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[The film opens with the shot of the Universal globe as the title slowly flies in front as it reads "UNIVERSAL: a comcast company". then we see a shot of Elliot and E.T flying in front of the moon on their bicycle as a title reads "AMBLIN entertainment". we then cut to black and cut out to see as a font reads "Bering Sea. 130 kilometers west of Alaska" as we see a fishing vessel dump a crab cage into the water. the cage then rises only to reveal the jaws of the Mosasaurus as it grabs it and throws the entire ship upside down. it then cuts to a news report showing the destroyed vessel with a font reading "dinosaurs in our world" as we then see the Compsognathus and Stegosaurus clips from Battle at Big Rock.]

News Reporter: (v.o) Dinosaurs are in our world and in every confrontation, we learn more about this frightening reality.

[After a clip of a Pteranodon eating a wedding dove, we get clips of the abandoned Jurassic Park Center, then an overshot of Jurassic World Main Street, then a shot of Mount Sibo, seemingly after it finished erupting and finally a shot of the Lockwood Manor where we see police cars and officers outside.]

News Reporter: (v.o) How did we get here? It's been three decades since the deadly events of Jurassic Park and we've yet to find a way for these animals to live safely among us. After the devastating eruption of Isla Nublar's long dormant volcano, those who survived were transported to the mainland.

[We see the narrating news reporter with her name revealed to be Gemma Zhao as we see her walking through the Big Rock forest.]

Gemma: Many of the larger predators were captured. But the remaining creatures scattered here in Big Rock National Park.

[We then switch to a pair of Ankylosaurus grazing on the forest floor.]

Gemma: While most remained in the wild, those who made their way to civilization struggle to adapt to unfamiliar conditions. Local authorities have warned the animals are unpredictable and when hungry, extremely violent.

[We see a flock of Gallimimus on a road and then scattering away, then a clip to an adult Allosaurus flipping over a camping truck, filmed during the Big Rock Incident. Then we see a map with dots being dinosaurs as we see them spread across the world.]

Gemma: As the dinosaurs spread across borders, a global black market has risen.

[We then see footage of policemen outside a pet shop arresting a screaming woman as officers haul out bird cages with Dimorphodon inside.]

Gemma: To combat the growing threat of illegal poachers, the U.S. Congress awarded sole collection rights to the global giant, Biosyn Genetics.

[We see a pair of hunters on a hillside before shifting to see the Biosyn logo. it is here where we see an interview with Lewis Dodgson.]

Lewis: At Biosyn, we're dedicated to the idea that dinosaurs can teach us more about ourselves.

[We then see an overview of the Dolomite Mountains before shifting to an X-ray of a Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex showing their veins with the ones from the brain Blue and the ones from the heart orange.]

Gemma: CEO Lewis Dodgson has created a sanctuary in Italy's Dolomite Mountains where he hopes to study the dinosaur's ancient immune systems for unique pharmaceutical properties. While Biosyn believes we can handle genetic power responsibly. The public remains skeptical.

[We then see a chart showing the percent of people who want the dinosaurs to live and people who want them to die as we see a chart dubbed "destroy them" as leading. We then cut back to Gemma speaking to the camera.]

Gemma: Some note that these government contracts have led to massive spikes in Biosyn's profits. And rumors persist of a human clone who mysteriously disappeared leading to a worldwide search.

[We then see a photo of a young Charlotte Lockwood with Iris in her youth.]

Gemma: Some believe she's genetically identical to Charlotte Lockwood, deceased daughter of Jurassic Park co-founder Benjamin Lockwood.

[We then see a slowed down clip of a cheetah hunting a compsognathus. then a Stygimoloch right next to a passing train. and finally we see a Quetzalcoatlus soaring over a city to it's nest atop a skyscraper where it's mate is waiting.]

Gemma: Now we brought these animals back from extinction, can we face the consequences? Are we responsible for them or should they be left to fend for themselves? As we adapt to an ever-changing world, we must find answers to these questions for their safety as well as for our own.

Scene 1. Claire

[We then cut to black as we see a fogged setting as the Jurassic World logo emerges and zooms toward the camera. Then we cut to a fence at night as a font reads "Saw Ridge Cattle Co. - Nevada". We then see two people coming up to the fence. The lead grabs a clamp and breaks the chains around the entrance as they make their way inside toward a huge factory like building. They enter the building with the lead turning on a flashlight, revealing the duo to be Claire and Zia. Claire takes off her hood in horror as they see several baby Nasutoceratops trapped in small pens with fence collars forced onto their necks. Zia gets out a phone and records everything.]

Zia: We are headed inside the illegal breeding facility. The juveniles are kept in cages to keep cost out. It's medieval.

[Claire hears a squeal as she shines her flashlight on a lone baby Nasutoceratops in a cage.]

Zia: Claire!

[They both head over to the frightened calf as Claire puts her hand on his neck, causing the calf to shake his head like a puppy.]

Claire: Why do you think he separated from the rest?

Zia: I don't think he's going to make it.

[Zia then reaches her arms in and removes a tracking collar on the calf leg causing him to squeal in fear.]

Claire: No, What are you doing?

Zia: We're going to report this.

Claire: The DFW takes days to investigate.

Zia: We can save this one now.

[Zia gets the collar off. The next scene shows the girls hauling the cage with the baby inside out of the building, pushing it toward the gate. A car then slams the gates open startling the two. They look to reveal Franklin as the driver.

Franklin: Nope. Nope.

[Against his wishes, the girls get the cage toward the back, unlock it, lift the baby up and get him into the truck. they then hear alarms as they see the building letting out searchlights. Claire goes in and gets into the drivers seat as she sees car lights on their left.]

Claire: Hold on!

Zia: To what?!

[They slam the doors open as Claire zooms out. A pair of trucks follow as Claire rams into a fence with a warning that read "Notice: Trespassing. Keep out" with the trucks still following. The back doors fling open as they continue. Zia then sees one of the drivers get out a rifle.]

Zia: Claire! We're going to get shot!

[Claire steers left just as the gun holder shoots the tire. they then head straight into a mixed herd of Triceratops, adult nasutoceratops and Sinoceratops. Claire drives through the herd as all the Ceratopsians charge forward. One of the Sinoceratops charges into one of the pursuing trucks and rams it's horn into it, knocking it onto it's side. A male Nasutoceratops rams into the remaining truck side first with Zia and Franklin watching.]

Zia: Oh shit!

[The truck rolls until it is on it's back with the Ceratopsian growling and pawing the ground.]

Claire: Everybody good?

Zia and Franklin: NO!

[The car drives on through the night and we cut to the next morning with Claire outside and Zia and Franklin are across from her with the baby nasutoceratops asleep with a blanket over his back.]

Claire: Okay, so I think we get this one to the DFW and then we hit them again. Yeah, you saw that breeding ground, right?

Franklin: We're done. I got a call last week. It's a real job. Something I could do to effectively change things. I gotta take it.

Claire: They need us.

Franklin: Are you saving these dinosaurs because they need us? Or are you saving them to absolve yourself?

Zia: Claire.

Franklin: I mean this is crazy.

Zia: Claire, you're doing the right thing. But this, this is the way to go about it anymore.

Franklin: Honestly, you need someone who's good at being shot at. I mean aren't you and Owen still a little, weird thing?

Claire: It's not that weird.

Zia: You don't mean weird.

Franklin: Yeah...

Zia: No. He meant like, surprising.

Scene 2. Owen and Maisie

[We cut to a snowy landscape, where a font reads "Sierra Nevada Mountains". It seems quiet and peaceful at first, until a herd of Parasaurolophus charge over the camera, with a group of horsemen chasing after. The horsemen, lead by Owen, make their way into the center of the stampeding herd, driving them toward the plains. Owen makes it to the front of the herd as he notices one of the Hadrosaurs charging to the left and goes after it, while the others are driving the rest of the herd. Owen gets out a lasso and hurls it over the Hadrosaur's neck and tugs backwards to slow it down, tying it to the saddle on his horse, but the Parasaurolophus charges down a steep hill making Owen grip the rope for dear life being hauled off his horse. he then proceeds to be snow skid by the Hadrosaur as it heads downhill, but Owen uses his foot to latch onto a broken tree stump and ties the rope onto it making the Parasaurolophus halt in it's tracks. Owen holds onto the rope as the Hadrosaur thrashes and struggles to break free of it's bindings.]

Owen: Okay, okay...

[Owen climbs his hands up the rope and slowly lifts one hand to the Hadrosaur's snout. Slowly, the parasaurolophus stops struggling and calms down looking at Owen straight in the eye.]

Owen: We're going to get you someplace safe.

[Owen slowly places his hand on the hadrosaur's snout and the parasaurolophus relaxes.]

Owen: There ya go. There you go.

[We cut to see Owen back on his horse as he uses the rope to lead the Parasaurolophus back to the other horsemen as the three head to somewhere in a dense forest. Unbeknownst to them, they are being watched by hunters on a far hillside. We cut to see a now 14-yea-old Maisie, chopping wood by the now finished cottage. She gets a new chunk of wood just before she hears a dinosaur call in the forest followed by a woodland animal shrieking in pain. She then sighs as she then proceeds to chop her wood. The scene then cuts to Maisie on her bicycle riding to a bridge over a large flowing river to a wood logging site. She parks her bike as she sees many of the wood loggers crowding by the log pile area. She joins them as they all look to a lone Apatosaurus letting out mournful calls as snow falls. She tugs the jacket of a worker next to her, and whispers into his ear. The scene changes to the workers on a crane lighting a flare and slowly waving it and honk the horn of a large truck to get the sauropod's attention. The apatosaurus slowly follows, as one of the hills in the log area lifts up to reveal a second Apatosaurus. Maisie watches as the two sauropods regroup and follow the truck away form the logging site and then out into a wider area. The scene cuts to Claire throwing something into a fire when she sees Maisie coming on her bike.]

Claire: Hey!

[Maisie makes her way to the steps, but stops and takes off her headphones.]

Claire: Where you been?

Maisie: Nowhere. What are you burning?

Claire: Oh, nothing, just some old blankets. You sure you didn't go past the bridge?

Maisie: That’s the look you give me when you think I'm lying.

Claire: Well, are you?

Maisie: No.

Claire: Maisie, you're literally looking everywhere but here.

Maisie: I said I didn't go past the bridge.

[Maisie enters the house with Claire behind her. Maisie takes off her backpack and tosses it on the couch as she heads to the fireplace.]

Claire: Maisie, can we start over?

Maisie: I know Claire. There are people out there who do anything to find me.

Claire: I'm not angry. So that means you don't have to be angry.

Maisie: I'm not angry. I can take care of myself.

[Maisie walks over to her room to a wall of hanging pictures.]

Claire: Hey, it's okay for us to depend on each other. That's what people do.

Maisie: How would I know what people do? The only people I've spoken to in the past four years are you both. Besides, I'm not even a real person anyway.

Claire: What?!

Maisie: I was made from someone else. I'm not me.

[Maisie slumps onto her bed. Claire walks up to her and bends to her level.]

Claire: You're the only you who ever was.

[Maisie just stares blankly at her.]

Claire: What?

[Maisie holds back the urge to laugh.]

Maisie: Nothing.

Claire: Was that- like really corny?

Maisie: That's so corny.

Claire: Can we keep that between us?

Maisie: I can't promise that.

[They hear an engine and look to see Owen pull up outside. Maisie heads out leaving Claire by herself. Maisie gets out of the house as Owen walks up to her.]

Owen: Hey kid!

Maisie: Hi.

Owen: Sorry I'm late.

[The two do their own fist bump high five as they both hug.]

Maisie: You smell like horses.

[Maisie leaves, as Claire walks up to her.]

Owen: Oh, you like that. Yeah?

[Owen and Claire proceed to kiss making Maisie feel uncomfortable.]

Maisie: Okay. Um I'm going to-

[Maisie heads into the house making the two take notice.]

Owen: Everything okay?

Claire: She went into town again.

Owen: This kid, did you talk to her?

Claire: I tried.

Owen: I'll talk to her.

[As they head inside they don't take notice of something watching them in the forest. It was Blue whom snarls as she sprints into the forest. She then makes a halt in front of an old abandoned school bus and heads inside letting out her raptor calls. Here we see she has made a nest out of an old tire with a single broken egg. she hears a clatter behind her, making her turn to see her only daughter Beta. The scene changes to the two sprinting together in the forest. Beta slips and falls in the snow but quickly gets back up and catches up with her mother. the two raptors make a stop as Blue sniffs the air. the two then proceed to slowly stalk a grazing bunny. Blue then stops with Beta doing the same. she eyes the rabbit just as a wolf lunges forward and grabs the bunny in it's jaws shaking the life out of it. Blue calls out allowing Beta to sprint forward and pounce on the wolf. the sound of the wolf whimpering in pain are then heard by Owen fixing his motorcycle. he and then Claire proceed to hear Blue calling out. cut to later at night as Owen and Maisie are by a fire with Owen sharpening a stick with his knife with Maisie doing the same.]

Owen: Alright. Away from yourself.

[Owen proceeds to spin his knife, and Maisie spins hers twice.]

Owen: Woah!

[Claire enters wrapped in a blanket.]

Claire: So bold

Owen: I would not mess with her

[Claire then sits next to Owen, with which the two look to one another. Claire gestures to Maisie and Owen inhales.]

Owen: Listen kid, we should probably talk about you going into town.

Maisie: I don't think you understand how bad it is being trapped.

Owen: You're not trapped here. We just don't trust people.

