed a rabbit, two hunters attempt to kill Beta, but Blue rushed towards the two, and then killed them instantly.

Extended scene at the bonfire[]

In an extended scene, Owen and Maisie are sitting by the bonfire, and he's teaching her how to use a knife. He teaches her to use a catch phrase to win a knife fight: "wrong girl, wrong time." The scene then goes on like the theatrical cut where Owen talks to her about her sneaking into town.

Alternate Maisie meets Beta[]

JWD trailer Owen & Maisie meets Blue & Beta

In the junior novelization when Maisie feeds Beta toast, she says that the toast has marmalade on it and that next time she feeds her, she will try with peanut butter. Owen shows up and notices Beta, and realizes this is why he had been seen two footprints on snow. Maisie asks Owen how Blue had an offspring, and Owen tells her that Blue was made in a laboratory, saying "no offence." Maisie responds, "None taken."

Giant Locust Sample scene[]

In an extended scene, after Dr. Sattler asks Farmer Peréz, "you caught a live one?", she meets the Peréz children, who caught a live locust, in their home. She introduces herself as a botanist and says she uses her expertise to protect plants and soil. The locust is held in a rabbit cage, and she carefully took a saliva sample from its mouth and then uses a field sequencer to read the locust's DNA. She says she's going to take the locust with her.

In the junior novelization, the farmer is a man, who is the children's father, instead of a woman.

Extended scene in the dig site[]

Alan Grant dig site JWD

According to the junior novelization of Jurassic World: Dominion based on an earlier version of the script, the two girls sitting down on their phones are actually tourists and are trying to disrespect Grant's work as a palaeontologist. This scene is seen on the final film, but shows Grant explaining that palaeontology is science and there is truth on the fossils while the two girls look down to their phones. Afterwards, on the extended scene, the two girls laugh, and one of them reads an Instagram post stating that a T. rex had a small brain. Grant refutes her, saying that the T. rex was smarter than initially thought. The girl points the phone with an Instagram post depicting a T. rex sighting and states that it seems "random" to dig up fossils while there are living dinosaurs since the '90s.

Alternate Ellie shows the locust to Grant[]

In the junior novelization, Grant and Ellie are inspecting the locust at his tent. Alan touched the locust through the cage with a pencil. It fluttered its wings and slightly changed in color.

Grant: Have you taken this to the Department of Agriculture?
Ellie: Biosyn Genetics practically runs big agriculture these days. No, this needs to go public.

Ellie also has dialogue that Grant is the only person she trusts with this. When Ellie is trying to convince Grant to go to Biosyn, Grant is still unsure, saying "when people talk me into these kind of things, it can get... messy." Ellie convinces him saying that science and life are messy and that they should stop a big company who invented a deadly pest. Grant agrees, saying "Let the mess begin."

Alternate Ellie and Grant boarding to Biosyn's sanctuary[]

According to the junior novelization, when they are boarding the plane to fly to Biosyn's sanctuary in the Dolomites, "Grant and Ellie found two seats next to each other among the crates. Grant struggled with his complicated multistrip seat belt. Ellie reached over and helped him. CLICK". This is possibly a reference to the first Jurassic Park film, where he again struggles with the seat belt at the helicopter.

Kayla selling the Lystrosaurus scene[]

In the extended cut, smuggler Wigi approaches Kayla Watts to hire her shipping job. When he looks at her Lystrosaurus, he states it's a "very rare" dinosaur. He offers her two thousand euros for it, but she refuses and offers it for eight thousands and says, "he may be ugly, but he's got spirit." She then asks him what he's going to do with him, and he answers why she cares now that he owns him. Afterwards, the scene cuts to the fighting pit scene, where the Lystrosaurus fights against an Oviraptor and beheads it.

In the final cut, however, he looks for Watts to ship dinosaurs to Palermo and offers her two thousands. She just accepts the offer.

Extended scene in Black Market[]

According to the junior novelization of Jurassic World: Dominion based on an earlier version of the script, the sequence in Malta was originally longer, featuring an appearance from an Elmisaurus which was to be shipped by Kayla Watts. It also featured a brief fight between an Oviraptor and Lystrosaurus, where the Oviraptor would be berated by its owner. The incident also showed Allosaurus killing another person, and tossing away to the Carnotaurus. The scene was included on the extended edition of the film.

Claire chased by Atrociraptor[]

This is an extended scene from when Claire is chased by an Atrociraptor. It shows Claire running through a clothesline while being chased by Atrociraptor Tiger before jumping between two buildings.

Owen and Claire on the plane[]

This is an extended scene on the cargo hold of Kayla's plane where Owen and Claire checked for injuries and Claire sheds Owen's jacket to check out his injured arm.

Cut Pyroraptor scene[]

Pyro pyro

An unknown scene featuring the Pyroraptor was planned, featuring an animatronic of the animal. This may be an extended version of the one in the movie. It wasn't included on the extended cut.

