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      Jurassic World Dominion: The Junior Novelization is a retelling of Jurassic World: Dominion for children age 8 to 12. The book has 114 pages, including an eight pages full-color insert. Written by David Lewman, it was released on June 14, 2022. It was published in hardcover, paperback and e-book formats.


The story is very similar to the story of the film. Therefore, only the differences with the film are listed. Some additions listed below, however, were included in the extended edition of the film.


  • After Owen, Shep, and Rosa herded the Parasaurolophus, Rainn Delacourt and co. confronted them, saying they're illegally poaching. Owen and co. refuted, saying they are DFW officials and they do not recognize Delacourt as a new recruit. Realising Delacourt was outnumbered, Owen gave in, giving the Parasaur to Delacourt.
  • Before Maisie bikes across the bridge, Blue watches her bike through the woods. She goes to a shop to buy fishing lures and a flashlight. The shop owner asks her why she isn't at school, to which Maisie responds she is home-schooled. Skeptically, the shop owner says, "That so."
  • After Beta hunts a rabbit with Blue, two hunters wearing white camouflage fires shots at them. "The raptor made quick work of the two hunters. They never stood a chance."
  • When Maisie is looking at the photo album of Charlotte, "Someone had stuck an old newspaper article in the album. The headline read CHARLOTTE LOCKWOOD AWARDED GRUBER PRIZE IN GENETICS." Maisie stared at the pictures, trying to understand the identical twin she never met.
  • After Ellie finds out the Peréz farmer's children caught a live locust, she enters the house, takes a sample of it with a device and takes the insect with her to get a second opinion from an old friend, i.e. Alan Grant.
  • At Grant's dig site, Madison (one of the tourist teenagers) shows Grant a video of the T. rex rampaging through the drive-in from The Prologue as Grant shows them a T. rex fossil. The girl goes on trying to discredit Grant's work as a paleontologist.
  • When Grant and Ellie meet, he doesn't offer her beer. He says, "Can I get you something?". She asks if he has iced tea. As she drinks her tea, she says, "I saw you letting those kids have it down there."
  • When Grant and Ellie are boarding the plane to fly to Biosyn sanctuary in the Dolomites, "Grant and Ellie found two seats next to each other among the crates. Grant struggled with his complicated multistrip seat belt. Ellie reached over and helped him. CLICK".
  • After Owen, Claire, and Barry enter the market in Malta, a vendor calls out to Owen and Claire in a foreign language, selling handbags made of dinosaur pelts. Barry tells Claire that these are fake. When they walk past the food stand, they see a drumstick on the spit, and Barry says, "those aren't". Noticing all the shady dealings, Owen asks Barry, "That legal?". Barry responds, "There's no such thing a legal here."
  • While in the market, Claire sees locusts in cages and being cooked on a grill. "Gah", she exclaimed. Barry says, "I know. They're everywhere now."
  • Smuggler Wigi approaches Kayla Watts to ship Elmisaurus. He looks at her Lystrosaurus, stating it's a very rare dinosaur, and offers two thousand for it. However, she prices up to eight. He then puts the Lystrosaurus in a fighting pit against an Oviraptor. In the fight, the Lystrosaurus beheads the Oviraptor.
  • When Kayla and Owen crash, an engineer in the Biosyn control room studies a display and says, "Looks like they hit the dam." Lewis Dodgson surveys the big map of the valley. "Get a drone out there", he commanded. "If there are survivors, we need to find them before something else does."
  • When the Pyroraptor confronts Kayla and Owen, Owen tells her not to look to the dinosaur's eyes, because it would see it as challenge. "What eyes? I saw teeth. Claws. Feathers. They've got feathers now?", she says. Owen responds, "Always did."


  • The farmer who Ellie pays a visit to is a man instead of a woman.
  • The locust that Ellie showed Grant changed its colour when it fluttered its wings.
  • When Ellie tries to persuade Grant to go to Biosyn's valley, he is unsure. He states that things get "messy" when people talk him into these things.
  • While on the DFW relocation facility, Ellie sees a baby Nasutoceratops, who was rescued by Claire. She uses a flashlight for the Nasuto to follow, not her finger like in the film.
  • When Maisie feeds Beta toast, she says that the toast has marmalade on it and that next time she feeds her, she will try with peanut butter. Owen shows up and notices Beta, and realizes this is why he had been seen two footprints on snow. Maisie asks Owen how Blue had an offspring, and Owen tells her that Blue was made in a laboratory, saying "no offence." Maisie responds, "None taken."
  • When Maisie is cornered at the bridge, a man and a woman named O'Hara got out of the car and walked toward Maisie. O'Hara tells Maisie, "thank God you're okay." Maisie asks who O'Hara is, to which O'Hara responds that they have been looking for her "for a long time."
  • The moment that Ellie and Grant meets Dodgson is cut shorter. The media don't take Ellie and Grant's photo, and Dodgson doesn't ask Ramsay about food. As they go to meet Ian, they have to put their phones into a security checkpoint. It's pointed out that Ellie's phone was modern, whereas Grant's was an old flip phone.
  • When Ellie and Grant first meet with Ian, there's no small talk like in the movie. Ellie goes right to the point: "Locusts". Ellie later states there will be a global collapse due to the locust epidemic. Ian replies with a line similar to Ellie's in Jurassic Park during the park tour: "Locusts eat the crops. Humans go extinct. Dinosaurs inherit the Earth."
  • Barry is the one who puts the coin into the jar to access the underground market in Malta, not Claire like in the film.
  • When Owen and Delacourt fight, Delacourt stabs Owen in the leg. When they're tussling in the fight ring, the Lystrosaurus bites Delacourt's leg, not his arm.
  • When Grant and Ellie are getting the locust sample in Biosyn's lab, the fluttering locust turned yellow as Grant held it.
  • Maise releases Beta by smashing her cage with a metal stool, not by using the ID tag.
  • When Ellie and Alan leave the contamination room, instead of having a moment and falling on top of each other, they simple "tumbled out into the hall, shutting the door behind them" Alan then notices a locust has got out, and stomps on it.
  • When Kayla is trying to land in Biosyn and they say she has unauthorized passengers, she tries a different tactic: "Tower, we have a sick passenger. We need immediate clearance. Over."
  • When the group seeks refuge at a research outpost in Biosyn's sanctuary, the Giganotosaurus attacks them. Owen and Ellie hang from the broken balcony, and her locust DNA sample falls into the Giga's mouth. Afterwards, when they're all talking in the control room, Alan finds a smoking locust on the balcony. He puts it on a table and Ellie snaps off a leg, which she uses as her new DNA sample.