Maisie: No, you just don't trust me and then you expect me to trust you. Why can't I have any freedom?

Owen: Because you can't.

[Maisie scoffs and proceeds to head into the house.]

Owen: That went great.

Claire: What is happening?

Owen: She's 14.

Claire: Yeah.

Owen: Do you remember what that was like?

Claire: I do. We can't keep her here forever. If we don't figure this out, she's going to go a lot further from the bridge.

Owen: They find her we're never gonna see her again. We gotta protect her. That's our job. That's what we're going to do. Protect her

Claire: How? By locking her inside?

[We cut to Maisie looking into a photo album as we hear Claire speaking.]

Claire: She's got questions. You know, questions we can't answer.

[She looks to see pictures of charlotte in her youth. with iris, sitting on a beetle car, reading by the window, standing outside the gates of the first Jurassic Park.]

Claire: She wants to know who she is. Who Charlotte Lockwood was.

[We cut to outside as we see the lead hunter, Rainn Delacourt speaking into a phone.]

Rainn: Tracked grady to his house. you were right. the Raptors got a juvenile. But Listen there's something else. I found the girl that your after.

Scene 3. Alan and Ellie reunite

[We cut to a field of crops as a font reads "West Texas". We see two children carrying a bucket going over to the henshouse and proceed to collect the eggs they have laid and feed the grain in the bucket to the chickens. the boy then hears a crackling sound and looks to the fence to see a giant locust climbing up it. Both the children are looking at it as they walk a little closer, only for the locust to fly over the crops revealing an enormous cloud of thousands of locusts swarming right toward them both. The children proceed to head toward the barn with the swarm charging toward them. They make it to the barn and slam the doors shut with a mushroom cloud of locusts right outside. the girl grabs a shovel as the two are continuously screaming. a single locust bursts through the door but as it is about to lunge at the girl the boy grabs a bucket and traps it inside. we then cut to later as we see the locust gone as a car pulls up to the barn. The door opens up to reveal Ellie Sattler.]

Farmer Pérez: Thanks for coming. Wasn't sure who to call. Fish and Wildlife didn't even want to say it if there wasn't a dinosaur.

Ellie: Yeah, well, they get all the attention. You guys want to vary the sampling plots a hundred yards each?

Farmer Pérez: These your students?

Ellie: Yeah, we've been looking into the impact of industrial farming on the environment. So, this is right up our alley.

Farmer Pérez: They hit 60 fields in the county. Have you seen anything like this before?

Ellie: No, not like this. They've been leaving degraded fields all across the Midwest. First, these big companies try to kill off all the insects. Now this.

[Ellie looks to an empty field but notices a patch of green in the distance.]

Ellie: Is that your land?

Woman: That's the Bennett's garden. The locust didn't eat that.

Ellie: You plant the same seed as the Bennetts?

Woman: No. We are independent. They use Biosyn seed.

Ellie: Yeah, I bet they do. You say you caught a live one?

[Then cut to a large desert as a font reads "Utah". We then see a dig site as a shadowy figure walks toward the dig. The figure then steps into the light and gives a towel to a fellow worker, and turns to reveal to be Alan Grant. we then hear him speaking to some new workers as we see current workers digging up fossils.]

Alan: Why do we dig? Because paleontology is science, and science is about the truth and there is truth in these rocks.

[We see a worker on a high ridge.]

Palentologist: Grant! You're going to want to see this.

[Grants is then seen heading to his tent in a wide valley. Then suddenly he stops when he sees Ellie in his tent. The two look to one another with surprise.]

Alan: Ellie Sattler

Ellie: Alan Grant, you look the same. And this place, it's so- ... so, uh, you.

Alan: I'm sorry. If I'd known you were coming over, I would've... Uh... Can I get you something? A beer or...?

Ellie: Um, maybe not at 10 AM, but iced tea or...

Alan: Tea, yeah. Tea, I can do that.

[We cut to later as Alan is making tea and Ellie is looking around the tent

Ellie: Saw a lot of tourists on the way in.

Alan: Well, the funding's dried up, so somebody's gotta pay for all this.

Ellie: Right. Thank you.

Alan: I read your articles about soil science and regenerative farming. It was great.

Ellie: Thanks.

Alan: Gave me grounds for some hope, for a change. How are your kids?

Ellie: Hm. Amazing. Grown. It's shocking. They're both in college. Can you believe that?

Alan: And Mark?

Ellie: It's over.

Alan: Oh. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

Ellie: It's okay. I'm back to me, my work. You know, it's...

Alan: That's great.

Ellie: It's good. It is. I'm alone at last.

Alan: Exciting times.

Ellie: Yeah, I'm living the Alan Grant life. It's just...

Alan: Can be lonely.

Ellie: So free.

Alan: Ellie, you didn't come out all this way just to catch up now, did you?

[Cut to a few minutes later as Alan is now examining the captive locust in a pet carrier.]

Alan: Well, it's a locust. Mandibles, wings, thorax, but... God, the size of it is massive.

Ellie: It has genes that have been extinct since the Cretaceous, and swarms of them are decimating crops from Iowa to Texas. Terrifying, right? Started as a few hundred. There could be millions by the end of the summer. If they keep going, there will be no grain to feed chickens, cattle, the entire food chain would collapse.

Alan: Well, it's clearly designed, but why would anyone do that?

Ellie: None of the crops they're eating are Biosyn seed.

Alan: Biosyn. You're saying Biosyn made this.

Ellie: I mean, it would not shock me that they want to control the world's food supply.

Alan: Not before a few million starve.

Ellie: Well, what is that saying? "We're three meals away from anarchy?". If we don't stop them, you can pick your last three meals.

Alan: So why are you bringing it to me?

Ellie: I need concrete evidence Biosyn's responsible for all this. I need to go to their sanctuary and get DNA from another locust there. But I need a witness. Alan, you command respect. People believe you.

Alan: Ellie, you know why I'm here. It's quiet. I'm done with all that.

Ellie: Are you? Okay. Well, I'm sorry, Alan. Nobody gets that luxury anymore. Not even you. And you know what? You're the one I trust.

Alan: This Biosyn sanctuary is what? 1 hundred miles from anywhere? How do you even get in there?

Ellie: I got an invite from their in-house philosopher.

[Ellie gets out a book revealing Ian Malcolm on the cover, titled How The World Will End].

Ellie: Seems there's a lot of money in being a chaotician these days.

Alan: And he just happened to invite you out of the blue, huh?

Ellie: He said there were things I'd want to see.

Alan: Uh huh

[Ellie is about to leave but turns to Alan.]

Ellie: You coming or what?

[Alan lifts his head giving a smile. The scene then changes to an airport as a font reads "U.S. Wildlife Relocation Facility, Pennsylvania" as we see in one of the planes Rexy tranquilized and in a shipping crate. We then cut to a wildlife loading area with a few dinosaurs secured in fences. We then see Alan, Ellie and Shira walking through the area.]

Shira: Every animal captured on the mainland comes through here before shipping out to Biosyn's sanctuary in the Dolomites. We give them medical attention and make sure they leave healthy.

Ellie: So much security.

Shira: Those are just the ones you see. A lot of shady types out there want these guys.

[Ellie spots a baby Nasutoceratops looking up at the trio as they make a stop as Ellie looks in awe.]

Shira: Your plane's just filling up. Biosyn's a tough invite. You guys must know somebody.

Ellie: Do you mind?

Shira: Of course.

[Ellie rubs the calf's cheeks and lifts a finger.]

Ellie: Follow me.

[She moves her finger slowly as the baby Nasutoceratops follows looking at it.]

Shira: We rescued these guys from an illegal breeding farm in Nevada a few weeks ago. Shut the whole place down. Anonymous tip.

Ellie: Good girl.

[She proceeds to rub her nose with Alan watching with awe.]

Ellie: You never get used to it.

[We now see shira waving to Alan and Ellie as they head to their plane.]

Shira: Take care.

Ellie: Thanks. Bye.

[We then see the plane take off and leave to the Biosyn valley.]

Scene 4. Maisie and Beta capture

[ The scene changes to Maisie taking a walk outside the cottage heading to the fire. Beta emerges from the foliage to see Maisie with curiosity. Beta chirps making Maisie look up to her. she stands up and slowly walks toward the baby raptor with some toast in her hands making Beta back away.]

Maisie: Hey. You look just like Blue. is she your mother?

[She notices Beta eyeing her toast.]

Maisie: This? You want to try it? Okay?

[Maisie slowly lifts the toast to Beta whom snatches it with her jaws and devours it just as her mother comes. Beta rushes behind Blue who snarls at Maisie. Owen then comes up from behind her.]

Owen: Maisie, don't move.

[Owen lifts his hand up to Blue who snarls protectively at him.]

Owen: hey, Girl. Staying out of trouble?

Maisie: She had a baby? That's impossible. She won't hurt us, right?

Owen: Oh, you damn right she will. Just breathe. If you don't, she'll think you're scared.

Maisie: I am scared.

Owen: She doesn't need to know that.

[Blue then calls to Beta as they both head into the forest.]

Owen: Their nest's gotta be nearby. Maisie, get inside.

Maisie: I'm coming with you.

Owen: What did I just say?

[Maisie storms off into the house with Owen following the raptors. unbeknownst to them they were being watched by Rainn as he lifts up his radio.]

Rainn: We gotta move.

Radio: Not yet. We need the girl.

[Maisie bursts into the cottage startling Claire.]

Claire: Hey what's up?

[Maisie slams the door behind her. Claire follows opening it up only to reveal the back door open.]

Claire: Maisie? Maisie?

[She turns to see Maisie outside with her bike and proceeds to walk out the front door.]

Claire: Okay. Where are you going?

Maisie: You can't keep me here. Your not my mother.

[Maisie gets on her bike and follows Owen leaving Claire by herself. but it doesn't go unnoticed by zane.]

Zane: She's leaving the house.

[We cut back to the raptors as Blue drops a freshly killed fox for Beta to drag a few inches away to eat. suddenly the ground bursts apart to reveal a spring trap catching a screaming Beta. Blue shrieks with worry as a truck drives up and slams into Blue forcing her off a cliff. a few miles away Owen hears the commotion and sees Rainn's men carrying a net with Beta inside into the trunk of their truck. Owen makes a sprint for them and Blue tries to scale the cliff in vein. The truck then drives off as Owen stops to see Rainn straight in the eye. Rainn raises his gun and shoots at Owen who dodges by inches. we then cut to Maisie who is on her bicycle driving over the bridge, only to stop when she sees a woman in front of a car across from her. Maisie stops as Rainn's truck comes from behind her.]

Maisie: Who are you?

[Maisie hears an engine behind her and sees zane's truck while hearing Beta's cries for help. we cut to see Owen make it to a clearing and looks to see the bridge and sees Rainn tossing Maisie's bicycle over the bridge into the freezing river below and heading back to his truck. Owen proceeds to make a sprint for the cottage. we then cut to the cottage to see Claire shucking a corn stalk.]

Owen: (v.o) CLAIRE!

[Claire stops to see Owen burst into the cottage.]

Owen: They found her!

Claire: What? who are they?

Owen: Poachers! seen them around. Leader's a real shitheal. he must have recognized me and followed me here

[Owen gets out his hunting rifle and loads it.]

Claire: Where is she?

Owen: Go get the truck!

[Claire makes her way to the truck only to be met by a clearly pissed off Blue snarling and growling furiously.]

Claire: Owen!

[Owen enters the scene and lifts his hand.]

Owen: Hey. No.

[Owen slowly drops his rifle and slowly walks up to Blue.]

Owen: They took her kid too.

[Blue shrieks in fury at Owen.]

Owen: I'm going to get her back. I promise you that.

[Blue growls with rage before lashing at Owen's hand cutting it. Owen swiftly backs away for a moment and raises his other hand. Blue growls with fury and swiftly sprints off. Claire heads for the truck.]

Claire: come on! I know who to call

[We then see the two in the truck driving through the forest at top speed. We then cut to see Franklin looking into a printer and gets a paper out. A font reads "Central Intelligence Agency - Division of Dangerous Species" as Franklin puts the paper on his desk and sits down and looks to the computer to see the latest dinosaur attacks where we see a clip of a women be chased by a trio of Dimorphodons.]

Franklin: And this year, man. What's next?

Jeremy Bernier: Historically, darkness, blood, raid of fire, I think frogs. We're not going to be around for much longer anyway. These locusts in Nebraska are about to wrap it up.

[We switch to the computer to see a heat signal of the locust cloud.]

Jeremy Bernier: They're eating the corn, wheat, basically all of our food and our food's food. So you can say goodbye to this.

[He lifts up a bagel. Franklin's phone proceeds to ring as he proceeds to answer it.]

Franklin: Hello?

Claire: Franklin, it's me. You at work?

[Franklin gets up and walks to a corner.]

Franklin: Okay, you're a bit of a subject of interest around here since I can't really be talking to you.

Claire: Come on, I'm in trouble. I really need your help. Please.

Franklin: Yeah, and I could lose my job and you know I'm not qualified to do anything else.

Claire: We're outside.

[Franklin looks out the window and sees Owen and Claire right outside the building.]

Owen: Let me talk to him.

[We cut to an outside diner as Franklin finds a picture of Rainn on a side view picture.]

Franklin: That him?

Owen: That's him

Franklin: Name's Rainn Delacourt. Real piece of work. What did he take?

Claire: Something we care about very much.

Franklin: Oh shit. I told you somebody would come looking for her. You can't just take a person, Claire.