In the junior novelization, when Owen and Kayla see the Pyroraptor, they have the following dialogue:

Owen: Don't look it into the eyes. It'll read that as aggression - a challenge.
Kayla: What eyes? I saw teeth. Claws. Feathers. They've got feathers now?
Owen: Always did

It may also be related to the Pyroraptor vs. Dilophosaurus Lego set released.

Malcolm cut scene[]

One scene Sam Neill was upset that got cut was Malcolm driving through the burning Biosyn Sanctuary at full speed with Alan Grant demanding he slow down as he was "about to kill them all". The line was apparently improv.[1]

Oddly enough, this scene was not restored in the extended cut, along with Ian Malcolm's alternate speech, the extended Pyroraptor scene, or the alternate locust extraction, which is odd, as Colin stated the extended cut is the actual first cut of the movie.[2]

Lowery working at CIA[]

Lowery Cruthers was meant to return on Dominion, but he didn't due to Jake Johnson's scheduling conflicts and the COVID-19 pandemic. He appeared on concept art (see below) working at CIA and talking to Owen and Claire in a café. This role was given to Franklin Webb. Although Lowery didn't physically appear in the film, he appeared as a picture in a CIA agent profile that Webb scrolled through on his tablet.

Alternate final battle[]

2022-06-15 (4)

According to concept art revealed for Dominion's final battle, it seemed that originally the final battle would take place outside a research outpost and the Pyroraptor would join the battle in fighting the Giganotosaurus rather than the Therizinosaurus. It's unknown exactly how the Giga would die in this version. Perhaps it would have had its neck snapped like it did to the T. rex 65 million years ago.

Alternate Malcolm speech[]

An alternate speech by Ian Malcolm was originally used for the film, much closer to Michael Crichton's novel.[3][4]

"In the mind of a human being, a hundred years is a long time, but to the Earth a hundred years is nothing. A million years... nothing. We've been guests here for the blink of an eye and if we're gone tomorrow, the Earth she ain't gonna miss us. My point is that the planet is not in jeopardy, we are in jeopardy. Human beings have no greater right to safety and liberty than any other creature on this planet. We not only lack dominion over nature, we're subordinate to it. Yet, humans destroy things so effectively. I sometimes wonder, "Is that our function?" maybe every few eons an animal comes along that's exceptionally murderous so that evolution can proceed to its next phase. And now here we are with the opportunity to rewrite life [...]"

Cut Malta scene[]

Suchomimus & Carnotaurus in Malta concept

Originally the scene in Malta was going to feature two huge theropods, a Spinosaurid (most likely Suchomimus) and a Carnotaurus, chasing after a fleeing crowd. The Spinosaurid AKA Suchomimus was cut altogether, replaced by an Allosaurus.

Rexy flashback at the Biosyn research facility[]

JWD Extended - Rexy flashback

This is a cut scene that took place after Rexy was defeated by the Giganotosaurus, only to open her eyes, get up again and defeat Giga along with Therizinosaurus. It's a "flashback" from the prologue, when she was originally killed by a Giga in the Cretaceous.

Alternate locust sample extraction[]

In the junior novelization, the locust sample that Ellie originally obtained from the Biosyn lab would have fallen into Giga's mouth during their confrontation at the research outpost's balcony. After the confrontation is over, Alan finds a smoking locust on the balcony. He puts it on a table, and Ellie snaps off a leg which she uses as her new DNA sample.

"Owen and Ellis were left hanging from the broken balcony. They tried to climb up, but the balcony kept slipping lower. The Giga snapped at Ellie's feet. She kicked its snout with her boots, knocking out one of its teeth. As she struggled to pull herself up, Ellie's DNA sample pouch disappeared from her belt and tumbled down the dinosaur's throat."

This scene is briefly seen in the second trailer, where Ellie is hanging from the broken balcony and she screams "No, no", possibly because her sample fell into Giga's mouth.[5]

Extended scene in the Biosyn server[]

JWD extended deleting files

An error message shows up on Dodgson's computer

In the extended version, when Dodgson tries to delete research files about Hexapod Allies on his computer, an error message shows up on the computer, stating he doesn't have permission to do it remotely and he should go to the main server.

Once he arrives at the server, he is approached by Ramsay, who asks him if he sent a rescue team for Grant and Sattler whose hyperloop stopped at the Amber Mines. Ramsay notices he's deleting research files about Biosyn's secret project. He goes on explaining the project's original goal, but it eventually failed, endangering the world's food supply and independent farmers. Dodgson replies that the solution is Maisie and using her to change the locusts' DNA. He then leaves with a hard drive.

Stegosaurus in Malta[]

Stegosaurus in malta

The photo from Jurassic World: Dominion shows a Stegosaurus animatronic on the set of the Malta black market. This seems to have a lipped mouth instead of a beak like the other Stegosaurus in Dominion.

Cut dinosaurs[]