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Mattel Jurassic World- Fallen Kindom toys

The Mattel Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom toys


The Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom toys are a line of toys created by Mattel based on the film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Many animals, like Mosasaurus and Carnotaurus, are based on their appearance in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. There is a sideline called Legacy that consists of figures based on Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, and Jurassic Park III

Main Line

"Attack Pack" set

Attack Pack Figures

The "Attack Pack" Figures

The "Attack Pack" line figures consisting of multiple man-sized creatures.

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3


  • 'Target' Exclusive 6 Pack Dino Bundle
    • Pteranodon (Grey)
    • Gallimimus (Light Orange)
    • Dimorphodon (Orange)
    • Dilophosaurus (Dark Brown)
    • Gallimimus (Light Green)
    • Velociraptor (Brown)
  • Kohl's Set Exclusive 2-Pack
    • Owen Grady with riot gear
    • Velociraptor (Red)
    • Gallimimus (Bluish-Grey)
  • Dilophosaurus & Dimorphodon 2-pack
    • Dilophosaurus (Blue)
    • Dimorphodon (Standard)
  • Velociraptor “Blue” & Dimorphodon 2-pack
    • Velociraptor "Blue" (Standard)
    • Dimorphodon (Tan)
  • Velociraptor & Gallimimus 2-pack
    • Velociraptor (Standard Green)
    • Gallimimus (Light Tan)


The "Roarivores" line consists of dinosaurs that make an electronic sound when a button on their back is pressed.

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

"Action Attack"

Jurassic World Action Attack Assortment

The "Action Attack" Figures

The "Action Attack" line consists of dinosaurs that either snap their jaws or swing their tail when pushing a button on their lower back.

Slime sets

The slime line consists of dinosaurs that come packaged with slime.

  • Dino DNA Lab Kit Velociraptor
  • Dino DNA Lab Kit Dimorphodon
  • Lava Surge Playset with exclusive Baryonyx

"Mini Dinos"

The "Mini Dinos" line features miniature versions of the already existing toys from Mattel. These "Mini Dinos" come in blind bags but some come in various 3-packs, 5-packs (see legacy), or even a 15-pack.

Wave 1

  • "Mini" Ankylosaurus
  • "Mini" Triceratops (Green)
  • "Mini" Baryonyx
  • "Mini" Stygimoloch
  • "Mini" Parasaurolophus
  • "Mini" Dilophosaurus
  • "Mini" Velociraptor (Green)
  • "Mini" Stegosaurus (Brown)
  • "Mini" Velociraptor "Blue"
  • "Mini" Tyrannosaurus rex (Light brown)
  • "Mini" Apatosaurus

Wave 2

  • "Mini" Ceratosaurus
  • "Mini" Dimorphodon
  • "Mini" Postosuchus
  • "Mini" Suchomimus
  • "Mini" Stygimoloch (Dark Drown)
  • "Mini" Ankylosaurus (With red armour)
  • "Mini" Triceratops (Light Brown)
  • "Mini" Pachyrhinosaurus
  • "Mini" Stegosaurus (Green)
  • "Mini" Spinosaurus
  • "Mini" Metriacanthosaurus
  • "Mini" Allosaurus
  • "Mini" Carnotaurus
  • "Mini" Indoraptor
  • "Mini" Diplodocus
  • "Mini" Pteranodon


  • Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Mini Action Dinos 3 Pack (a)
    • "Mini" Velociraptor (Green)
    • "Mini" Stegosaurus (Brown)
    • "Mini" Indominus (Clear)
  • Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Mini Action Dinos 3 Pack (b)
    • "Mini" Apatosaurus
    • "Mini" Dilophosaurus
    • "Mini" Indoraptor
  • "Mini Dinos" 3-pack
    • "Mini" Stygimoloch
    • "Mini" Triceratops
    • "Mini" Tyrannosaurus rex (Glossy)
  • "Mini Dinos" 3-pack
    • "Mini" Baryonyx
    • "Mini" Ankylosaurus
    • "Mini" Velociraptor
  • "Mini Dinos" 15-pack (Including some "Battle Damage" Mini Dinos)
    • "Mini" Velociraptor "Blue"
    • "Mini" Indominus rex (Camoflauge)
    • "Mini" Apatosaurus (Battle Damaged)
    • "Mini" Carnotaurus
    • "Mini" Indoraptor
    • "Mini" Pteranodon
    • "Mini" Allosaurus (Battle Damaged)
    • "Mini" Stygimoloch
    • "Mini" Tyrannosaurus (Battle Damaged)
    • "Mini" Dilophosaurus
    • "Mini" Triceratops
    • "Mini" Baryonyx
    • "Mini" Tyrannosaurus
    • "Mini" Mosasaurus
    • "Mini" Stegosaurus

Human figures

These are all the human figures that have been released by Mattel.