Claire: I had no choice.

Franklin: Not in the eyes of the law.

Owen: This guy is not the law. Tell us how to find him.

Franklin: Where'd you guys call me from?

[Claire gets a phone and gives it to Franklin.]

Franklin: We have a man on the inside of Delacourt's operation. There's an exchange in Malta sometime tomorrow, cash for cargo.

Owen: Is she with them?

Franklin: There's no mention, but we have people on the ground already. One of them you know. A lot of us got recruited by the CIA after the park went down.

[Franklin scrolls through files of workers until he stops at a file of Barry and shows it to Claire and Owen.]

Franklin: Barry's French intelligence now.

Owen: I need to talk to him.

Franklin: You can't just call him. He's deep cover. Look, once we make the bust in Malta, our guys will see if Delacourt knows where she is. Our guys, not you. Promise me you won't go in there with your vest and mess everything up.

Owen: Why would I do that?

Franklin: You guys are both crazy, but you seem like you're good parents or whatever you're trying to be. She's lucky to have you. Don't get killed, okay?

[We cut to Alan and Ellie's plane flying through the sky. the two are resting together until Ellie wakes up. she straightens up and Alan wakes up as well.]

Ellie: Think we're almost there.

Alan: Yeah.

Scene 5. Biosyn Sanctuary

[We cut to the plane landing as a title reads "Biosyn Sanctuary, Dolomite Mountains, Italy." A helicopter parks outside, and a door opens to reveal Ramsay Cole coming out to meet Alan and Ellie.]

Ramsay: Doctor Sattler, Doctor Grant. Ramsay Cole, Communications.

Ellie: Oh, thank you.

Ramsay: Uh, I have to warn you, everyone's so excited to have you. You guys are absolute legends around here.

Ellie: Hm, you must be confusing us with somebody else.

Ramsay: You know, it's great that you guys are still so close to Doctor Malcolm. I mean, sometimes you meet your heroes and they disappoint you, but he's exactly the way you'd want him to be. I mean, such fertility of thought, it's incredible.

Alan: How much time do you spend with him?

[Ellie gives him a look.]

Ramsay: Uh, well, I know that was sarcastic, but honestly not enough. Oh, please, after you. Watch your head.

[The three enter the helicopter and fly over the mountains to the sanctuary.]

Ramsay: So Biosyn bought this land for the amber deposits back in the nineties, but we've managed to turn it into a safe haven for about twenty displaced species. First generation came from Sorna. Most of the Nublar dinosaurs are here too. Took Fish and Wildlife three years to catch the T. rex.

[Alan and Ellie look to him, shocked.]

Alan: The T. rex is here?

Ramsay: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Arrived just before you guys.

[The helicopter flies over a frozen lake that is being blocked by a dam. Then we see the Biosyn Sanctuary, comprised mostly of a large redwood forest.]

Radio: Aerial Deterrent System active.

Ramsay: Restricted airspace protects the airborne life. Keeps the pterosaurs below 500 feet.

Ellie: Airborne?

Alan: Is that Dreadnoughtus?

Ellie: What?

[Ellie looks over his shoulder. Sure enough, she sees a massive Dreadnoughtus resting in the water.]

Ramsay: Beautiful, right? The name means "fear nothing." Well, I guess you know that.

Ellie: What do they graze on?

Ramsay: Hawthorn and fern. All indigenous. Nothing stocked, except for the deer populations. It's a great masining species for the apex predator.

Alan: Apex predator?

Ramsay: Giganotosaurus. At least for now.

[We cut to the forest below the plane as we see a massive Giganotosaurus sleeping on the forest floor. A small Moros fearfully walks up to its snout, but flinches as the carnivore snorts.]

Ellie: Um, you don't let people in there. Right?

Ramsay: Um, no. Our-our research, (chuckles) our research outposts are connected completely underground. If we have to, we could just herd the animals remotely using a neuro implant that sends electrical signals directly to the brain.

Alan: Like shocks?

Ramsay: Uh, no, li-like signals.

Alan: Doesn't that strike you as a little bit, uh...

Ellie: Cruel?

Alan: Cruel.

Ramsay: Do you know how much voltage was in the electric fences at Jurassic Park?

Alan: (beat) Yeah.

[We then see a beautiful view of the Biosyn Research Facility as the helicopter lands in its center.]

Announcer: Please join Doctor Ian Malcolm at noon in the lecture hall for "The Ethics of Genetic Power."

[The trio are walking through the outside of the facility.]

Alan: God, everyone's so young.

Ramsay: Oh, well, it is part of our ethos: attract the best and brightest.

[Dodgson walks up to the group.]

Dodgson: Doctors. Respected, renowned. Doctor Sattler. Doctor Grant. I'm -- well, this is big. I'm-I'm Lewis.

Ellie: Dodgson. Yeah.

Dodgson: Hi.

Alan: You're Lewis Dodgson.

Dodgson: And how do you do?

Ellie: We didn't expect to actually see you here.

Dodgson: Oh, well. I wouldn't be anywhere else. I mean, the people you see here who are changing the world. Would you mind if --

Alan: We just...

Dodgson: It would mean a lot.

[Alan and Ellie trade places.]

Ellie: Yeah. One, two, one, oh...

Dodgson: Great. Thank you so much.

[It is revealed that people are taking pictures of the trio.]

Dodgson: Oh, That's good. That's good fun.

[The four proceed to walk into the facility together.]

Dodgson: So you are going to see some remarkable things today. We are unlocking the true power of the genome, or this close we'd be...

Ellie: You could make a fortune with that.

Dodgson: No, it's not about money. No, we've already identified dozens of applications for paleo DNA. We're talking about cancer, Alzheimer's, autoimmune. We will be saving lives. Um, anyway, I wish I could take you around myself, but it's so you're in more than capable hands with Ramsay. (looks at Ramsay) He's basically a young me. Only smarter and taller. (to Ramsay) Do you have food? Like one of my bars? Pardon?

Ramsay: Um.

Dodgson: No, never mind. I'll-I'll find something. So I want to do more of this later on if... We, oh, we booked you a private pod for the trip out. So it's beautiful. You'll love it. Though, we gotta hurry. Malcolm's on. He's a bit of a contrarian, but I like him. He keeps us on our toes. Anyway, thank you for being here. It's --

[Dodgson proceeds to walk away.]

Ramsay: Okay, follow me, please.

[Alan and Ellie follow Ramsay as the scene changes to Ian speaking to a room of young people.]

Ian: Human beings have no more right to safety or liberty than any other creature on this planet. We not only lack dominion over nature, we're subordinate to it. Now here we are with the opportunity to rewrite life at our fingertips. And just like nuclear power, nobody knew what to expect with genetic engineering, but they pressed the button and hoped for the best, just like you are doing now. Yep. Control the future of our survival on planet Earth. According to you, the solution is genetic power. But that same power could devastate the food supply. Create new diseases. Alter the climate even further. Unforeseen consequences occur. And every time, every single time, we all act surprised because deep down, I don't think that any of us actually believe that these dangers are real.

[Ian hears the door opening and looks to see Ramsay, Alan, and Ellie entering.]

Ian: In order to instigate revolutionary change, we must transform human consciousness.

[The crowd applauds and cheers for Ian. Alan smiles knowingly at Ian. We then cut to outside with Ian surrounded by a crowd of people.]

Ian: Very good. There, there you go. Hey, I don't want to be rude about friends. Thank you. Catch me on my way out. Thanks, everybody.

[Ian walks up to Alan and Ellie.]

Ian: Look at you. Look at me. Oh, look at you. Wow, this is so trippy.

Alan: You look like you're doing well.

Ian: Well, I got five kids, you know, I adore more than life itself. So, expenses added up. You, Alan, are you, you have a family or?

Alan: (smiles sardonically) No.

Ellie: So I need to talk to you.

Ian: Yeah, I need to talk to you, too. Privately.

Alan: Do you two talk a lot?

Ellie: He slid into my DMs.

Alan: You know what?

Ellie: It's urgently.

Ian: What'd you do?

Ellie: Seven minutes to midnight still.

Ian: Uh, the doomsday clock might be about out of time, but as they say, it's always darkest just before eternal nothingness.

Alan: What?

[We enter a large hallway where the four enter with Ellie speaking to Ian.]

Ellie: Locusts altered with Cretaceous-era DNA.

Ian: Yeah, that's not my field.

Ellie: Yeah, but these things continue to multiply. We're talking about gasoline system-wide effects, Ian.

Ian: Gosh, that's a drag.

Ellie: This drag?

Alan: What's the matter with you?

Ian: What, is there something special we're going to do?

Alan: Give it...

Ellie: To us not to care.

Ian: Hey, I-I gave my opinion robustly for years as expected to some part even the difference led to our annihilation and the only play now is to take the time we have left and you know, just let go to a squadron.

Ellie: Honestly, Ian, that's bullshit!

Ian: Can I offer you guys some Joe? Uh Tyler, please, two cappuccinos?

Alan: I don't want a cappuccino.

Ian: Trust me, it's real tough, that jet leg. It's gonna perk you right up.

[Tyler starts up some coffee, and Ian and Ellie are alone as steam emerges.]

Ian: The locusts are part of a larger project called Hexapod Allies. You were right about their intent. I started hearing rumors six weeks ago. I read your piece on decadence, and put two and two together.

Alan: (to Tyler) I was not raising my voice.

Ellie: They're proliferating wildly. They're lasting three, four times longer than they should! And all my models are pointing toward a global ecological collapse, Ian.

Ian: Downstairs, sub-level six. That's where they keep the locusts. Look for a lab marked L4.

[Ian puts his access key in Ellie's hand as the steam ceases.]

Ian: Hey, this looks so silky. May I touch the spice? You know what it is? Don't talk the wrong tone. This is sustainable bamboo.

Ellie: It is sustainable bamboo spice.

Tyler: I've got all spice which is not very popular. I've got five spices.

Ian: Doctor.

[Alan turns to the duo. Ian then walks off as Ramsay comes over.]

Alan: What just happened?

Ellie: We are in.

[Ian walks up the stairs, not knowing Dodgson is watching. Dodgson then leaves as the next scene shows him exiting an elevator.]

Elevator: Seven level six, restricted.

[Lewis exits the elevator and walks over to a lab. the next scene shows Lewis and Henry wu talking with a tank overcrowded with locusts inside.]

Henry: Lewis, you're not listening to me. The locusts prehistoric DNA has made them stronger than they should be. They're multiplying like crazy and they're not dying. What part of this, don't you understand?

Lewis: Oh, I do understand.

Henry: This is going to be a global famine.

Lewis: Hey, hey, we can't anticipate everything.

Henry: We need to eradicate the ones we released.

Lewis: What?

Henry: All of them.

Lewis: No. No. Henry.

Henry: Like yesterday.

Lewis: We don't want to cause a panic. We want control.

Henry: There's no such thing.

[Lewis sighs as he sits next to an upset Henry.]

Lewis: When we're afraid, what do we do? What have we done before? We follow through. We found the girl. She's on rout. Cost me a fortune.

Henry: What? Wait you found-

Lewis: Yeah, I found them both. Her and the little Raptor. Blue reproduced all on her own. Just like you said. You're so smart, Henry. That's why this works. You understand the value of these creatures. You always have. I do too. And we don't stop because of what? Little side project went south. If they trace the locusts back to us, they come from the dinosaurs. All your work, gone. Billions of dollars in assets, gone. Diamonds with no one to mind them. You really think she's the solution?

[Henry slowly stands up.]

Lewis: Okay. Everything involved in the girl goes through me, right?

Henry: Is she alright?

Lewis: She better be. She's the Most valuable intellectual property on the planet.

Scene 6. Malta

[We cut to a large city as a font reads "malta" where we see a pair of cars driving down a road. we cut to one of the vehicles to reveal Soyona Santos talking on the phone with Lewis on the other end.]

Soyona: I said I'd call you.

Lewis: They land yet?

Soyona: Second plane is incoming.

Lewis: who said anything about a second plane.

Soyona: We flew them separately. I'm not taking any chances. And we'll need payments before delivery. I didn't like what happened last time.

Lewis: Okay, okay. Just call me when it's done.

[We cut to a shoreline airport where we see Maisie and the women sitting together on a plane.]

Maisie: You said I was going somewhere safe.

Woman: You are.

[The two exit the plane with Beta in a shipping crate being hauled away as Maisie sees them being across from Soyona.]

Woman: Walk to her car.

Maisie: No.

Woman: It's not a choice.

[Maisie looks to Soyona and then to Beta shrieking inside the crate. we cut to outside where we meet Kayla Watts meeting up with Maltese Smuggler.].]

Maltese Smuggler: 50 grand to fly one little raptor. Not bad.

[Kayla receives the money and notices Maisie.]

Kayla: What's with the girl?

Maltese Smuggler: Not your problem.

[Maisie walks to Soyona and Kayla just sighs.]

Kayla: pleasure doing business.

[Kayla walks into her plane looking at Maisie getting into the car. We then cut to Owen and Claire walking down a street.]

Voice: Owen.

[The two turn to see Barry walk up to them. Barry and Owen embrace as Barry hugs Claire as well.]

Barry: Hi, Claire.

Claire: I thought you would have chosen a quieter line of work.

Barry: I tried. My cousin and I owned a cafe. It lasted three weeks. The way the world is headed, it's hard to look away.

[We cut to later as Barry shows the two toward an undisclosed location.]

