These are scenes that were meant to be in the movie but were either scrapped or deleted during the production stage. About 8 minutes were cut from the final film; however an extended version aring on TV only adds 6 minutes back into the film leaving the other 2 minutes of footage cut.

Extended Control Room

Lowery Cruthers explains to Vivian Krill about how the Indominus rex was able to escape her paddock by changing her heat radiation before Simon Masrani came in to see the footage of it changing color again. This scene was included in both the junior novelization and the LEGO video game.

Poop Scene

While searching for her nephews, Zach and Gray Mitchell, Claire Dearing explains to Owen about her relationship with her nephews. When they come across two mountains of dinosaur poop and Owen asks Claire to cover herself with the soil in order to keep dinosaurs from smelling her scent so she smears all of her showing skin in the dinosaur dung including her chin and face, Owen mocks her about her going too far with the smearing then she walks off still with the dung on her face.

Despite being absent in the final film, the scene appeared in several TV spots.[1]

Bonding Scene

Zach Mitchell and Gray Mitchell are drying off by a river after escaping the Indominus rex when Gray pulled out a candy bar to eat. He splits the candy in half to share with Zach. They walk across a plain to head back to the park. Zach removes his wrist band and throws it to the ground.

Log Scene

Claire and Owen hide under a log after escaping the Indominus attack in the Visitors' Center. The Indominus roars but then is chased by the helicopter.

Stegoceratops Scene

As Claire and Owen were in the jungle, they were supposed to encounter a Stegoceratops, discovering that Dr. Henry Wu was making more hybrids in secret, but it was cut when the script was being written, due to Colin Trevorrow's son saying that if they had Stegoceratops along with Indominus rex, the I. rex would feel less special.[2]

Despite Stegoceratops never physically appearing in the movie, it still appeared on a computer screen inside the Hammond Creation Lab as well as appearing in the Hasrbo toy lineJurassic World: The Game and Jurassic World: Evolution dispite looking different in all three.

Indominus Rex vs animatronic Scene

The Indominus rex is in the Main Street when it encounters a T. rex animatronic and she bites the animatronic's head off but it was cut when the script was being written, due to Steven Spielberg pointing out that people might interpet the scene as saying CGI is much better than animatronics. While no footage exists, as it was never filmed, there is concept art of this scene.[3]

Dinosaurs cut from the film


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