  • "Dinosaur Trainer" Owen
  • Owen & Baby "Blue" (2-pack)
  • "Lockwood Battle" Owen
  • Claire & Stegosaurus (2-pack)
  • Maisie & Tyrannosaurus rex (2-pack)
  • Franklin & Microceratus  (2-pack) (Cancelled)
  • ZiaTriceratops  (2-pack)
  • Ken Wheatley
  • MercenaryDimorphodon (2-pack)
  • Mercenary & Ankylosaurus (2-pack)

"Battle Damage"

The "Battle Damage" line consists of dinosaurs with a part of their skin that can slide down which is the battle damage. The "Battle Damage" line is exclusive to Walmart.

  • "Battle Damage" Tyrannosaurus rex with Monolophosaurus
  • "Battle Damage" Roarin' Super Colossal Tyrannosaurus rex
  • "Battle Damage" Velociraptor "Blue"
  • "Battle Damage" Pachycephalosaurus
  • "Battle Damage" Triceratops
  • "Battle Damage" Stygimoloch
  • "Battle Damage" Herrerasaurus
  • "Battle Damage" Gallimimus
  • "Battle Damage" Pteranodon
  • Jurassic World Lockwood Ultimate Battle set 2-pack ("Battle Damage" Velociraptor  "Blue" and "Battle Damage" Indoraptor) (Limited Release)


The "Destructasaurs" consists of dinosaurs and destructible accessories that have magnets. The "Destruct-A-Saurs" line was originally exclusive to Toys "R" Us, but has since been found at Walmart stores in Mexico and available on their website. Note: The "Destruct-A-Saurs" line is no longer being sold in the US for due to Toys R Us' closure, although they were briefly on sale at Amazon, but are currently unavailable again.

Destruct-A-Saurs figures

The "Destruct-A-Saurs"figures

  • "Destruct-A-Saurs"  Dilophosaurus with Compsognathus 
  • "Destruct-A-Saurs"  Dimetrodon with Microceratus
  • "Destruct-A-Saurs"  Pteranodon with Microceratus 
  • "Destruct-A-Saurs"  Velociraptor with Microceratus
  • "Destruct-A-Saurs"  Stygimoloch with Dimorphodon
  • "Destruct-A-Saurs"  Stygimoloch Lab set (Cancelled)
  • "Destruct-A-Saurs"  Tyrannosaurus rex Ambush Playset (Limited release)
  • "Destruct-A-Saurs"  Pteranodon Copter Attack set 

"Legacy Collection"

The "Legacy Collection" is a Target exclusive line based around the previous films of the Jurassic Park franchise. This line consists of toys for Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III

Jurassic Park

  • Jurassic Park "Extreme Chompin' " Tyrannosaurus rex
  • Jurassic Park 8-Pack
  • Jurassic Park Gallimimus (Has running feature)
  • Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus (Can spit out water) (Cancelled)
  • Jurassic Park Brachiosaurus
  • "Legacy Collection" Mini Dinos 5-pack (Jurassic Park)
    • "Mini" Triceratops (Brown)
    • "Mini" Dilophosaurus
    • "Mini" Ankylosaurus
    • "Mini" Tyrannosaurus (Orange)
    • "Mini" Brachiosaurus 
  • "Legacy Collection" Dr. Alan Grant
  • "Legacy Collection" Dr. Ellie Sattler
  • "Legacy Collection" Dr. Ian Malcom
  • "Legacy Collection" Robert Muldoon
  • "Legacy Collection" John Hammond (SDCC Exclusive) (Limited Release)
  • Isla Nublar Escape Set
    • Ellie Sattler
    • John Hammond
    • Velociraptor (standing)
    • Velociraptor (crouching)