Barry: Delacourt was hired by service hunters. By a broker in the underground dinosaur trade. We don't have intel on his cargo. But once they make the exchange, we see what they know about your girl. You can listen in. I promise you, you will not make contact.

Claire: Yeah.

[The two are given Bluetooth earphones.]

Barry: There's a big underground market for dinosaurs now. Europe, Middle East, Northern Africa, it all comes through here. Don't look at anyone. Don't talk to anyone. Just try to blend it.

[The three go through an entrance and walk down a tunnel staircase. they look to see the house to see its horrors. there is an arena several people are watching with a young allosaurus vs a young Baryonyx with a prosthetic arm, both of them neck chained to the wall, several compsognathus in a small cage, a pair of people selling pots and bowls with a baby Carnotaurus with a muzzle, a man looking at a stygimoloch strapped into a cage, and a crate of Microceratus as one person scoops one up. Claire then passes an army suit wearing man with a dimorphodon perched on his shoulder and a woman cooking frogs and snakes like shish kabobs. they then pass Kayla sitting on a chair with a Lystrosaurus in a cage next to her. a man then walks up to her after being startled by the stygimoloch.]

Man: Still flying for Santos eh? you must need money.

Kayla: What's the to you?

Man: I've got Argo. A thousand kilos of dinosaur to palermo.

[The man looks to the lystrosaurus in the cage]

Man: Lystrosaurus. there very rare. I give 2000.

Kayla: 8. he may be ugly but he's got spirit.

Man: you the down stretch.

Kayla: 2000. How much is there?

[the man shows her a bag and opens it up to reveal the money inside]

Kayla: what're ya gonna do with him?

Man: he's mine now. what do you care?

[The man gives her a bill. The cage soon opened up, then cut to the Lystrosaurus at a fight with a Oviraptor, the bell run in a fight, before Oviraptor could attack Lystrosaurus first, the Lystrosaurus bites on the neck, and rips it head off, then, the Oviraptor wonders off after the fight. Then it cut to a bathroom where Claire is washing her hands as Kayla walks up next to her and does the same.]

Kayla: You lost?

Claire: You're American.

Kayla: Did that make us friends?

Claire: Listen, I just got here.

Kayla: Oh. No. That was not an invitation. Here. Souvenir. Go back to the hotel. You know, throw some bath salts in the bath. This place, not your vibe.

[Kayla starts to walk off.]

Claire: Wait.

Kayla: Look-

Claire: Claire.

Kayla: Claire, I know this must feel exotic but if you mess with the wrong person down here, you disappear. You feel me? Good luck, okay?

[She then turns to leave with Claire following her.]

Claire: Wait.

Kayla: What is this?

Claire: I need your help.

Kayla: I don't know you.

Claire; I'm looking for someone.

Kayla: Don't do that.

Claire: She is all alone. Please.

[She then shows a photo of Maisie and Kayla looks at it.]

Kayla: that your daughter?

Claire: Yes.

Kayla: Sorry, I can't get involved.

[Kayla then walks away with Claire just standing there. we cut to outside the house as Owen and Barry are atop a tall building with Owen looking through a pair of binoculars and then notices Rainn following another man.]

Owen: I think I got him.

Barry: Target on the move.

Owen: Claire, He's headed underground. See him?

[Claire sees Rainn enter.]

Claire: Yeah, I've got him.

Owen: Alright.

[Owen and Barry race toward them with Claire keeping an eye on Rainn. meanwhile we see several other men aiming their guns and camera at Soyona.]

Men: It's Bravo one. Primary target on sight. No sign of the girl.

[Rainn and one of his men walk up to Soyona behind a truck with four cages inside with the creatures inside snarling and roaring.]

Soyona: My people say the raptor arrived in good condition. You boys didn't cock this up. Color me amazed. I do have another job for you. Short hop. Money's double.

Rainn: What's the cargo?

Soyona: Atrociraptors. Thoroughbreds. Trained to kill.

Rainn: Kill who?

Soyona: Whoever they're told. Laser marks the target they attach to the scent and don't stop till it's dead. Inescapable. Those idiots making hybrids had it all wrong. You can't engineer loyalty. You have to nurture it. 50,000 to fly them to Riyadh. In or out.

Claire: She's not here.

[We cut to the two cars from earlier driving down the road with Maisie in the lead one.]

Maisie: Where are we going?

Driver: Almost there.

[Back with Rainn he is given a bag and opens it up to see the money inside. but before anyone could do anything, the agents surround them. the agents get out their guns yelling at them. Soyona's men fire at them as Soyona herself leaves with rainn fleeing. Rainn is followed by Owen into the auction house. they run through the place smashing wooden boxes and releasing animals from their cages. with the truck of Atorciraptors, it heads through a tunnel before an agent tosses a line of spikes causing the tires to pop making the truck fall into a warehouse and the crates inside to fall out. with Rainn he does what he can to evade Owen as he releases the compsognathus and they pounce on Owen whom fights them off. rainn gets out a gun and fires at two cages releasing a carnotaurus and an allosaurus, making riann fall off the railing and into the ring with Owen lifting his hand toward the theropods. Rainn gets up to be met by the Baryonyx from before who charges at him but couldn't reach him due to the chain on his neck attached to the wall. Owen leaps away from the Allosaurus who snaps at him only to have the carnotaurus grab his snout with his jaws. Owen leaps through the bars and into the field as rainn tries to escape. Owen then shoves him into another ring as there is a lystrosaurus roped to the wall as wall. Owen and rainn exchange punches as Owen evades rainn's pocket knife. Owen leaps away only to be met by an infant carnotaurus chained to the wall as well and turns back to rainn. with the adult carnotaurus and allosaurus, they are causing a ruckus making one man fall into a fire lit barrel getting caught on fire himself. one man helps him up but the allosaurus grabs him with his jaws. back with rainn and Owen, they continue their duel until Owen makes rainn fall with the lystrosaurus grabbing hold of his left hand and the infant carnotaurus grabbing his right hand. Owen stands over him now holding his knife.]

Owen: The girl. Where is she? Where'd they take her? WHERE IS SHE?!

Rainn: I don't know! we gave her to a woman named Santos, but we don't know where they took her after that.

[The Baryonyx pushes with all his might and the wall chains break off allowing theropod to be free. Owen looks to the baryonyx who looks back at him as he walks up to rainn. rainn looks and screams in terror as the Baryonyx lunges forward and devours him with Owen standing there.]

Owen: Claire, it' Santos, she's the one in white.

Claire: I'll find her.

[Cut to the warehouse where the agents led by Barry come and aim their guns to the truck with the driver stuck inside. Soyona comes and holds a phone.]

Soyona: Open them out.

Driver: What?!

Soyona: You heard me.

[The driver than does so as the cages opening up to release Ghost, Red, Tiger, and Panthera. the raptors look at the frightened people with their guns aimed at them. Soyona gets a red light and points it at Barry's men including Barry himself, then she presses a button making a beeping sound causing the Atrociraptors to snarl together. the people flinch and run but the raptors kill a majority of the agents but Barry manages to cross through a rowboat with a hole in it and escapes. however he is stuck with nowhere to run as red snarls and growls as he tries to devour him. we cut back to Claire.]

Owen: Claire do you have her?

[Claire looks around and spots Soyona as she looks her in the eye and chases after her grabbing a taser from one of the cages. meanwhile red closes in on Barry but he gets a baseball bat and hits the top of it to the roof of the boat he was in in hopes of breaking out. we then cut to Soyona talking to Lewis on the phone.]

Soyona: We have some trouble.

Lewis: What kind?

Soyona: The parents. Grady and Dearing. there here

Lewis: Can you take care of it?

Soyona: Not for free.

Lewis: Do it.

[We cut to Claire spotting Soyona entering a building and chases after her. Soyona climbs up some stairs and enters a room with a mother and child looking at her scared. Soyona turns and turns on her wrist making a beeping sound as Claire enters.]

Claire: Okay, listen.

[Soyona throws a pot at her but Claire misses making the pot hit a wall smashing it in the process. Soyona prepares to leave but Claire gets the taser and thrusts it at her. Soyona grabs Claire and throws her to the floor and gets out a stick to beet her with it. Claire gets the taser and thrusts it on Soyona making her fall backwards to a corner. Claire walks over to her and points the taser at her.]

Soyona: You don't use it on people.

Claire: Where's my daughter?

Soyona: She wasn't yours to begin with.

Claire: Tell me.

Soyona: Biosyn. They're taking her to Biosyn.

[Cut to Maisie in the car as it stops at an airport. She looks to see a plane with the words biosyn on it. Cut back to Soyona and Claire.]

Soyona: You missed her. She's gone.

[Claire breaths but hears growling. she looks to see tiger in the doorway and lunges at her. Claire uses the taser on the raptor making her miss and slam her face into the stove. Soyona takes the time to get up and points a laser at Claire. tiger gets up and screeches, but Claire gets out of the room and quickly closes the door behind her. she then heads to another door only to find it as the closes the mother and child were hiding in. Claire hears tearing and looks to see tiger mawing her way through the door making Claire head out the window. she climbs out but slides down onto the rooftops as tiger bursts out of the wall making Claire get up quickly runs off. she runs on the rooftops and turns a corner but tiger continues to chase after her. Claire proceeds to leap onto another rooftop and stumbles onto the ground. tiger leaps at her but Claire sprints off forcing tiger to slip and tumble as well. Claire heads through another door and races down the stairs with tiger following but slips on the stairs and falls, but she quickly gets up and continues the chase. back with Barry he continues hitting the roof with red closing in, so with no other option, Barry gets out a gun and blasts the glass, revealing Owen lowering his hand to him.]

Owen: Take my hand!

[Barry does so as they climb out as red bursts in and lunge at him. with Claire, she continues to run with tiger continuing to chase after her. Claire leaps out the window but slips and falls resulting in tiger pouncing but slam into the window in front of her. Claire looks to see tiger get up and shake her head. on the ground Kayla hears the commotion and looks to see Claire hanging on for dear life and heads over to her. Claire proceeds to let go and fall to the back of the car underneath her. Kayla comes and gets into the driver seat. Claire gets up and sees her.]

Kayla: Hold on tight.

[Kayla slams on the engine and drives the car out of the area with tiger bursting through a door to the ground and chases after them. back with Owen and Barry, they turn to see red ambushing them. Owen and Barry hold out their hands and Owen looks behind them.]

Owen: Do you remember how we used to get the Raptors in the truck?

Barry: Yeah. Yeah.

Owen: You're up.

Barry: No.

[Red slowly walks toward them growling.]

Owen: You're the last man to die for.

Barry: I do die for war.

Owen: You'll be fine.

Barry: I never get the time right.

[Owen slowly walks backwards with Barry behind the cage with red walking across to him.]

Barry: Now?

Owen: Any minute now.

Barry: Now?

Owen: No.

[Red is a little ways from Barry and prepares to pounce.]

Owen: NOW!

[Barry leaps out of the way causing Red to pounce right into the cage with Owen closing it behind him. Owen and Barry do their high five and arm grapple from the raptor enclosure before Soyona shows up above them causing Barry to aim his gun.]

Barry: Freeze!

[Soyona stops and looks right at them. we cut to Kayla and Claire driving in the streets with tiger chasing them.]

Kayla: I'll fly us outta here, tell me where you wanna be dropped.

Claire: You ever flown to Biosyn?

[Kayla looks to Claire. cut to Owen and Barry.]

Claire: Owen! they took her to biosyn! There's an airfield on the north side of the island!

Barry: Go!

[Owen heads off with Soyona raising her arms.]

Barry: Your under arrest. Stay where you are.

[Owen climbs onto a motorcycle and drives off, but not before Soyona secretly points a laser to him making ghost and panthera to chase after him. the three race through the streets as ghost snaps at Owen and panthera rushing to his side. we cut to Kayla and Claire with Kayla looking to the rear view mirror to see tiger close in. tiger rushes to the back and snaps at Claire.]

Claire: Right!

[Kayla turns right making tiger run into a pile of bricks and wooden pallets but tiger rushes over them with ease.]

Kayla: Heads up!

[Kayla drives under a scaffolding with Claire watching her head. tiger continues to chase after them. Claire gets a shovel and forces her to leave out of the scaffolding. Kayla takes the opportunity to slam into tiger causing her to fall onto the ground, but tiger continues the chase. Kayla looks and almost hits another vehicle and goes around slamming to a wall. Claire hooks up to see a crossway with metal bars holding it up and sees Owen being chased. back with Owen, ghost and Panthera continue to chase him. Owen drives through a narrow alleyway and heads through a busy street with cars coming form the left and right. ghost is hit by a car while panthera charges up a staircase and is right above him. ghost catches up as well. Panthera leaps toward Owen but misses as Owen turns right and down a staircase with ghost chasing him. they head back on the road with Panthera catching up. back with Claire and Kayla, Claire gets a metal bar and swings it at tiger. Kayla drives in between two vehicles making Claire wedging the bar between them causing tiger to hit it jaw first and fall to the ground. back with Owen, the raptors continue the chase as Owen drives into an empty street where the allosaurus and carnotaurus were roaming. Owen looks to see the carnotaurus roar at a man on a scooter and the allosaurus to scoop him up with his jaws and devour him. ghost and Panthera continue to chase him as they bump into tables and umbrellas scattered around the street. back with Kayla and Claire, they drive to the shore to the airfield. Kayla stops and the two get out and sprint to the cargo plane parked there. back with Owen, he is still being chased by ghost and Panthera as he drives to the airfield as well. back with the girls they enter the plane with Kayla in the pilot seat.]

