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Jurassic World Facts is a educational mobile app created by Mattel to promote the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom toyline. The app allows the user to scan various codes from the Mattel Fallen Kingdom toyline and view 3D models of dinosaurs in various environments, as well as engage in various categories of quizzes. The three toylines featured in the app included Jurassic World, dino rivals, and primal attack.


(Please note that Jurassic World Facts features many re-colours and re-releases.)

App Description

"OVER 60 DINOSAURS TO COLLECT Scan the marker under the foot of your Mattel Jurassic World dinosaur figure to see that dinosaur come to life! Collect as many as you can. Hear your dinosaurs roar, stomp, and see their iconic moves!

4 ZONES TO EXPLORE Explore Jurassic World map and make sure to collect dinosaurs in all 4 different habitats.

LEARN FUN FACTS How much does a Velociraptor weigh? How much does a T-Rex eat every day? Learn more about your favorite dinosaurs to become the ultimate dinosaur expert.

ANSWER TRIVIA QUESTIONS Test your knowledge to earn points and badges! A total of 10 rank titles to achieve, compete with your friends and see who ranks higher!"


You are put at the top view of Isla Nublar with 6 individual viewpoints; they include the Carnivore Paddock, Herbivore Paddock, Aviary, Mosasaur Lagoon, Camp Cretaceous, and Lockwood Manor. Each area has unique dinosaurs varieties. Aside from the main view, you can also view your list of collected dinosaurs. To unlock dinosaurs to view, the scan option can be selected, in which you scan the special code located on Mattel's Jurassic World figures from either Jurassic World, Dino Rivals, or Primal Attack.

When you view a dinosaur, you can activate their animation gimmick by tapping their name tag. The observation button will obscure the background with a blue backdrop generating random data & shapes; allowing for an easier view, while viewing can also rotate the dinosaur. Each dinosaur has 5 facts. Unlocked dinosaurs can be specially tagged with the "favorite" option by tapping the heart icon while viewing them. Locked dinosaurs are instead tagged with a star for "wishlist". If you view a Dino Rivals figure, you can bring up statistics showing multiple different stats. Primal Attack figures have a roar feature when observing them.

If a dinosaur is locked, they will be shown in a dark setting, hard to see in. Their facts and stats can still be seen, but they can't be observed. They can still be "previewed" by holding the screen and summoning a flare to light the area.

Every week a dinosaur is tagged with a medal icon for "dinosaur of the week". This allows users to view locked figures for a limited time.

Quizzes are played to learn facts about the dinosaurs and earn facts for dinosaurs as well as increase the in-game rank title for the user. There are three types of quizzes with unique categories.


  • A majority of the dinosaurs have the same roar as common dinosaurs of the Jurassic park series. They include large carnivores using T-rex and Spinosaurus roars, medium and small carnivores using Velociraptor roars, and various herbivores using Pachycephalosaurus and Stegosaurus roars.
  • Like it's real life figure, Pachyrhinosaurus is incorrectly referred to as Sinoceratops. The name change may have been due to the inaccuracy of Sinoceratops's frill holes.
  • Most of the dinosaurs reuse animations and models from Jurassic World: The Game.
  • Some figures are unable to be obtained due to their real life figures being cancelled. They include, to only name a few, Jurassic world Destruct-O-Saurs Dimetrodon, Legacy Collection Dilophosaurus and Velociraptor. One can still "view" a cancelled figure via saving it to the wish list, saving the wishlist itself, and viewing their icons.
  • The Dino Rivals Indoraptor currently cannot be obtained due to Mattel re-issuing the super posable Indoraptor figure without a new code.
  • Originally a bug made the Indoraptor unable to be permanently unlocked, as when a user would exit out of its page it would become locked again, meaning it would have to be scanned once again to be viewed. This bug, before it was fixed, also affected the Dino Rivals Allosaurus and Nasutoceratops.
  • Another bug once occurred where users who updated the app suddenly unlocked all dinosaurs, including those that were cancelled and ones that were not yet released.
  • At some point during 2020, a sixth viewpoint was added, which allows users to view dinosaurs from the Camp Cretaceous toyline.
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