The Lost World: Jurassic Park 

  • The Lost World: Jurassic Park Junior Tyrannosaurus rex
  • The Lost World: Jurassic Park Pachycephalosaurus 
  • The Lost World: Jurassic Park Buck Tyrannosaurus rex with Junior Tyrannosaurus rex (2-pack)
  • "Legacy Collection" Mini Dinos 5-pack (The Lost World: Jurassic Park)
    • "Mini" Velociraptor (Orange)
    • "Mini" Pachycephalosaurus
    • "Mini" Parasaurolophus
    • "Mini" Stegosaurus
    • "Mini" Tyrannosaurus rex (Dark Green/Buck T. rex)

Jurassic Park III

  • Jurassic Park III  Pteranodon
  • Jurassic Park III "Extreme Chompin' " Spinosaurus (Limited release)
  • Jurassic Park III Velociraptor (Male) (Cancelled)
  • "Legacy Collection" Mini Dinos 5-pack (Jurassic Park III)
    • "Mini" Velociraptor (Green)
    • "Mini" Velociraptor (Orange)
    • "Mini" Pteranodon
    • "Mini" Spinosaurus
    • "Mini" Tyrannosaurus rex (Green)

Non-line specific toys

These are toys that come in no specific line (e.g: "Real Feel" Mosasaurus, "Thrash n' Throw" Tyrannosaurus rex, etc.)

  • "Thrash n' Throw" Tyrannosaurus rex
  • "Real Feel" Mosasaurus
  • "Super Posable" Indoraptor 
  • "Grab n' Growl" Indoraptor
  • Pterano-Drone
  • Quest for Indominus rex 3-pack (Deep-Dive Submarine, re-issue "Real Feel" Mosasaurus, Indominus rex skeleton)

Story Packs

The Story Pack figures consist of one human figure and one dinosaur figure that represents certain scenes from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

  • Velociraptor "Blue" & Owen (Blue can leap)
  • Stygimoloch "Stiggy" & Mercenary

Dino Rivals

Attack Pack

Wave 1 (January 2019)

Dino Rivals Attack Pack figures

The 2019 "Dino Rivals: Attack Pack" figures

  • "Attack Pack" Protoceratops  (Dark blue) 
  • "Attack Pack" Rhamphorhynchus 
  • "Attack Pack" Velociraptor "Delta"
  • "Attack Pack" Dracorex  

Wave 2 (May 2019)

"Savage Strike"

Mattel Savage Strike figures

The "Savage Strike" figures

The "Savage Strike" line features dinosaurs with attacking play features. This is also part of the Dino Rivals wave. This line is released in 2019.

  • "Savage Strike" Velociraptor "Blue" (Re-release)
  • "Savage Strike" Tapejara 
  • "Savage Strike" Monolophosaurus 
  • "Savage Strike" Dimetrodon 
  • "Savage Strike" Stygimoloch "Stiggy"
  • "Savage Strike" Styracosaurus
  • "Savage Strike" Velociraptor (Yellow) 
  • "Savage Strike" Velociraptor "Blue" (Claw gimmick)
  • "Savage Strike" Dilophosaurus 
  • "Savage Strike" Pachycephalosaurus
  • "Savage Strike" Plesiosaurus 

"Battle Damage"

  • "Battle Damage" Albertosaurus
  • "Battle Damage" Pteranodon
  • "Battle Damage" Plesiosaurus 
  • "Battle Damage" Pteranodon (Original Colors)
  • "Battle Damage" Pteranodon (Green)
  • "Battle Damage" Velociraptor (Yellow)

Wave 2

  • "Battle Damage" Spinosaurus
  • Jurassic World "Battle Damage" Ultimate Baryonyx Breakout
  • "Battle Damage" Proceratosaurus
  • "Battle Damage" Herrerasaurus
  • "Battle Damage" Monolophosaurus

"Dual Attack"

The Dual Attack line consists of dinosaurs with two attack features. This line is also set to release in 2019 as part of the Dino Rivals wave.

Dual Attack Wave 1 (January 2019)

  • "Dual Attack" Concavenator
  • "Dual Attack" Triceratops
  • "Dual Attack" Parasaurolophus

Dual Attack Wave 2 (May 2019)

  • "Dual Attack" Concavenator
  • "Dual Attack" Allosaurus
  • "Dual Attack" Nasutoceratops
  • "Dual Attack" Triceratops

"Mega Dual Attack"

​​​The "Mega Dual Attack" line is a line that features dinosaurs with two play features. This line is also part of the Dino Rivals wave.