Kayla: You made a lot of enemies. We gotta run.

Claire: He'll be here.

[Kayla turns on the engine and the plane goes forward to the runway.]

Kayla: Outta time, outta time!

[Owen is seen on the motorcycle out the window.]

Claire: There he is!

[Owen zooms forward with ghost and panthera on his tail.]

Claire: Pull over.

Kayla: That's not how planes work.

[Owen makes a turn and heads for the plane with the raptors closing in.]

Claire: Open the back.

[Claire heads to the back as Kayla opens the back door. Owen speeds up as the raptors pick up the pace.]

Claire: Come on!

[Kayla looks to see they were nearing the edge.]

Kayla: Hold on tight!

[The plane prepares to take off as panthera is on Owen's side. thankfully he slips and tumbles in the dirt as ghost keeps up her pace. Owen drives up the ramp into the plane leaping off the motorcycle which slams into the wall. ghost leaps into the plane and crawls up to Owen who slides down toward her but was caught by Claire. the motorcycle on the other hand slides right onto ghost causing them both to fall to her death to the waters below. Owen and Claire hug.]

Kayla: Still got it.

[They proceed to fly off. we see Owen and Claire resting but both get up and hug some more. the two then come up and sit next to Kayla.]

Kayla: Kayla Watts. You're welcome.

Owen: You look like you fly for Biosyn.

Kayla: I'm gonna take that the way you meant it and not the way it sounded. I fly for whoever got a bag but we'll call this a favor. (sees Owen wearing headphones) Those don't work. they broke (Owen takes them off) I'll take y'all to Biosyn but I can't promise it won't be dangerous.

Owen: Willing to risk your life for people you never met?

Kayla: You want to ask questions or you want to ride?

Owen: We'll take the ride.

Scene 7. Maisie and Wu

[We cut back to the Biosyn facility as we see a small Moros looking at a rat in it's terrarium. we scroll up to see franklin touring Alan and Ellie.]

Ramsay: So, this is our habitat development lab. A lot of exciting discoveries as of late. We've brought back numerous species into purest form, and I mean complete untouched genomes. Like Moros intrepidus.

Ellie: What?

[The three look at the theropod on the other side of the glass with another terrarium with another moros behind them.]

Grant: Wow.

Ellie: What about splicing DNA? You know, creating new species.

Ramsay: No, Doctor Sattler, we don't do that here. We like to think we're more evolved.

[The Moros grabs the rodent with it's jaws and strangles it making Alan back away. franklin then looks to his watch.]

Ramsay: Okay, it looks like we still have some time left before you arrive. Uh, would you guys like to tour the facilities yourselves?

Ellie: Oh, uh, I mean- I mean we could

Alan: Yeah, why not?

Ramsay: Great. I'll meet you guys at the Hyperloop Station three in about 30 minutes. Elevators are down this hall, not not those. Those lead you down to the sublevels. You need special clearance to get down there.

Ellie: Oh, yeah. Okay.

Ramsay: 30 minutes.

[ Ramsay walks away leaving Alan and Ellie to head to the hall where they see a few scientists putting white suits in a hamper. Ellie hands Alan the object Ian gave her.]

Ellie: Hold this.

[Alan and Ellie head to the hampers. the scene cuts to Maisie sitting at a table with a glass box of locusts on it as she sits across from wu.]

Henry: I'm really sorry that it hadn't happened this way.

Maisie: Yep, that's what kidnappers say.

Henry: Claire should never have hidden you away. You're way too important, Maisie.

[Maisie looks at him sternly flipping him off with both middle fingers. She hears scared growling and turns to see Beta in a cage in the wall.]

Maisie: You took her too.

Henry: We needed her to help us understand you.

[Maisie gets up and walks over to Beta and sits next to her.]

Maisie: Hey, Beta. You okay?

Henry: Did you say Beta? Is that her name?

Maisie: I gave it to her.

Henry: Beta's really special. you know, when we made blue, we used monitor lizard D.N.A to fill in the gaps in her genome. Monitor lizards can reproduce without a mate. So Beta and Blue are genetically identical and that's what they have in common with you and.

Maisie: Charlotte.

Henry: What do you know about Charlotte?

Maisie: She died. A long time ago. It broke my grandpa's heart. So he made me.

Henry: No, Maisie. Actually, he didn't. Charlotte made you.

[We cut to later as we see a video on the computer of a young Charlotte with a Microceratus.]

Charlotte: I'm so excited for everyone to see what we've been doing here. There's new technology being made, new science like every day almost and it's great to be, it's great to be in the center, center of that.

Henry: Charlotte lived on Site B with all of us until the storm. She loved dinosaurs.

Henry: (v.o) Charlotte, be careful.

Charlotte: Yeah, I will.

Henry: She grew up around scientists and eventually, she became one herself.

[Henry clicks another video to see an older Charlotte at her own desk.]

Charlotte: A butterfly flew into my office this morning. They say tiny things have huge impacts and I agree wholeheartedly.

Henry: She was brilliant. In ways that I'll never be.

Charlotte: In the metaphysics of identity, can a replica truly be the original? And if it's possible, what makes them unique?

[She turns to her desk.]

Charlotte: Lost my pen.

[Charlotte stands up to reveal a swollen belly.]

Maisie: Is that me?

Henry: Yeah. Just like Blue, Charlotte was able to have a child all by herself. She created you with her own DNA.

Maisie: So, I do have a mother.

Henry: Your grandfather didn't want anyone to know the truth. He was protecting her and you.

Maisie: And we're the same.

Henry: You were.

[Henry shows a video of Charlotte and a baby Maisie.]

Henry: When you were a baby, Charlotte started to show symptoms of a genetic disorder. That's how she died. She didn't know she had it until after you were born.

Maisie: Do I have it too?

Henry: No. She changed your DNA. She altered every cell in your body to eradicate this disease. No one on earth has ever known how to do that.

[The video shows Charlotte getting a syringe and injecting something into baby Maisie who shows a sad face due to the pain.]

Maisie: She fixed me.

Henry: Charlotte's discovery is a part of you now. Your DNA could change the world. To know how she did it but I just can't replicate her work if I could just study you. And Beta whose DNA was never changed. I could fix a terrible mistake that I've made.

Maisie: What kind of mistake?

[Henry turns to the desk with Maisie doing the same. The screen lowers to reveal a dissected locust with pins in it. ]

Scene 8. Getting the D.N.A

[we cut to Ellie and Alan in white suits and masks so no one would recognize them as they exit the elevator.]

Computer: Sub level six. Restricted.

Ellie: Thanks for coming.

[The two proceed to walk down the hallway.]

Alan: which lab did Malcolm say?

Ellie: L4.

[They continue down the hallway until they find L4.]

Ellie: This is it.

[Alan takes the object revealing it to be an identification wristband and presses it to the identification scanner. after a beep the doors slide open allowing the two to enter.]

Ellie: Okay, get in, Get the sample and get out. And move slow. They can swarm at the slightest disturbance.

[Alan looks at her with a worried expression. they enter a small box in the lab and are blasted with smoke and gas before entering the lab with containers of rustling wheat. they look at each container until Ellie finds the one their looking for.]

Ellie: Fully mature. This one.

[Ellie gestures Alan to come over to her.]

Ellie: Ready?

[They pull the drawer out.]

Ellie: Okay, go.

Alan: What?

Ellie: Go get it.

Alan: Is that necessary?

Ellie: What did you think was going to happen? I have to take the sample. Need concrete evidence. This is it. Alan, you said there was no time. Can you get it?

Alan: Of course I can get it.

[Alan slowly puts his hands into the wheat and gets out a locust chittering. They then hear more chittering from around the room.]

Alan: There sound signaling each other. This is not good.

Ellie: Almost got it.

[We cut back to Henry and Lewis talking with Maisie in the other room watching her mom's work on the computer.]

Lewis: How does she remain in an asset. Henry, if you're incriminating both of us by showing her classified things on the computer?

Henry: Charlotte Lockwood believed the methods we used at Jurassic Park could cure disease. She was right. Having filled the gaps in Maisie's genome with altered DNA, she used a pathogen to deliver the repaired sequence to every cell. If I can repurpose what she did, I could change the locust's DNA, eradicating them in a single generation. Maisie and the baby raptor will provide the missing data.

[Maisie looks to Lewis arguing to Henry and walks over to Beta getting an identification wristband.]

Maisie: Hey, do you want to get out of here?

[Maisie then lets Beta out and rushes out with Lewis sounding the alarm. the alarm is heard by Alan and Ellie which causes the entire room to swarm with locusts forcing Alan and Ellie to flee out of the room. they are then forced to the ground as the locusts swarm around them as Alan tries to open the doors. the doors do open making the two flee to the gas box but some of the locusts sneak into it as the doors close. the gas blow on them making them drop the identification wristband, back with Lewis and Henry, they head over to Maisie as she heads down a ladder.]

Henry: Maisie!

[Suddenly Beta bursts out of the room causing the two to look in shock. Beta then leaps onto a table causing everything to fall and shatter to the floor as she escapes. Back with Maisie, she makes it to another part of the facility.]

Alarm: Asset containment breach, please remain at your stations. Asset containment breach. Please remain at your stations.

[She then hears screaming as Alan and Ellie struggle to get the wristband. Alan does so and uses it to open the doors. the two crawl out as the locusts suffocate and lay dead on the ground while Alan and Ellie catch their breath. Maisie looks to see Alan holding Ellie as they lay on the floor. Maisie clears her throat making the two get up, immediately causing Maisie to recognize them both.]

Maisie: You're Doctor Ellie Sattler and Alan Grant. you were at Jurassic Park. what are you doing here?

Ellie: What are you doing here?

Maisie: I'm Maisie Lockwood. My grandpa, knew John Hammond.

Ellie: Hey. We don't-we're not we don't work for Biosyn.

Maisie: I can tell.

Ellie: Yeah, we should go.

[Cut to Lewis walking down the hall with Maisie Alan and Ellie stopping when hearing footsteps. They then go the other way]

Scene 9. Plane Crash

[we cut back to Kayla Owen and Claire in her plane.]

Kayla: Okay. In and out. You find your girl and go.

[Kayla proceeds to get out a radio.]

Kayla: Tower, this is N141. Request to land for free delivery. Over.

[We cut to the Biosyn communication tower.]

Woman: Uh N141 negative. We've been advised you're carrying an authorized passengers over.

Kayla: Copy that tower. Be advised. Shipment is perishable. We need immediate clearance. In order to be over.

[Lewis walks over hearing the conversation.]

Lewis: There isn’t. No.

Woman: No. Uh negative. Return to point of origin.

Kayla: Uh you think I need breaking up? Are are you hearing me on your side?

Woman: Nice try Kayla. They will down your Bird.

Kayla: Who is this? Is this Denise? You do not want me to stop spelling secrets Denise. You remember the broad name.

[Denise turns to Lewis.]

Denise: She’s a different Denise, in accounts.

[Lewis walks over to one of the workers.]

Worker: Talked to Santos. It's the girl's parents.

Lewis: Shut off the ADS.

Worker: Are you sure?

[Lewis nods and walks back. Back on the plane a light starts blinking.]

Owen: What’s that?

Kayla: That's the-that's the aerial deterrent system. Keeps the airborne life away.

Claire: Why is it blinking?

Kayla: Because deadass Denise retardant Just turn it off. We gotta get out of this airspace right now.

[They then hear a loud screech coming from outside the plane. They then hear a flapping sound.]

Owen: that’s another plane, right?

Kayla: Not exactly.

[They look up to see an orange wing sparing over their heads along with another screech.]

Claire: Is that a-?

Kayla: Quetzalcoatlus. Late Cretaceous, Should've stayed there.

[They hear the pterosaur screeching again before they hear it cease. Everyone relaxes.]

Kayla: Okay. Okay. It's cool. We're good. It's gone.

[Suddenly, from the flank, the Quetzalcoatlus ambushes screeching with primal rage and flames it’s beak and talons on the ceiling, it’s large beak tearing through the glass of the front windshield. The pterosaur uses its hands and talons to latch onto the plane so it doesn’t slip off proceeding to tear open the engine with its beak in the process. The engine catches fire causing Kayla to pull a lever. The Quetzalcoatlus however tears the roof open with its beak causing the other engine to burst into flame as well resulting in the pterosaur to screech and take off evading the fire. Everyone panics.]

Kayla: This plane is going down! If your gonna eject, you need to do it now! I only got one chair and she’s sitting!

Owen: You don’t have parachutes?

Kayla: I wasn’t expecting company!

[Owen turns to see them heading straight to the ground and heads over to Claire.]

Owen: Claire, We gotta get you off this plane!

Claire: What?

Owen: Parachute is going to open automatically. If it doesn't, you pull this lever. Do you understand me? If it doesn't open automatically, you're going to pull this lever here. behind you, okay?

Kayla: 10,000 feet!

Owen: Hey! Your the one who’s gotta go get her! You're her mom. Your her only shot. I'll see you again. I love you.

[Owen kisses her in the cheek and Claire breaths heavily. She then pulls the lever and holds on tightly as she is ejected out of the plane and into the air. She is soaring through the air as the parachute ejects safely floating her to the ground, at least it was until a flock of pteranodons circle Claire and tear the parachute apart with their beaks and talons forcing Claire to plummet into the thick forest below. Back in the plane, Owen and Kayla watch as they continue to plummet.]

Owen: What's the plan?

