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Jw rangers

Two rangers guarding Gate 05.

Park Rangers were employees of Jurassic World responsible for visitors' safety. They were integral to the day to day running of the theme park.

Rangers were seen patrolling outside of Paddock 11 when Claire Dearing brought Simon Masrani to view the Indominus rex. Two were present at the Raptor Research Arena when Leon fell in. Although they prepared to fire their non-lethal taser rifles at the Velociraptors, Owen Grady stopped them, telling them that if they shot at the animals they'd never trust humans ever again. The rangers relented, and Owen rescued Leon by himself.

Following the escape of Indominus rex, the rangers were assigned by Claire Dearing to protect Main Street from potential attack following the recall of all visitors to the park hub.

When she discovered her nephews Zach and Gray were missing, she assigned the rangers to find them. They were too busy tending to the wounded and the frightened to spare any personnel. Angrily, she demanded they make it their top priority, but eventually, rather than call the rangers away from the people they were currently tending to, Claire went with Owen Grady to find the boys instead.

Two rangers were on duty at Gate 05 when Zach and Gray came driving up in the repaired Jurassic Park Jeep 29, honking the horn and demanding to be let in. They reacted with dull surprise, with one quipping, "That's a first." Before the two could open the gate to let the boys in, though, they beheld a swarm of Pteranodons and Dimorphodons flying towards them. During the ensuing attack by the flying reptiles, the rangers ably defended the visitors from attack, although they were unable to save Zara Young, who fell into the Mosasaurus tank and was devoured. Along with Owen Grady, Austin and Meyers, they used tranquilizer rifles to subdue the animals.

Rangers later assisted in the mass evacuation of the surviving visitors and personnel from Isla Nublar.

Equipment and Notes

The rangers were authorized to carry weapons both lethal and non-lethal in times of crisis. Their primary weapons were 12-amp taser rifles and air-powered tranquilizer guns. They wore plain gray uniforms and baseball caps. Their outfits were a much lighter shade of gray than those worn by the Asset Containment Unit. Unlike Asset Containment, it is not known if any rangers were former police or military. They appeared to be uniformly expert marksmen however.


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