Non-Specific lines

Figures that are announced, but are currently not aligned to any existing line.

  • "Super Posable" Indoraptor (Re-release) (Dino Rivals)
  • "Destroy 'N Devour" Indominus rex 
  • "Bite 'N Fight" Tyrannosaurus rex
  • "Extreme Chompin' " ​​​​Tyrannosaurus rex (Re-release) (Dino Rivals)


  • "Roarivores" Baryonyx 
  • "Roarivores" Metriacanthosaurus
  • ​​"Roarivores" Ceratosaurus 
  • "Roarivores" Ankylosaurus 

"Super Colossal"

These are figures that are much larger than the normal scaled figures. So far, the only one released has been the "Super Colossal" Tyrannosaurus rex. However, at Toy Fair 2019, Mattel revealed a "Super Colossal" Velociraptor "Blue".

  • "Super Colossal" Tyrannosaurus rex
  •  "Super Colossal" Tyrannosaurus rex (Dino Rivals) (Re-release)
  • "Super Colossal Velociraptor "Blue"

Primal Attack

"Primal Attack" is a new wave of figures that was announced by Mattel at San Diego Comic-Con. Some of the figures in this wave will also appear in Camp Cretaceous.

"Massive Biters"

The "Massive Biters" line includes figures whose tails can be moved from side to side, which activates a striking or chomping gimmick.

  • "Massive Biters" Tarbosaurus 
  • "Massive Biters" Sarcosuchus 
  • "Massive Biters" Siats
  • "Massive Biters" Albertosaurus (Not yet released)
  • "Massive Biters" Stegosaurus (Not yet released)

"Control 'N Conquer"

The "Control 'N Conquer" line includes figures that are able to roar by tilting the tail upwards.

  • "Control 'N Conquer" Carnotaurus
  • Carnotaurus "Toro"

"Sound Strike"

The "Sound Strike" line features figures that can strike or chomp by moving the tail from side to side. Each movement causes the dinosaurs to make sounds.

"Savage Strike"

  • "Savage Strike" Postosuchus
  • "Savage Strike" Sauropelta 
  • "Savage Strike" Velociraptor "Charlie" 
  • "Savage Strike" Pachycephalosaurus (Orange) 
  • Velociraptor "Blue"

"Attack Pack"

  • "Attack Pack" Dracorex (Green) 
  • "Attack Pack" Rhamphorhynchus (Red) 
  • "Attack Pack" Herrerasaurus (Green; Re-release) (Not yet released)
  • "Attack Pack" Protoceratops (Series 1; Re-release) (Not yet released)
  • "Attack Pack" Minmi (Red) (Not yet released)
  • "Attack Pack" Troodon (Not yet released)
  • "Attack Pack" Alioramus (Not yet released)
  • "Attack Pack" Ornitholestes
  • "Attack Pack" Callovosaurus

"Battle Damage"

  • "Battle Damage" Gasosaurus (Not yet released)
  • "Battle Damage" Triceratops (Yellow) (Not yet released)
  • "Battle Damage" Stygimoloch "Stiggy" (Not yet released) (Re-Release)
  • "Battle Damage" Velociraptor (Gray)
  • "Battle Damage" Albertosaurus (Blue) (Not yet released)

"Large Dinosaurs"

  • Epic Roarin' Tyrannosaurus rex
  • Super Colossal Indominus Rex
  • "Real Feel" Mosasaurus (repack, only at Target)
  • Brachiosaurus (repack, not yet released)
  • "Destroy 'n Devour" Indominus Rex (repack)
  • "Extreme Chompin'" ​​​​Tyrannosaurus rex (Pale Brown)

Amber Collection

The Amber Collection line consists of figures that are highly detailed and articulated.

  • "Amber Collection" Velociraptor (Jurassic Park)
  • "Amber Collection" Velociraptor "Blue" (Not yet released)
  • "Amber Collection" Velociraptor "Charlie" (Not yet released)
  • "Amber Collection" Dr. Ian Malcolm
  • "Amber Collection" Owen Grady (Not yet released)


These are figures that have not been officially revealed by Mattel or an official source, but have been leaked online or have leaked information surrounding them.

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