Kayla: Whatever happens! That’s the plan!

[They hold on tight as they crash into the dam braking through the frozen ice. Back with Alan Ellie and Maisie, the adults take off the white suits and the three co to use forward through the hallways until making it to the supersonic train transport system.]

Ellie: Alan, We need the code.

Alan: Let’s try this thing.

[Alan is about to put the wristband in the recognition system but they hear footsteps.]

Ellie: Watch out.

[Maisie ducks behind some boxes as Alan and Ellie look to see Ramsay head up to them.]

Ellie: Oh thank god! It’s you! This place is such a maze. We were so confused, right? I thought we were straight up lost and you said station three.

Ramsay: Do you have the sample?

[Alan and Ellie look to one another surprised.]

Ellie: What?

Alan: What are you talking about?

Ramsay: The DNA sample. Do you have it? Biosyn’s responsible for the locust epidemic. Dodgson’s covering it up. You were right. I'm-I'm here to help you. Do you have it?

[Alan and Ellie nod.]

Ramsay: Good. This pod will take you straight to the airfield. We have a plane ready to fly.

Ellie: Ian told you about Hexagon allies?

Ramsay: No, I told him.

[Ramsay turns the train on and the doors open up.]

Ramsay: Guys, you gotta go.

Alan: Wait.

[The trio look to see Maisie poke her head behind the boxes and Alan jesters to come to them. Maisie stands up and follows them.]

Ramsay: Maisie Lockwood. Go.

[The trio head into the train and Ramsay sets the coordinates. The doors then close up as the supersonic train leaves and Ramsay leaves.]

Scene 10. Therizinosaurus

[We cut back to Claire who looks to see her parachute caught in a large tree and finds herself in the middle of the Biosyn valley forest. She looks to see the king way down from the ground. She breaths heavily as she sees a deer in the forest. Claire proceeds to unbuckle her seat belt before hearing a strange growling sound. She looks around to find where the noise was before looking to her left to see the blind eye of a towering Therizinosaurus walking right past her and proceeds to walk over to the grazing deer and then uses its claws to Chuck it away roaring at it. Claire takes the opportunity to unbuckle as the large theropod grazes on ground shrubs, but the sound of her landing to the ground catches the Therizinosaurus’ attention. Claire crawls through the forest floor as the blind theropod looks for the owner of the noise. The Therizinosaurus follows the sounds to Claire crawling into a pond where the beast slowly follows her. Eventually Claire fully submerged herself into the water just as the theropod is looming over her. The Therizinosaurus lowers its head to sniff the water with Claire under holding her breath as long as possible. The Therizinosaurus proceeds to roar in frustration and proceeds to walk off with Claire getting out of the water. She then gets up to see smoke where Kayla’s plane had crashed.

Scene 11. Pyroraptor

[We cut to the dam where we see Kayla and Owen making it out alive in one piece and looked to what remained of the plane.]

Kayla: That was my baby.

[the two proceed to walk forward being careful with every step as the ice start to crack below their feet.]

Owen: Where'd you learn to fly?

Kayla: Air Force. Legacy on my mama's side.

Owen: Yeah. I'm So how'd you end up doing this?

Kayla: I was a legit contract pilot for a bit, but didn't exactly pay enough to be out here sending money home. So I had a few contacts for the more lucrative shady show. Honestly, I might be done with this line.

Owen: Is that why you're helping us?

Kayla: I was there when they handed your girl off to Biosyn. Could have said something but I did it. And when I saw a picture It isn't enough to do nothing.

[The ground below Owen starts to break and he almost falls in, but Kyla grabs him and helps him up.]

Owen: Thank you!

[They then hear snarling in front of them and look to see a vicious Pyroraptor emerge from behind some nearby rocks. Kayla gets out her taser and Owen Rainn’s pocket knife. The pyroraptor walks toward them snarling. Suddenly the ice between them start to crack and split them. The Pyroraptor looks to both of them and proceeds to Chuck himself right into the water proceeding to swim right below them with Kayla and Owen watching.]

Kayla: No.

[The Pyroraptor circles them as the ice starts to crack again.]

Kayla: Nope!

[Kayla and Owen make a break for it as they try to outrun the cracking ice but Owen slips and falls into the freezing water below. The pyroraptor proceeds to circle him and lunges at him. Kayla helps own back up on dry land and they both catch their breath.]

Owen: What an asshole.

[Suddenly the Pyroraptor breaches the water and lunges right at them. Owen and Kayla rush to a nearby railing and get on with the pyroraptor shaking the water off his feathers. Owen and Kayla get on the railing and follow it to a nearby elevator. The pyroraptor gets on and proceeds to chase after them at top speed. The two make it in and close the door with the pyroraptor snapping and snaring at them with its claws in the bars. Kayla gets her taser and shocks the animal forcing him to howl in pain and then snarl in anger. The elevator takes Owen and Kayla downward with the pyroraptor still snapping and shrieking at them in fury.]

Owen: You good?

Kayla: Yeah. Not shook at all you?

Owen: Ah, no

[Kayla hands Owen a beacon device.]

Kayla: The tradency beacon. We'll find her.

Owen: Okay. Okay.

Kayla: Really love her, huh?

Owen: Yeah.

Kayla: I get it. I like redheads too.

Scene 12. Cave

[Cut to see Lewis being interrupted by one of his workers and enters the control room to see one of the security cameras.]

Lewis: What’s that?

Worker: It’s Grant and Sattler

Lewis: Is this live?

Worker: 12 minutes ago. We were tracking an escaped asset. The guys missed it. They stole a D.N.A sample.

Lewis: How’d they get In there.

Worker: They used an access key. Yankee White clearance. One of our cameras saw Ian Malcolm put something in Sattler's pocket.

Lewis: Right. I want to see him. And get Ramsay up here too. Where are they now?

Worker: On the way to the airfield. They called the hyperloop right on schedule.

[We cut to Alan, Ellie, and Maisie as Maisie sits across from them.]

Alan: How are you? You alright?

Maisie: Not really no.

Ellie: Hey. I uh-knew your mom.

Maisie: You did?

Ellie: Yeah. Few years after Hammond died, she came to my university to lecture and we became good friends.

Maisie: What was she like?

Ellie: Brilliant, light years ahead of everybody else. She had a conscience. While they were out building theme parks, well, she was determined to prove that genetic power could save lives.

Maisie: And I was her experiment.

Ellie: No. She wanted a child more than anything, but she wanted you to have but she couldn't. A full life. I didn’t know her long. But I know she loved you very much.

[Back at the control room Lewis presses a button to deactivate the supersonic train. Back with Alan, Ellie, and Maisie the train suddenly stops.]

Maisie: What's happening?

[The doors open to reveal the trio in a deep dark and damp cave.]

Alan: These must be the old amber mines.

Ellie: They must have made access to us when they built these tunnels.

[They light a match as Alan leads the way through the tunnels of the cave, unaware of a large red sail gliding through the water behind them. Back at controls, Ramsay walks up to Lewis.]

Ramsay: Hey. I heard the alarm. Everything alright? Yeah.

Lewis: No. Nothing we can’t handle listen.

[Ian then walks up behind Ramsay.]

You're right?

Lewis: Uh good. Doctor Malcolm, you are, fired

Ramsay: What?

Ian: It was such a cushion gig.

Lewis: And uh, do you have your access key to security if you still have it.

Worker: The hypolepods are shut down at Amber mines.

Lewis: What? Wow. This day. Uh which which pod are we are there?

Ian: Are there, um, dinosaurs in the mines?

Worker: There are dinosaurs everywhere. I mean, you know, technically birds are dinosaurs genetically speaking.

Ramsay: Okay. Lewis. Grant and Sattler are in this pod, we need to send a security team out there.

Lewis: Absolutely, Ramsay. Thank you. Uh, let's all just stay in our lanes though. We can take care of it. Thank you, doctor.

Ian: That's it, huh? Nothing else to see here.

Lewis: I'm not sure I admire your tone right now. You need to leave.

Ian: Yeah, I do. But first, I owe all these folks an apology. I think that by lending my cachet to this joint. I admit it may it seem as if biosyn wasn't rotten to the core.

Lewis: That's enough, Ian.

Ian: See, here's how they get it. They give you so many promotions in a short period of time that bludgeons your capacity for critical thinking.

Lewis: Oh my god.

Ian: So then there are doors that you don't open things that you ignore but mainly he's exploiting your enchantment with these.

Lewis: Is there an actual concern here or you just.

Ian: You're racing toward the extinction of our species and you don't care. You know exactly what you're doing but you won't stop. You can’t.

Lewis: You know, I thought you might be different but you're just like everyone else. You see what you want to see. You imagine unchecked averests. So, that's what you find. You envision what? An evil unbound Prometheus so that's what I am to you.

Ian: Prometheus got gored. So will you. You rapacious rat bastard.

Lewis: Ramsay, will you help Doctor Malcolm gather his things? His room and then to the airfield. That's it.

[Ian proceeds to walk away before turning to Lewis one last time.]

Ian: Dodgson.

[Ian and Ramsay then proceed to walk off with Lewis looking to the security cameras.]

Scene 13. Rexy and Giganotosaurus

[We cut to biosyn valley as we see Owen and Kayla plotting through the forest. They notice blood on a bush nearby, and follow it along the dirt pathway to the deer the Therizinosaurus chucked earlier dead on the ground. They look to one another in relief before hearing the branches snap. They then duck as they see old Rexy appear from the foliage. They hide as the T. rex looms to the deer carcass and picks it up with her jaws before hearing twigs snapping. She turns to see the Giganotosaurus emerging from the brush and snarling at her.]

Owen: Allosaurus?

Kayla: Giganotosaurus. Largest known terrestrial carnivore. You put two apex predators in one valley, pretty soon there's only going to be one.

[Rexy drops the deer carcass and roars at the Giganotosaurus. He aggressively tries to shove her backward and bites down on her snout. Rexy groans in pain, yanks her snout free and eventually walks off leaving the larger carnivore to scoop up the deer carcass in his mouth and walk off back to his nest. ]

Scene 14. Dimetrodon

[We cut back to Alan Ellie and Maisie.]

Ellie: Did you feel that? It's an air current. Must be an opening up ahead.

Alan: How old is this mine do you think?

Ellie: Just breathe. Nobody panic, Just watch out for bats.

Maisie: I hate Bats.

Alan: You didn't say anything about bats.

Ellie: Well, there's probably no bats. No falling rocks. Disposability of toxic gas, dehydration, hypothermia, dispossibilities, nothing for certain. I should have left you where you were. Why did I bring you into this? You were happy in your element.

Alan: What? Ellie.

Ellie: What?

Alan: I wasn't happy.

Ellie: You weren’t?

Maisie: Do you guys have kids?

Alan: What?

Ellie: Uh no, I-I do. Two

Maisie: But not with him.

Ellie: Uh…No? No? Just old friends.

Alan: Just old friends

Maisie: Really?

[We cut to see Ramsay and Ian head to the garage.]

Ramsay: Won't be long before security knows you're gone.

[Ramsay then gets out a map and lays it on the table.]

Ian: Oh, map. Looks like an old map. You want a new map?

Ramsay: There's an access gate at the northeast corner of the mine. If your friends make it out to you,

Ian: If?

Ramsay: When they make it out.

Ian. Yes, sir.

Ramsay: That's where they’ll be.

Ian: These roads are protected, right?

Ramsay: Uh yeah, I drive fast.

[Ian gets into one of the vehicles and starts it up only to drive backwards and hit the table.]

Ian: You did good.

Ramsay: Yeah. Well, actually it's a complete disaster but thanks.

Ian: Not yet.

[Ian then proceeds to drive off into the jungle. Meanwhile Alan, Ellie, and Maisie continue their way through the caves.]

Ellie: Watch yourself.

[They venture deeper into the cave before stopping. Alan looks to find a ladder in front of them hanging on a rock ledge.]

Alan: Ellie?

Ellie: Yeah.

[Ellie takes the torch as Alan prepares to climb. Then they all hear a strange noise from behind them.]

Maisie: What was that?

[after a few seconds, Alan proceeds to climb up the ladder.]

Ellie: Be careful.

[Alan then climbs to the top. Ellie hands him the torch and he lifts it To reveal a Dimetrodon roaring at him making Alan fall to the ground. Ellie and Maisie head up to him.]

Elie: Alan you okay?

[Maisie screams as they turn around with the light revealing a massive sail back Dimetrodon roaring at them. They look around to see them surrounded by the Permian predators as Ellie waves the torch at one of the beasts. Maisie then gets a skull and Alan gets a rib as they use it to defend themselves. Alan then finds he dropped his hat.]

Ellie: Forget the hat!

[Alan reaches for that only for a dimetrodon to grab it with its jaws.]

Ellie: Alan, come on!

[They run into one of the tunnels dropping a flashlight, a dimetrodon chasing after them. They look to see another dimetrodon emerging from a crack in the cave. The trio continue to run as they see that they were headed for a gate. Ellie reaches through the bars and tries to unlock it when Maisie notices a car headed for them.]

Alan: it’s a car!

[The car stops as it reveals Ian headed up to the gate.]

Ellie: Ian!

Alan: Open the gate!

Maisie: Please help us!

Alan: Do you know the code?

Ian: I didn’t know there was gonna be a code. I didn’t know there was gonna be a code!

[A Dimetrodon climbs up the slope and head straight for them.]

Ellie: Oh my god oh my god!

[Alan, Ellie, and Maisie proceed to push a cart forward toward the dimetrodon.]

