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"Glide over Isla Nublar on a round-trip tour of our amazing Jurassic World. Departs every 20 minutes. "
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The Monorail is the main mode of transportation in Jurassic World. When visitors arrive in the park at the Ferry Landing, the monorail brings them to the Main Street. From the Main Street, the monorail takes visitors to virtually all attractions in the park. It passes through the immense Jurassic Park Gate en route.

There are 12 monorail stations in the park. Every 20 minutes a vehicle departs from a station.

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JW monorail stations

All Monorail stations.

List of named stations:


Behind the scenes[]

The Monorail over the Mosasaurus Feeding Show, shown in the first trailer, was removed in the Superbowl TV spot and the Global Trailer. But the 7th TV spot, the Monorail over the Mosasaurus Feeding Show appeared again, although in a different path.


  • The monorail was destroyed by Mount Sibo, when it erupted in 2018.