Ian: There’s 10,000 possibilities.

[As the trio continue to push Ian presses 1984, and then 0526. Alls the while the dimetrodon squeezes in between the cart and the wall snarling and roaring.]

Alan: Ian!

Ellie: Please!

Alan: Do something!

Ellie: We’re not gonna make it!

Ian: Let’s all try to stay positive.

[Back at control, Ramsay looks to a security camera and sees the predicament and proceeds to type in a code that unlocked the gate right when Ian pressed the code he thought was right. Alan Ellie and Maisie scamper out as the dimetrodon continued to roar. Meanwhile Alan and Ellie slam the gates right behind them.]

Ian: What do you know? It actually works.

[Ramsay smiles as he walks off. Meanwhile everyone catches their breath.]

Ellie: Ian, this is Maisie.

Ian: Hi Maisie.

Ellie: We got the DNA.

Alan: You need to get out of this valley.

Ellie: Yeah.

Alan: Come on.

Ellie: Let's go.

Scene 15. Dilophosaurus

[Back with Claire, she makes it to a Watch tower and heads over to the control box that turned on the power. Suddenly she hears a rustling in the bushes and a hooting making her back up. She like in front of her to the forest.]

Claire: come on, come on

[The elevator lowers down as she walks forward and sees the head of a dilophosaurus poke out of the bushes. And then another. And then another. Suddenly Claire is forced to hide in the back. She hears rustling in all directions, when she looks to see a dilophosaurus standing right over her. The theropod proceeds to roar as it flares its neck frill making Claire scream. But just as it is about to spit it’s venom at her, Owen appears and holds its mouth shut. The dilophosaurus choked on its own venom as Kayla appears and tases the theropod making it run into the forest.]

Owen: Go on! Get!

[The dilophosaurus runs into the forest whimpering. Claire gets back up and hugs Owen.]

Claire: I thought you were dead.

Kayla: what do they even eat?

[They hear a roar and look to the jungle.]

Owen: We better get inside.

Scene 16. Lewis burns the Locusts

[We then cut to see Lewis typing on the computer. He then opens a window and clicks enter in a file and then drags it to the trash. He then looks to his phone and sees updates on the locust infestation. He then gets up and heads to the locust containment room where he sees the entire room infested with locusts.]

Lewis: Go ahead.

[The workers proceed to turn on the fire sprinklers and light all the locusts on fire. The locusts fly around like mad as Lewis just leaves in the elevator.]

Speaker: Containment chamber compromised

[The locusts burst through the ceiling and fly out of the sanctuary and into the valley. Cut back to Owen Kayla and Claire.]

Kayla: It’s locked. Gonna need something heavy, something sharp, or both.

[They then hear wings flapping as all three of them turn to see the locust swarm flying overhead.]

Kayla: That…can’t be right.

[The locusts continue to fly through the forest. Several locusts that die fall to the ground setting where they land on fire. All the dinosaurs panic and flee to get away from the flames. We see the giganotosaurus walking through the forest to see the falling locust and roars. We see Alan Ian Ellie and Maisie driving through the forest and look up to see the flaming insects.]

Maisie: Is that?

Alan: Oh no.

Ellie: Oh my God. He's burning the evidence.

[A locust then suffocates from is body induced in flames and then falls in the roof of the car.]

Ellie: Oh my God, oh my God!

Ian: That’s…Bananas.

[Locusts fall in all directions, including in the windshield making them get stuck in a roof.]

Ellie: Oh my God!

Ian: I know. This may seem precarious but No, we're-we're teetering.

Maisie: Should we all lean to the left or something?

Ian: That's very constructive. Thank you, Maisie.

Maisie: Yeah.

Ian: Yeah, yeah. We're fine. See this? This is fine.

[Suddenly the car slips as it falls down the slope until it eventually is on its top.]

Ian: How is everyone?

[Maisie looks to see Owen, Kayla, and Claire.]

Maisie: It's my parents! Help!

Claire: Listen.

[They hear Maisie in the car and they all head over to get everyone out. Claire and Owen proceeds to hug Maisie.]

Claire: You're okay,

Maisie: I can’t believe you actually came for me.

Claire: Of course we did.

[Maisie then turns to see Kayla.]

Maisie: I remember you.

Kayla: I remember you too.

[They then turn to see Alan, Ellie, and Ian.]

Maisie: They helped me escape.

Claire: Thank you.

Kayla: We gotta go. Gonna have to break a window to get inside that thing. Hope nobody's afraid of heights.

Scene 17. Giganotosaurus

[All of a sudden they all hear footsteps in the distance, followed by deep, throaty rumbling. The steps grow louder and louder as they close in on the group.]

Alan and Owen: (in unison) Don't move.

[They then see the shadow of the massive Giganotosaurus ominously emerging from the forest walking right up to them, and chomping on a nearby locust.]

Ellie: What is that?

Alan: Giganotosaurus, Biggest carnivore the world has ever seen.

Ian: Bigger. Why do they always have to go bigger?

[The Giganotosaurus lets out a mighty roar as everyone proceeds to back away and hide at the back of the car. The theropod looks around and snarls in fury as everyone slowly walks around the car.]

Claire: Maisie, Maisie, look at me!

[The theropod lowers its head, sniffs the dirt and snarls. It then walks forward until it comes around the other side of the car and bellows at the humans. Eventually they make it out and everyone dashes to the ladder not knowing Ian was still in the car. Each of them climb up but the Giganotosaurus lunges at Maisie and clamps down on the cage surrounding her.]

Claire: No, no, no no!

Kayla: Hustle!

Maisie: I'm gonna die!

Owen: Climb! Climb, kid!

Kayla: No, you're not. No you're not! You're okay.

[As Maisie screams, the Giganotosaurus rips the cage off the ladder and Maisie buys time to climb up. Meanwhile the giant theropod crushes the cage and tosses it aside while everyone else climbs up the ladder. But then the Giganotosaurus walks right up to them, leaning his head up to the top of the tower so he’s eye to eye with the humans. As the predator slowly opens his jaws to eat them, Ian grabs a locust on fire, shoves a pole into it and waves it around.]

Ian: Come on. Hey! Hey!

[The Giganotosaurus turns around and sees Ian holding his locust torch. He then waits as the massive dinosaur opens his mouth and then throws the locust torch down its throat giving Ian times to sprint to the ladder. The Giganotosaurus proceeds to unintentionally unleash a stream of fire like a dragon. Meanwhile everyone else tries to open the doors to inside of the tower. Ian climbs up the latter but slips and falls, but thankfully Alan grabs his hand.]

Alan: I got ya!

[Everyone then proceeds to get the doors open and everyone rushes to the door, but the carnivore recovers and clamps down on the walking platform circling the tower with Owen and Ellie on it. The dinosaur pulls with all its might, but Owen and Ellie were able to leap across as the piece of platform detached. Everyone then pants in relief.]

Owen: See? Not so bad.

[But then, the Giganotosaurus, now angrier than ever, raises his head right behind Owen and rams right through the glass making Owen fall on his back. The predator snaps at everything as it thrashes around violently.]

Owen: Come on!

[Suddenly Claire’s foot gets caught in a wire and she slips and falls. It reveals the Giganotosaurus was holding the wire as he pulls her right out of the window. Owen then leans forward and grabs Claire before the theropod could chomp down on her. Kayla then gets a rifle and shoots a dart at the theropods snout. Maisie then gets her taser and slides it to Claire. Claire then grabs it and tases the animal square in the eye forcing the theropod to roar in pain and storm off.

Scene 18. Evacuation

[We then cut to the biosyn valley where we see several dinosaurs surrounded in a forest of fire. We see Lewis and his workers watching in the control room.]

Denise: Call an evacuation. We need to bring the animals inside.

Worker: The regulations are clear that in the event of the-

Lewis: SHH! Jeffery.

[Lewis just turns to his worker Jeffery who shakes his head. Lewis then has a tantrum on the spot at all his hard work literally going up in flames, flailing his arms around and smacking a wheeled chair.]

Lewis: Just! Just call it.

Denise: Attention, attention, this is an immediate evacuation. order. Remote heading system is now active. All living assets on route to emergency containment.

[At that moment all the workers start evacuating the sanctuary as the remote heading systems are able to signal the dinosaurs to head for the sanctuary for shelter from the flame. The doors to the sanctuary open as all the dinosaurs head inside. Meanwhile Ramsay looks to see all the chaos that is going on. At the watch tower, Ian tries to call someone on the phone but is unsuccessful.]

Ian: Can't get hold of anybody since everything is on fire.

[Owen walks up to Ellie with a to-go cup and hands it to her.]

Owen: Doctor Sattler. Here’s some water.

Ellie: Thank you.

Owen: Doctor Grant. Here ya are I'm I'm Owen Grady, big fan. I read your book. Well, book on tape.

Alan: Owen Grady. Owen Grady, I know who you are. You trained raptors.

Owen: Yeah. I try. Yeah. How you doing?

Ellie: Then You, you were at Jurassic World.

Ian: Jurassic World? Not a fan,

Kayla: Okay. So, we good to find a way out of here?

Owen: Yep.

Kayla: Let's get it. There's a helicopter out in the main complex. We turn the ADS back on, we go home.

Claire: Wait, what's an ADS?

Kayla: Aerodyterrant system. You know. for the pterodactyls and shit? Keeps them away from the helicopters.

Maisie: Well, how do we turn it back home?

Claire: Okay, it looks like all the systems run through to the control room which is on the third floor.

Owen: And these outposts are connected underground.

Scene 19. Power

[Owen and Alan proceed to open the door to a latter downstairs. We then see Claire holding a flashlight stick as she leads the way with Ellie Owen Ian and Alan following down a large control tunnel.]

Ian: So you worked in the raptor pen Huh?

Owen: Yeah.

Ian: Wow. Well what happens? You just tell them what to do and they they comply or?

Owen: Human animal bond based on ritual respect.

Ian: Mmhmm. Had a dog once. Humped my leg so much I had a callus in my shin bone. It's a true story.

[Back in the sanctuary, Lewis walks up to a cabinet of old treasures and picks up the old barbasol can from Jurassic park until he is met by Ramsay startling him.]

Lewis: Ah, god Hey, good. Here's what I'm thinking. We get started again. You and me. I can get money. Yeah. Money's cheap these days. What what's the matter? Don't look so worried. Just there's opportunity in everything Peach. Even this. You you'll earn that. I've been thinking maybe you take more of the lead now. Okay? You ready I think?

[Lewis hands Ramsay some paperwork but Ramsay just lets it fall to the floor]

Lewis: What the hell is the matter with you?

[Ramsay just gives him a smile, which has lewis put it all together]

Lewis: It was you. You told Malcolm about the program. You-you you set this whole thing up. You set me up. I gave you every opportunity I did not have. We have an understanding, Ramsay and you do not break that. I would not break this.

Ramsay: I'm not you.

[Ramsay then proceeds to walk away. Back at the main controls everyone comes in to see the fires all across the valley through the window]

Ian: This is very bad.

[Claire looks to the controls]

Claire: This is the same system we used at the park.

Ian: Great. So we can turn on the the thing and then we all get outta here

[Claire typed the code for the ADS and the computer shows error 99]

Claire: What's this? What what's error 99?

Ramsay: Not enough power.

[everyone turns to see Ramsay walk up to them]

Ramsay: Gonna break down all available power and cease by the primary system to keep running. We need all that power to reactivate the ADS

Alan: So the system's safety features what's going to kill us?

Kayla: Of course.

Ellie: How do we get more power?

Ramsay: Uh well we can't but we can redistribute what we have. We just just need to.

Claire: Shut down the primary system.

Ramsay: Yes exactly.

Claire: Where is it?

Ramsay: Uh next floor up.

Ellie: I’m coming with you.

Maisie: We escaped down there

Owen: Where is that? Water treatment center?

Ramsay: hydro electric system sub eight.

Owen: Give me eight minutes I can find her.

Ellie: Wait. Who's this now?

Maisie: Beta. Blue’s baby.

Kayla: Velociraptor.

Ellie: What?

Alan: A baby raptor?

Ian: And you gave her a name. How about that?

Owen: I made a promise we would bring her home.

Ian: You made a promise... to a dinosaur.

Maisie: You're home with us right?

Alan: Maisie, I d-

Maisie: Please.

[Alan sighs. Alan and Ellie give Ian individual walkie-talkies]

Alan: well be on channel five, okay?

Ellie: we’re on three.

Claire: Come back.

Owen: I always come back.

Kayla: I'll have that chopper hot tint wait for my signal.

[we cut back to Lewis who is now at the supersonic train system and enters]

Speaker: Evacuation is now. All living Assets now in containment

[lewis moves some seatbelts and takes a seat in the chair as the train proceeds to move.

Scene 20. Power and Beta

[Back With Ellie and Claire they enter the control room]

Claire: Still get nightmares?

Ellie: all the time. You?

Claire: I have a lot of regrets

Ellie: oh yeah? Well, We hold on to regret and we stay in the past. What matters I guess is is what we do now. Right?

Claire: yeah

[the two enter to see a floor littered with the remaining locust from the swarm scattered all over the floor]

Claire: nobody said there’d be bugs

[back with Owen Alan and Maisie they enter the hydro system as they continue to look for beta]

Maisie: B 4, she's in here.

Alan: Watch the sides. They always Come from the sides. ya know at first we thought They disembow their prey but no, they're smart enough to go straight to the throat. The veins, The arteries, snaps both at the same time.

Maisie: Okay.

[back to Claire and Ellie they step over all the sleeping insects as Ian’s voice can be heard in their walkie-talkie]

Ian: We've got you. It's right down that aisle. It's right down that aisle where you are. Why are they skulking?You can sprint right for it.

[eventually they make it to the control system]

Ellie: Here it is.

Ramsay: Okay, so it'll be a yellow button and the grid is six.

Ian: There's a green button. Do you see a green button? It's not that green button that's formed. Four from the bottom.

Ellie: woah, woah woah woah. Fourth one up?

Ian: Third one down or fourth one up. Same thing.

Ellie: Ian, be specific

[we cut back to Alan Owen and Maisie as they venture deep into the pipes around the chamber. Alan looks to see a light broken]

Owen: She was here. Lights off.

[cut back to Ian and Ramsay]

Ian: I don't know how I could possibly be more specific other than to say that the one you want is marked with

Ramsay: E one.

Ian: E one.

[the girls sigh as they look to E one and press it proceeding to shut off all the power, which also shuts off power for the supersonic train Lewis is in]

Lewis: No. No. No. No. No.

[back with Owen Maisie and Alan they continue their search now with Alan having a tranquilizer gun and Alan a monkey wrench. Suddenly beta emerges from the steam snarling and shrieking in defense with Alan shooting a tranq dart but Beta dodging.]

Owen: dammit she’s fast.

[beta leaps forward again and Owen aims the gun. Maisie rushes up in front of them and lifts her hand across from her]

Maisie: hey! Eyes on me

[Owen and Alan look to one another]

Owen: I've got a hitter on the side of the neck. Maisie, you're going to hold her focus? Grant, we’ll triangulate it

[Alan then lifts his hand and walks a little ways away from Maisie with Owen doing the same. Beta then proceeds to run to the left giving Owen the time to tranquilizer her. Beta then slips and falls to the floor allowing the tranquilizer fluid to take its toll]

Owen: Sorry girl. I promised your mom I'd get you home.

[with Ellie and Claire all the systems shut back on again]

Speaker: primary system rebooting

Ellie: It's rebooting.

Ian: No, I shouldn't be doing that.

[as the power reboots it alarms all the locusts as the y wake up and swarm. Ellie and Claire scream as they try to tase the locusts. Eventually they sprint for the door tasing any locusts that charge at them and Claire gets an axe and slices as many locusts as possible]

Ian: We're going to make it work. We're going to figure this out. It's very complex.

Ellie: We don't have time for a complex!

[Claire then proceeds to use the axe to chop down on a wire as the power shuts off again]

Speaker: Primary system compromised.

[Ellie finishes by slicing the wire in half l. We cut back to Ian and Ramsay looking at the computer monitor]

Ian: Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Speaker: Aerial deterrent system active.

Ian: Victory. Victory.

[Claire and Ellie sigh in relief.]

Ellie: Damn, that felt good.

Scene 21. Lewis demise

[we cut back to Lewis who makes his way out of the supersonic train and into the large tunnel. He then walks through with a flashlight as steam blasts at him from the sides. He then looks in front of him as a dilophosaurus stands across from him flaring it’s neck frill. Lewis sprints back to the train dropping me the barbasol can in the process. Lewis makes it back into the train only to hear a rattling sound. Suddenly another dilophosaurus breaks through the glass behind him shrinking at him flaring its neck frill. Lewis turns to see two more dilophosaurus staring right at him]

Lewis: What's your story?

[soon all the dilophosaurus are flaring their neck frills and proceed to spit their acidic venom on him. Lewis shrieks in pain as some of it gets in his mouth. Lewis then feels the Benin taking its toll as he falls to the floor with a dilophosaurus looming right over him. The lights fade to black as we hear Lewis yell in horror as the theropods go in for the kill.]

Scene 22. Escaping

[We then cut to Alan, Maisie and Owen with Beta strapped in his shoulder with a muzzle on her snout as they are all in an elevator hearing lewis voice in the speaker]

Speaker: At Biosyn, we're dedicated to the idea that dinosaurs can teach us more about ourselves.

[we cut to Kayla who exits her elevator]

Claire: Alright, Kayla. We're good to go.

[Kayla walks forward to the biosyn helicopter and gets her piloting gloves on. ]

Kayla: Okay cutie.

[we see Alan Owen and Maisie walk through a hallway where they meet up with Claire and Ellie]

Alan: you alright?

Ellie: someday.

Owen: hey!

[Owen gets out his pistol. Everyone looks to see Henry standing across from them]

Alan: Hey. I remember you.

Henry: Please, you have to listen to me.

Ellie: You created an ecological disaster.

Henry: And I can fix it. Charlotte Lockwood change every cell at Maisie’s body. It saved her life. If I can understand how Charlotte rewrote Maisie’s DNA, I can spread change from one locust to the entire swarm before it's too late.

Maisie: It's okay. It's okay. It's what she would've wanted.

[Ian and Ramsay enter the scene]

Ian: No, no, no. No, no, no, no, no. Him, not him, not him, it's always him. Every.... is that a dinosaur on your shoulder?

Owen: Yeah. Why?

[they all see flashing lights as they see Kayla piloting the helicopter]

Kayla: I have air. Meet me in the center.

Ramsay: No no no no no hey hey, do not land in here!

Kayla: I have no choice, dude. The valley isn't safe!

Ramsay: No, they're not in the valley anymore!

[sure enough as Kayla looks to see she almost crashes right into a massive dreadnoughtus. Kayla turns to see the entire sanctuary overrun by dinosaurs as pterosaurs fly on and off the rock formations and a nearby iguanodon sprints off. The rest of the group walk into the main part of the sanctuary to be met by the passing sauropod as it bellows while leaving. This gives Kayla the time to land as everyone watches. They all proceed to head for the chopper but all stop at a familiar roar. They look to see Rexy walk around the circular fountain and right up to the group. They look behind them and see the giganotosaurus walk right up to Rexy as the two massive carnivores proceed to circle one another]

Alan: This isn't about us.

[Everobody sprints out of the way as the theropods charge at one another. Rexy grabs the giganotosaurus by the throat and shoves him to the ground only for the latter to push himself back up. The humans sprint behind some amber statues as they flee the scene. Meanwhile the giganotosaurus grabs Rexy by the tail and drags her around but eventually let’s go. Rexy then proceeds to chomp down in the giganotosaurus’ snout but the theropod yanks it out and then shoved Rexy backward and grabs her by the hip. The giganotosaurus then shoves Rexy to the ground but the theropod gets up. Meanwhile the humans sprint for the helicopter as they stop as the giganotosaurus stomps Rexy to the ground. Henry slips and falls to the ground as well but everybody helps him up. Eventually they all make it all to the chopper. Back with the dinosaurs the giganotosaurus strangles Rexy by the throat and shoves her to a nearby pole and she collapses with Owen Claire Maisie and Ramsay right beneath her. The larger carnivore places a foot on Rexy’s seemingly dead body and roars triumphantly. The weight makes the pole sink toward the remaining humans as Ellie sprints to help]

Alan: Ellie no!

[The Giganotosaurus looks right at Ellie, forcing her to stop in her tracks. The carnivore then looks right at the original trio and roars right at them. Kayla then gets out a flare gun and shoots right at the giganotosaurus which turns his attention away from the humans, and right at the blind Therizinosaurus. The two stand across from one another as the vegetarian theropod roars showing its massive claws. This gives Owen Claire Maisie and Ramsay time to escape and sprint toward the chopper. Soon everybody is in the helicopter as Kayla prepares for liftoff]

Kayla: Everybody hold on to somebody.

[The helicopter prepares for liftoff. The Therizinosaurus lashes out one of his arms at the Giganotosaurus, only for the Giganotosaurus to snap at him. The Therizinosaurus lashes out again, but the Giganotosaurus grabs his claws with his jaws. This makes the Therizinosaurus to peck at the theropod's face, making him let go. The helicopter rises from the ground as its light shines on Rexy, who suddenly moves her eye after. Rexy then proceeds to get up and growl at her rival, making him look right at her. The Giganotosaurus looks from Rexy to the Therizinosaurus and back again, suddenly realizing that he is cornered. The Therizinosaurus proceeds to slash at the Giganotosaurus's leg with his claws, making him roar in pain and snap back. This gives Rexy the time to charge forward and grab the Giganotosaurus by the throat. Still charging forward, Rexy shoves the Giganotosaurus right into the claws of the Therizinosaurus. The Therizinosaurus's claws impale the Giga right through the throat and chest. The Therizinosaurus then shoves the Giganotosaurus to the ground, yanking his claws off of him. Rexy nudges the Giganotosaurus, making certain he is dead. Rexy and the Therizinosaurus then roar triumphantly as a rainstorm emerges with lightning flashing in the background. The humans fly out of the sanctuary, looking back at it with saddened but relieved faces.]

Scene 23. Ending

[We cut to the next morning as everyone is at the airport. Henry is getting an arm cast while we see Ramsay and Ian speaking to another about the ordeal at the sanctuary]

Ramsay: No. At every level. Complete systemic corruption in in the executive lands.

Ian: Systemic corruption. Write that down.

[The worker does so as we see Kayla speaking to another about the plane crash]

Kayla: And then we crashed into this ice thing, right? I mean, they literally owe me a plane.

[We cut to Ellie putting the DNA sample into a plastic bag with Alan right beside her.]

Ellie: I need to get this sample to the lab before I take into my contact at the Times. You could come with me. Unless you need to get back to your dig.

Alan: Ellie?

Ellie: Yeah?

Alan: I am coming with you.

[The two look to one another before the two share a romantic kiss. We then see Maisie being treated by another worker.]

Worker: I know. One more minute, then we'll send you home with your folks.

[Maisie then looks to Owen and Claire together with Beta seen on a treatment table. Claire and Owen look back at Maisie, who smiles, accepting them as her parents. We then see everyone heading for the helicopter back home before getting a look at the remains of the valley as we see a Nasutoceratops in the burnt forest and a pair of Brachiosaurus in the lake before getting an aerial view of Washington D.C.]

Gemma: (offscreen) Today marks the first day of testimony from Biosyn and whistleblower Ramsay Cole. The Senate will also hear from Doctors Grant, Sattler, and Malcolm who have been vocal in this debate since the incident at Jurassic Park.

[We then see Alan and Ellie outside a nearby pond as Ellie prepares Alan for the testimony. Alan wears a suit.]

Ellie: You look trustworthy.

[The two smile as Alan looks to see a little girl giving some feed to a Moros.]

Alan: Yeah. Not getting used to it.

Ellie: Let's finish this.

Alan: Yeah.

[We then see Henry in a field of wheat.]

Gemma: (offscreen) Doctor Henry Wu has found an emergency solution to the ecological crisis. His use of a pathogen to alter the locust DNA has revolutionized modern genetics. He attributed the discovery to another scientist, Charlotte Lockwood, who died nearly 13 years ago.

[Henry looks to a small glass crate in his hand to reveal a less aggressive-looking locust with what looks to be a tracker in its back. Henry smiles. He then proceeds to release it and watches it fly off with the rest of the released locust swarm. The entire swarm emerges from the field and fly off to parts unknown, with Henry watching as he cheeringly lifts his arms. We then cut to Rexy by a river at the sanctuary.]

Gemma: (offscreen) By UN decree, Biosyn Valley has been designated a global sanctuary. The animals will live there free, safe from the outside world.

[As she speaks, the Tyrannosaur Buck and Doe from Isla Sorna emerge from the forest, making Rexy realize that she will never be alone again. Together, all three Tyrannosaurus rexes roar. We then cut to Kayla giving a paper slip to someone before giving him her back as well. We then see her looking at her new plane and smiling. We then see her walk up to it and spray paints a two on it. We then cut to a forest as we see a car driving. We then see Owen, Claire, and Maisie opening the trunk to reveal Beta in a pet carrier and letting her out. They then stand outside the fire at where Beta calls out to her mother. After a moment of silence, they hear a response. They all look to see Blue emerge from the foliage and walk up to the group. Beta then walks up to her, and they both embrace one another affectionately before running off into the forest. Maisie, Claire, and Owen make their way back into the car before Owen makes one more look to the forest as Blue emerges and looks right at him. They both share a moment before Blue returns to the forest and Owen enters the car. We then see Blue and Beta running in the forest together before we see a video of a young Charlotte with a Microceratus.]

Charlotte: Life on Earth has existed for hundreds of millions of years, and dinosaurs were only a part of that. And we are an even smaller part of that. They really put us in perspective.

[We see a close up of the Microceratus before seeing a video of an adult Charlotte.]

Charlotte: The idea that life on Earth existed 65 million years ago -- it's humbling. We act like we're alone here, but we're not.

[We see a shot of a hiker on a hillside looking at a pair of grazing Ankylosaurus.]

Charlotte: We're part of a fragile system made up of all living things.

[We then see Owen, Claire, and Maisie sitting around a campfire, then back to Charlotte.]

Charlotte: If we're going to survive, we'll have to trust each other, depend on each other. Coexist.

[We then see various clips. We see a herd of Parasaurolophus and wild horses running across the plains together, then a flock of Pteranodon, a trio of Quetzalcoatlus and a flock of birds taking flight to the sky, then a pair of Apatosaurus in a pine forest with the second one reaching up to eat the pine fern from the top of the trees, then the Mosasaurus swimming with a pod of humpback whales, then we see a Sinoceratops and her baby migrating with a herd of elephants across the African plain, then cut to black, and roll credits]